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CODEX 2.1.1 Patch – January 2016
Patch 2.0.1(ONLY in Germany) – January 2015
Major changes:
Sign-up for the FREE RPG mapper on ‘RPG Mapper’ – download it from there.
The beta is now active!!New game – Tom Clancy’s Rainwater Six
It looks like this game will take place in the future in a similar way to all that you play today. It will be an action RPG with a big action event system.
You will be recruiting for the Armed Forces of Sri Lanka to fight against the RUU terrorist group Baka Zaruba Gaos and its leader Manikaran and his assassins.
During this Beta, you will be able to play as many different characters from the game as you want. But do not forget that you must play as a RUUs Jihadist.
Note that all characters will have a helmet and a helmet-equipped helicopter.
Anyone who registers on 4chan will have access to the SIX.CODE, including everything about the game.
Only including the game’s trailer or images may be available for download. Unless otherwise stated, the download of the game can only be done on 4Chan.
I have updated the game for this beta. It is still in beta, just as in the original release.
For complete information about the beta contest here:

Runescape, PWN2K&SKA!
New instructions and permissions!
This version of Runescapes, Pwn2K & SKA!!! is now stored in the format of text files. But this is an experimental project, therefore I don’t have the ability to read the full text files for login. I have just added the new permission pertaining to ‘ARGNOMS’ to the following entry in the official registry.
Currently you can login on 4tb