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SWFShot is a utility to allow you to take large high resolution snapshots of your JPG, PNG and SWF content. It is an easy to use utility that doesn’t require any specialized knowledge.
SWFShot was made for a pretty specific purpose, to get around the 2880 pixel size limit imposed by the Flash player. SWFShot does have a upper ceiling though. You won’t be able to create a shot larger than 8192×8192 or one that is over 256MB.
■ Adobe AIR







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SWFShot Full Crack is used to record high resolution still images from Flash files that are larger than 2880 pixels. It does not record video, only still images. SWFShot Cracked Accounts can record images from JPGs or PNGs and from SWF files. Cracked SWFShot With Keygen has been developed specifically to record images from Flash files that have a screen resolution greater than 2880 pixels.
SWFShot provides more settings for you to use when recording images than the standard screen capture utility. SWFShot allows you to save at the full resolution of your screen, while other screen capture tools will only allow you to save a lower resolution image.
When capturing from Flash SWF files, the resolution you can record will depend on the resolution of the Flash file. SWFShot can record at whatever resolution you want.
SWFShot creates very large files which can sometimes exceed the allowed hard limit on disk space. If you need to be able to store large Flash files SWFShot should not be used in those situations. If you need to be able to record larger images than SWFShot is capable of, you should probably use a utility such as the trial version of Photoshop or the Adobe Bridge add-in for Adobe Photoshop (
If you are trying to use SWFShot without Adobe Photoshop you will need to record JPG or PNG images using SWFShot to pass the measurement check before entering the Adobe Photoshop file.
SWFShot Features:
■ Recording images from JPGs, PNGs and SWF files at the full resolution of your screen.
■ You can also record the background of your screen or set it to the original file when recording.
■ Ability to copy the recorded image and save it directly to your desktop.
■ Ability to right-click on the image and save a copy of the image as a JPG or PNG file.
■ Ability to set the name of the file for the recorded image.
■ Ability to specify the name of the file to be used as a bg-image when recording.
■ Ability to specify the size of the recorded image.
■ Ability to specify the file type, quality and file size for the recorded image.
■ Ability to specify the format of the flash movie.
■ Ability to specify the file format for the recorded SWF file.

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With the recent release of Flash Player 10.1, the standard license granted to Flash application authors have been bumped to include the ability to publish to the Desktop and the Movie Canvas. Previously, only Flash Media Server was able to support publishing to these two locations. However, applications still need to maintain the 2880 pixel size limit imposed by the Flash Player.
One solution to this problem is to create custom actions inside of a Flash application, but this presents a problem with consistency across multiple actions. Another solution is to take snapshots of content in action. SWFShot Cracked Version is a utility that can help you capture high resolution images directly from SWF files inside of a Flash application without having to create custom actions or resort to solutions such as WinSock to bypass the Flash Player’s internal restrictions.
SWFShot Cracked Accounts’s unique architecture allows you to get your shots on even the largest of screens, resulting in a user experience that is vastly superior to anything you could do in the browser. In addition, the service is free and supports actions of up to 256MB in size.
SWFShot Layout:
■ Open the SWFShot application and click the ‘Open’ button to select a Flash File.
■ Choose a size for the snapshot (default is 1024×1024).
■ Choose a location to save the snapshot (defaults to your Desktop).
■ Click the ‘Capture’ button to capture the snapshot and begin the capture process.
■ Once the capture process is complete, you can view all of the captured image files and the thumbnail by clicking the ‘Thumbnails’ button. You can also save a copy of the thumbnail as a JPG, PNG or SWF.
■ To cancel the capture process, click the ‘X’ button at the top right corner of the screen.
SWFShot Benefits:
■ You don’t need to worry about any Flash Player limitations. SWFShot can capture images of any size within the Flash Player’s constraints.
■ SWFShot’s architecture allows you to take your shots on any screen resolution and any size.
■ SWFShot’s unique services allow you to take your images and swfs off-line.
■ SWFShot is free to use for all captures.

