How to type Telugu for Better Word Processing?

Typesetting in Telugu

AnuScript Manager 7 for mac is best suited for typing in Telugu for better word processing.

Typesetting in Telugu 

Download on Anu Script Manager 7 [Romaji] [Sanskrit]

Typesetting in Telugu 

Typesetting in Telugu: [Romaji] [Sanskrit]

Download Anu Script Manager 7 [Romaji] [Sanskrit]

AnuScript 7 v4 sanskrit

Sanskrit Telugu Typesetting Using Anu Script Manager 7

Telugu Pronunciation, Words and Lettering

The Sanskrit (Devanagari) Telugu (alpha1) input method is based on the southern Indian alphabet.

Telugu is a South Indian language. And Sanskrit alphabet is used for writing Telugu script in Telugu and for Hindustani language in Hindi. Sanskrit alphabet is evolved from later phase of Indian script which is called Devnagari. Devnagari is based on hieroglyphics system, but this system is too complicated for reading. Sanskrit alphabet is developed in 10th century CE.

The Devnagari alphabet is also in Unicode and is known as Devanagari Unicode Block.

Devanagari is a consonant only alphabet and its only vowel marks are not assigned by Unicode. Devanagari is mostly used to write Sankrit and Hindi. Devanagari script is derived from which is based on Brahmi script. Unlike Devanagari, Brahmi script have both consonant and vowel marks.

Devanagari alphabet has lots of thorn and apostrophe and these marks are confusing when used in Telugu and other Indian languages. The alphabet is in unicode 8.0 (Unicode block: Devanagari) with major glyphs shown on the right.

Devanagari Unicode Chart on Anu Script Manager 7

Devanagari Unicode Chart in Anu Script Manager 7 on Mac OS X

Further Reading on Sanskrit Alphabet:

Update: The Devanagari Unicode block is now in Unicode 10.0 (U+0900–U+097F).

Devanagari is used for various languages of South Asia.
Devanagari is also one of the scripts used to write Sanskrit,


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