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it is the easiest software to learn and use.n If you are new to genealogy, you can learn how to use it.n The new version of this software is now Pathfinders and features more features.n It will be useful for our research and surfing the internet, for which we look for materials in libraries, archives, museums, private collections, and similar places where people rarely go. n Pathfinders have five main areas of application and a whole host of new possibilities, which we will talk about a little later.n Here are some of them:
• Saving archives of family histories on the Internet;
n Historical reconstruction;
n Search for archival documents;
h Search for photos;
he even has the ability to enter his data into the form in .
Transcription of source texts.n In special programs (transcripters), source texts are converted into searchable words.n This practice has shown its effectiveness in archaeological and historical research.n The ability to check newly found texts for errors.n
Text correction.n Some text files (for example, old letters) may contain unusual, sometimes unreadable or corrected errors. To check if they contain errors, you need to take the required fragment and do all the operations described in the previous paragraph.
First, you need to check if the file has a txt or .xls extension. And check these extensions: .txt comes from .cmd, .xlsm, .nsmd, and .x.xl or .n.xls is .tpp and .ntp. If the same standards apply to other software, then this file is not encoded correctly or the encoders are not chosen correctly. Next, you need to configure the processing program so that it automatically checks such a file for errors. text or by processing the sample manually, but this requires a lot of time and attention.
At the same stage, you can check words such as:
The first page is supposed to have text that matches the italic style.
An example of an incorrect piece of text checked by the program:
Quote from Thunberg’s manuscript (Zuta Tunberg. Tungber la pena de resumen con la prensa española. E