WOctave [April-2022]

There are many individuals in the IT industry that from time to time, are required to look at, work with or just edit source code, not to mention those who do it for a hobby. WOctave is an application that allows users to edit the source code, providing users with a General User Interface (GUI) for Octave.
A clear, concise interface that displays each area of the program clearly, including the source code 
An important part of any source code editing software is that it is able to clearly and accurately represent the source code within the application. WOctave does a decent job of this, with a clear, expandable area that can accurately display pages of source code.
Standard features such as numbered lines and a search function are available and clearly represented, and while the interface might be considered a bit basic in areas, it is more than functional and offers a workable, efficient design.
A basic array of features that will disappoint users who are used to more advanced editors
While WOctave allows users to edit its own source code and effectively improve or work on the application as they want, not all users will be willing to take on such a project just to be able to work on their own projects. There is a serious lack of advanced features in WOctave that make it sub-par compared to other code editors.
There are no syntax tools, no multiple code language support, encoding, metadata, time stamping and data stamping, just to mention a few. Anyone looking for an advanced editor will be immediately disappointed with the options, and while WOctave is free, it is not necessarily an excuse for being so lacking.
A useful application, but only for the amateur level or those who want to customize their own editor
WOctave can edit source code and for some users that might be enough, unfortunately, for many others that won't be. The customizable nature of an open source code for a source code editor is nice, but to make it a truly robust editor would require a great deal of work. Ultimately, WOctave is useful only for small scale code editing and not for those who have to work with source code every day on a professional level.







WOctave Download [Mac/Win]

WOctave is a free and open source code editor based on Octave, an open-source environment for numerical computing. In this editors, the source code of the Octave environment itself can be edited, allowing users to change it in order to allow them to make their own modifications. Users can also import source code from other applications, which can be displayed in the GUI and also edited by the user.
WOctave is based on Qt and GTK+. This means that it is both OS-independent, and that the GUI is designed to be stable and perform well on a range of different operating systems. We therefore recommend WOctave to be used on any Linux, Mac OSX and Windows system.
WOctave allows users to edit both Octave source code and external files. In addition, WOctave allows users to import external files into Octave and attach them to projects, thus allowing them to edit them like a normal Octave file, for example in order to create a derivative version of Octave.
WOctave comes with a set of code snippets that can be used to perform common calculations with Octave, such as performing convolutions, creating matrices, and plotting functions. It also comes with a range of other tools for specific purposes.
Basic support for editing both Octave source code and external files
Selection of code snippets and import of external files
Multiple language support: a selection of code snippets are available for all major languages
Time stamping and data stamping
Automatic documentation of functions
In-place editor: the GUI is dynamically linked and can be independently developed and maintained
Support of external editor: users can switch between Octave and WOctave, so even if you edit files in the external editor, the changes are transmitted and applied to Octave
Adjustable zoom level
Completely configurable interface
Status bar in the bottom to show up-to-date information
Multiple monitors
The interface is designed in a way that will allow users to modify it as much as they want, using the built-in interface editor
Source code editor with vertical scroll and no automatic line wrap
Editing of projects, to connect functions, create scripts and modify scripts
Ability to rename variables and functions
Ability to modify the memory address of any variable, which can help in debugging or during the development of Octave
Ability to open and save files using any Octave-compatible filename extension
Ability to open and save

