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I cleared all my save info and started over and it loaded just fine.
The problem is that when I try to save the game, the same error appears again. Is this a Windows update error or did my actions cause the problem?
Set the values ​​maxgraphic=60 ​​and maxdata=100, then in Options->VGA->Pixel Rendering further – Extra – Image->Image. Everything is fine – the picture on the monitor at a resolution of 1280×1024 with minimal compression.
Have you read the information for this video? If not, then read on.
There can be many, many reasons for errors, and each of them lies in something of its own. I will not use my conclusions here, but will simply give an example from my practice in correcting what I see.
Disk failure. A display error in the WorldServer console sometimes occurs because of this.
On the hard drive in the system unit, there is not always enough space to store all installed programs. Open the “Downloads” folder and remove unnecessary programs.
The operating system does not support some types of programs, such as archivers and other similar types. Most often this is due to a discrepancy between the bit depth of the hard drive. The software needs to be updated.
Driver and compatibility issues.
But, even if none of these reasons were found, the solution is still the same – reinstalling Windows.
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