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A story with a share of despair: six or seven families living in the same blocks surrounding the parking lot. They silently watched each other, shifting from foot to foot. From time to time one of them said something or smiled. Nobody moved. Nobody convinced anyone. Then from time to time here and there they looked back and watched everyone who entered, exited and got into the car. Sometimes they crossed the site to talk to other people or, passing by, gave them a quick look. “I can’t believe,” I thought, “that all these people are here.” But they seemed to have learned to ignore everything that was or seemed strange to her. They just lived the way they saw fit.
As we approached another car, I got up to give Duncan a chance to lift me up.
The trip to North Temple Bay at this hour was probably the most notable. People were still gathering, and it was getting late into the night. For a moment I thought I was back in London. Cars drove past us, there were a lot of strangers around.
We walked the streets, not knowing what the house Duncan’s friends lived in when they returned from the Algarve would look like. His mother parked the car in front of the mansion, and I entered through the back door. Duncan was already waiting at the door: “Lady, how nice to see you!” It was as if the three years that had passed since his departure never happened. He was wearing a vest and tie, which meant he was going on a date with another woman. He looked amazing: slender, tanned, with a mop of straw hair and a goatee. He immediately became sympathetic to me, and we went to the house.
It was my first time in this part of England. Trees grew around the building where Dunkar’s office was, though their leaves had not yet completely fallen. We went upstairs. The wooden doors on wooden hinges, which Dunkai seemed to have inherited from his father’s family, opened hospitably. The soft light of the lit electric bulbs was pleasing to the eye.“We are almost ready,” Dunkar said and closed his eyes, as if plunging into pleasant memories. – Shall we have a cocktail?
I was familiar with some cocktails, but I did not believe that he would drink. We’re looking at the