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Plot Synopsis: The story unfolds in a city of Citrus, Florida during 1984. Twin sisters, Patty and Sue Clarke are involved in a feud over the custody of their kid. Patty is a gutter princess and Sue is a respectable citizen. Both are not particularly concerned about the kid and prefer to live their life of violence and their devilish tricks.
Sue has an opportunity to make her life easier by marrying into a rich family. She approaches her father’s friend, Doctor Henry Rathburn, to convince him to adopt the baby. Patty approaches Patty’s dad, Rudy Clarke, a gangster, for the same help. In exchange, Rudy tries to get a cut from the adoption. Patty and Sue proceed with their plans and kidnap the baby. Rudy follows them to the kidnappers home to get his money. Theres a scuffle and Rudy gets shot. Patty and Sue are caught and sentenced to 10 years in prison.
Eileen Clarke, Pattys mother arrives in their prison cell to bail them out. She comes across a repentant Sue who sends her to meet her new fiancé and the gangster mother doesn’t know that he’s the father of the kid. She finds out later on and promptly tells the warden. Since the warden’s the stepfather of the governor, Eileen’s sentence is commuted to house arrest. Eileen tries her best to maintain peace between Patty and Sue and helps them in their mischief from outside.
Meanwhile, Henry Rathburn and Pattys dad Rudy realize that they have become friends over the years and Rathburn wants to kill Rudy for killing his uncle. For his safety, Rudy flees to another location. Sue tries to reach out to Rathburn for help and they start plotting to kill Rudy. Rudy is forced to send his secretary inside to meet Eileen on his behalf. The secretary is having a fling with and is in love with Rudy. She is very loyal to Rudy and does his work on the side as well. However, she forgets to eat the food and falls sick while on the way to meet Rudy. Rudy gets the message of her illness and goes inside.
On the prison grounds, Rudy meets Eileen’s new boyfriend. He doesn’t like him and the feeling is mutual. Later on, Rudy visits Eileen and tells her that the new boyfriend is after his life. He asks Eileen to help him. She is reluctant, as she likes her own life. However, Rudy convinces her to get the real estate


The show was presented by a lot of popular playback singer such as Vineeth Srinivasan, Shreya Ghoshal, Kriti Sanon.
Chanakya is based on Indian emperor Chandragupta Maurya, the founder of Indian Empire and one of the greatest scientists of ancient India.
May 2, 2018,10:11 pm; This is just a sample. Chanakya episode 28 on d4wd: Chanakya is a historical series of the 10th century BC, where the protagonist Chanakya was a minister of Chandragupta Maurya.
He was a political advisor for Chandragupta Maurya, who was the founder of the Maurya Empire, and was famous for his.




Television serials

Chanakya serial has become viral on social media and became a massive hit on YouTube in India.
The dialogue of the serial can be checked on Youtube. Some episodes can be downloaded at Chanakya.
The serial has been dubbed in Hindi and in Telugu as Chanakya, again it remains a hit.

Chanakya (Serial) is the first telugu historical series in India. It was written by L.Ichika and directed by DVRM. This serial is based on India’s 1st.Q:

Looping through array to produce a variable content?

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