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Stablio Boss Mania | 2007 | How not to advertise Stablio markers: make a video game about them.
Russian-Jewish names of cities in Venice in Yiddish – an explanation for the test.
Cases from practice. Frau Merkel. Dog commentators. Psychological tests for a detective agency
Who does Hitler vote for? – an unexpectedly frightening answer!
Who are we? What can we do? Magic match. Principles of game design based on VR technology
Fundamental dumbass. How to Get the Most Out of Your Lunch Time
Top performance. How much horsepower does a good computer have.
Analysis of the Soviet PC – why all this?
Who really killed Presidents Kennedy and Milosevic?
Underground defense of the Kremlin – how they dug, why?
Light and shadows of strange forest gods. Cities with “inhuman logic”.
Shopping center “City Center”
Excellent photos about the structure of the usual Moscow metro.
He only played one joke, both terrible and funny, and it worked.
Human World: Methane. Official medicine versus alternative.
A selection of the most frequently asked questions at Conservation Adopters.
Quiz “Who are you from the world of Harry Potter?” allows you to determine which of the nine schools of the magical world you belong to.
Exhibition “Metal-organics. Simple chemistry for your life” in Kazan.
Chat with Edward Snowden, speak at Lotus Software 2013 and more!
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Friends! In Yekaterinburg, we, Russians, are finally becoming more numerous: one of the most interesting and useful flash mob festivals in Russia has opened in the city,
Visit this unique and beautiful Italian city where everyone can find out why they should have their own Venice.
Independent site about cities and sights “Ekaterinburg” page
Yekaterinburg, despite its history, which has been developing for the last 15 years, is still experiencing its childhood illnesses.
The first Russian woman director made a documentary film dedicated to modern ideas of gender equality.