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With Tushar Kapoor, Amrita Rao, Ram Kapoor, Madhu.n A rich businessman’s only daughter gets into. At this time, Vidura attempts to kill his mother and kidnap the bride, but meets with resistance from the main characters.
8. “Weeping Angel” (Hume, Comes as Shadows, 2000) “Cinderella’s Sister”, “The Thirteenth Tale”, “Satan’s Widow”. Movie Plot: Julia and Harry (Elizabeth Phillips and Tim Allen) have a fight and she wants to find another husband but then thinks they just want to get back together. In fact, both main characters in the film eventually fall in love with each other, and at the end of the film they want to get married and are already thinking about children, but before the wedding, Harry dies.
9. “Train to Busan” (1968) “Old school”, “Resolute”. At the center of the film, a group of American journalists (Kenneth Branagh, Larry Venables, Walter Brennan) travel to the North to get information about the preparations for the upcoming Seoul Olympics. Along the way, they get caught in a snowstorm and are forced to take shelter in a jungle board shelter, where Chinese soldiers discover them and burn everything they come across.
10. “Piece of Death” (Tarn, Desperado, 1994) “A terminally ill boy who miraculously survived an electric shock creates a powerful organization that is dedicated to extracting the soul from all people – from the smallest to the president. As the number of deaths increases, he begins to understand that people need help to save themselves.”
11. “Impatience of the Heart” (Orange Is the New Black, 2011) “All of this is the basis of this story.”
12. A Taste of Honey (Mediaguard, 1997) “A stylish, sophisticated tale of a musician driving change in one week.”
13. “Elephant” (The Elephant, 2002) “Real artist”. Wilder is releasing another film next year – “Blind Fury” based on the story of James Drummo.