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WOctave is an application built in Java with a UIM (User Interface Manager) by *Visual Basic. WOctave provides the user with a simple but attractive interface that allows you to customize the source code editor as you want. WOctave offers you the possibility to have previews of the source code and the ability to update the preview from the source code. WOctave also allows you to view and re-arrange the source code and makes it easy to create, save and modify the source code. WOctave lets you quickly find structures and functions in the source code.
Best Source Code Editors:
A tabbed interface is used for navigation within the WOctave. Every window can be resized, maximized or minimized independently and the source code can be moved around within the text editor.
WOctave allows you to view multiple source code, which can be organized, highlighted and sorted. Multiple coding language support, including C/C++/Java/Perl/Python, is provided in WOctave. Some other default options include :
– Postfix Increment and Decrement Operators
– Multi line comments
– Displaying the code as list mode
– Highlighting keywords
– Bookmarks
– Tag for search
– Displaying the current date and time
– Timestamp
– Highlighting Function Calls, Global Variables and Assignment statements
– Displaying the source code index
– Displaying the definition tree
– Preview and Update functions
– Character and Search functions
– Context Help
– Highlighting function parameters and return values
– Re-arrange the code
– Rotate the code
– Bold Markers
– Undo and Redo functions
– Change the foreground color
– Highlight any selection
– Highlighting any language keywords
– Sort for Many languages
– Change the background color
– Highlight any selection
– Bold text
– Undo/Redo functions
– Show/hide line numbers
– Support for files larger than the RAM
– Export HTML Source Code
– Logging of source code errors
– Split/Merge views
– Documentation
– Notepad like multiple document editing
– Supported tabs
– Auto indent and Unindent
– Tabs like multiple document editing
– Auto key line search
– Source code tool window
An easy to use design that feels professional and will suit any small or large project
User friendly design


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Octave is a free high-level numerical computing environment that runs on the GNU operating system. It is similar to Matlab in some ways and is heavily based upon the GNU compiler front-end and the GNU scientific library.
This is a free open source application based upon GNU and the General Public License. It allows you to write high-level programming code in mathematical notation to perform numerical analysis and solve engineering problems with your local computer. Octave source code can be downloaded at
=== OS ===
Requires a GNU/Linux or GNU/BSD operating system.
=== What’s New ===
Version 1.2 of Octave has a better package manager (new setup.py file).


Edit-source-code.org is a very decent free code editor. It has a lot of features, lets you modify just about anything about the program you are editing, offers good syntax highlighting, and is visually pleasing.


For those who like the look and feel of VIM and actually want to use GNU Octave with it, there is a new project called “ciao” which is a GUI for Octave.

The aim of ciao is to provide a simple graphical environment allowing the user to edit and launch a normal Octave script. Ciao provides a graphical interface to Octave that allows you to simply open your script and edit it. You can modify the script while it is being opened.


It appears to be actively developed and supported by Octave developers (ie the development of ciao is a part of developing Octave).


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What’s New in the WOctave?

WOctave is an Application that allows users to edit the source code of the program easily.
WOctave Features:
•Saving the project to a file 
•Open existing project 
•Close WOctave 
•Run woctave as a program 
•Exit wOctave 
•Display the wOctave buffer 
•Display wOctave Source code 
•Display the list of commands
•Display the command history 
•Display error messages 
•Display the help file 
•Display the system information 
•Display the version of wOctave 
•Display the settings of wOctave 
•Numbering Lines 
•Search function 
•Calculation of Columns 
•Paste function 
•Columns function 
•Return to line function 
•Delete selected lines 
•Edit function 
•Line to text function 
•Incremental search function 
•Options window 
•Display code of the buffer 
•Insert comments 
•Syntax Highlight 
•Code folding 
•Define Syntax Highlight Color 
•Define Color for Line Numbers 
•Define Color for Error Messages 
•Define Color for Calculation 
•Define Color for wOctave 
•Define User defined Color 
•Define Background Color 
•Change the font size for the entire program 
•Change the font size for the current line 
•Change the font for the current line 
•Clear the source code 
•Toggle indentation on and off 

System Requirements:

Supported OS: Windows XP and newer
Other: DirectX 8.1
Supported Processors: x86, x64
Video Card: ATI Radeon HD 3870 or NVIDIA GeForce 8600
Hard Disk Space: 50 MB
Minimum Ram: 1 GB
Graphics Card: DirectX 9.0 compatible video card with 128 MB of video memory
Sound Card: DirectX 9.0 compatible sound card with surround sound support
DirectX: 9.0 (June 2010)
DirectX Renderer