Wintail (formerly Wintail Color) Keygen

Wintail helps you obtain the same functionality as the Tail application provides in Unix  environments.
It does not aim to replace it completely, but it comes with some additional functions , such as token search, background and foreground color customization.







Wintail (formerly Wintail Color) Crack+ Download [Latest-2022]

This program is a bash for windows. It allows using the feature of terminal colors and underlines (with Ctrl+M).
Wintail для работы с оболочкой bash.
Allows you to use the feature of terminal color, or color underlines (with Ctrl+M).
Read more about color sessions at Wikipedia

> Bash Shell
> Windows Subsystem for Linux
> Expand bash commands in command prompt (cmd)
> command line history
> Terminal name completion
> Large file support

– Windows 10 (only tested with version 1909, Higher versions may work)
– Mono 5.12
– mono-complete (required by Mono 5.12)
– Mono.Posix.IO


See also:



Other PPA Repositories

wintail-lite – wintail with command-line colorization only.

(I don’t know if this has any extra functionality over wintail)

Logic names

How-to install

Debian / Ubuntu

Install package’mono-complete’.


sudo apt install libmono-complete1

(This may vary)


apt install mono-complete

(This may vary)


wintail-lite is the same as wintail, but does not have the features of bash expansion, but with some limitations, such as lack of history

How-to install


sudo apt install wintail-lite


sudo apt install wintail-lite

“bash for windows”

How-to install

Install package ‘wintail’.


sudo apt install wintail

(This may vary)


sudo apt install wintail

(This may vary)


How to access bash shell on Windows 10
Get bash shell for Windows 10

(Link has the same info as me)

colors terminal in linux
(How to) customize terminal colors and text in Linux
setForegroundColor string – Set the foreground color

Wintail (formerly Wintail Color) Crack+ Torrent For Windows

Wintail is an enhanced (with enhanced CLI version) wintail, which uses libcurses for full-screen colorization.
It provides a more graphic user interface, with menu bar and colorization in the screen lines.
This tool is a fork of older wintail.

Known issues:
– Wintail always removes all background colors, which is configured in.screenrc, but have to be configured again.
– Pager behavior when Wintail is used for paging.

Wintail is available on CVS and can be used with several methods such as (for Unix):

For the Gentoo community’s CVS snapshot of wintail:

or for the Gentoo users’ portage tree:

See also
Interactive pager


External links

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Wintail (formerly Wintail Color) Crack+

A set of tools for text processing that allows Linux users to enable or disable colors in terminal applications.
Wintail Color (WC) Features:
Tokenized search.
Customized colors.
Search history.
Background (B) and foreground (FG) color customization.
Clear screen when background is not interrupted (receive SIGINT).
Select a (SS) new screen to replace the current background (preserves key bindings).
Repeatedly background or foreground without losing focus (SS B or SS F).
Replaces text in current window.
Search string highlighting (strings are “dark/bold blue” or “white”).
Editing of one string at a time.
Numbered lists.
Replace all occurrences of a string.
Select the replaced text and convert to upper case.
Display match list.
Complete line numbers.
Search directories.
Regexp support.
Text saving to and loading from /tmp.
Shake off: wrap lines.
Paste (P) from clipboard.
Forget (forget it, forget it) pasted text.
Show the list of names in a directory.
Pasting long lines.
Show the last highlighted match (real-time).
Search History (H)
Interactive history of the last n commands: complete-line commands, control-c commands, and screen contents.
Delete a line without erasing the rest of the file (see nodel).
Automatic execution of mbox commands.
Automatic backup of temporary files.
Syntax highlighting for mbox files.
Work directory highlighting (set for a single command).
Window snapping.
Username highlighting.
and so on…

Where can i install it
compiz install or?
sudo apt install compiz
But its not working.


When you installed Compiz, you installed CompizConfig Settings Manager.

CompizConfig Settings Manager Description:
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What’s New In Wintail (formerly Wintail Color)?

Wintail (formerly Wintail Color) was created by Rostislav Skvortsov, who decided to create his own style of terminal on the basis of code that appeared in ncurses library and klib. It was an open-source project that was funded by the Russian company ‘Piska online’, which is now Piska Soft.

Version history:

Wintail v0.0 (November 2005):

v0.01.02 (February 2006):

v0.02.03 (July 2006):

v0.02.04 (July 2006):

v0.03.04 (December 2006):

v0.04.04 (December 2006):

v0.04.05 (April 2007):

v0.05.05 (September 2007):

v0.05.06 (April 2008):

See also

External links
Wintail home page
Wintail package description on CRAN
Wintail package description on Piska Soft

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