Capturer is an easy to use application that is intended for the creation of high resolution images to be used in any application that supports the image format. Simply drop a photo file into

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SWFShot is an excellent utility to quickly and easily take snapshots of your pages.
It allows you to take snapshots of any flash objects on the page, including SWFs created with Flash or using other tools like SwfMagic, Flash Catalyst or Flash Builder.
It’s an ideal tool to quickly take photos for profile on Facebook, run across the web, use as a screenshot tool in presentations or use as a quick editing tool.
Using SWFShot:
SWFShot is easy to use and very intuitive to use. Just run the application and drag objects of your choice to the snapshot area.
The application is entirely drag and drop, so there’s no need to use any Adobe AIR specific command, it works on any desktop or mobile device that has Adobe AIR installed.
SWFShot Features:
■ Ability to take snapshots of SWF objects, not just Flash.
■ Zoom is available for zoom in and out. This makes it easy to view the content of the box in detail.
■ Snapshots can be done in reverse so that the object will be drawn behind the background in the snapshot.
■ You can run SWFShot as a background application on Windows and Mac, which means it will keep running, so the next time you run SWFShot it will pick up where it left off.
■ You can setup and run SWFShot as an automatic task that runs in the background after you log in. This makes it possible to have SWFShot running over an extended period of time, without you having to remember to stop and take a snapshot.
■ You can also run SWFShot as an independent application that doesn’t automatically start when you log in. This makes it easy to use SWFShot in a number of different ways.
■ Various crop options are available, from rectangles to scaled-up photos.
■ You can set the amount of zoom by tapping the zoom button. You can also set a background color.
■ You can also set SWFShot to always download and re-use pages. This makes it easy to save you the trouble of having to re-create the application every time you want a new snapshot.
■ You can also use the crop rectangles as masks, making it easy to put multiple snapshots together.
■ Multiple resolutions are available, from 800×600 to 2048×2048.
■ You can

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SWFShot is a utility that allows you to take large high resolution snapshots of your JPG, PNG, and SWF content. SWFShot is an easy to use utility that doesn’t require any specialized knowledge. Just drop a URL into the field and the pages HTML is captured along with a description of the page and any link information.

Once you hit the “Capture” button SWFShot will take a snapshot of the page and save it as a series of JPG images. You can pick the JPG images to display and save their location on your computer or your web server (which will depend on your need for a web space). In addition, SWFShot will also create a.txt file with meta information that can be used for the page.
Here is what the “captured” page will look like in the “output/results” folder. By clicking the thumbnails you can display more information about each image.
Links that are available in the captured results will have a link named “link” which will bring you to the location on your computer where the image was captured from. There will also be a link in the description section of the captured item that will let you save the image directly to your web server.
To clarify, SWFShot should capture pages even if they’re not served by a web server. All media files will be captured, even if they are located in a local directory.
■ Supports JPG, PNG and SWF images
■ HTML is captured and saved to a results folder
■ HTML is saved to a.txt file for each page
■ Links that are available will be available for viewing
■ All media files are captured and saved to your computer
■ Links are extracted from the page and saved to your file system
■ Description of the page is saved to.txt file
■ Captures tabs are pre-defined so you don’t have to guess what size and aspect ratio will work best
■ Captured images are saved into your “output” folder
■ Captured images can be loaded directly from “output” for viewing on the web, or to your web server
■ Captured images can be viewed directly from “output”
■ When saved to the web server they can be used without requiring a web server
■ Captured images can be renamed to anything you’d like


System Requirements:

Broadband Internet connection is required.
OS: Windows XP (32 or 64 bit)
Processor: Intel Pentium 4 or greater
Memory: 1 GB RAM required
Hard Drive: 50 MB available space (for installation)
Video: DirectX 8.1 compatible video card (NVIDIA recommended)
Sound Card: DirectX 8.1 compatible sound card (NVIDIA recommended)
DirectX: DirectX 8.1 compatible video card or Windows OS (Windows 98SE or higher is recommended)
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