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Connecting devices without having to hook them up with wires and through various hardware gimmicks usually means establishing wireless technologies like Bluetooth, which is quite common especially when it comes to mobile phones.
Computers and peripherals can also be controlled through wireless connections, but in order to achieve that, a dedicated utility is a must have. WIDCOMM Bluetooth Software is one such tool that aims to provide a means of attaining the goal of interlinking various devices on the fly.
Works with both adapters and USB-compatible devices
Designed to be used with USB or built-in adapters, this program will facilitate the data transfer between two PCs or a PC and a mobile phone, for example. What it actually does is download and install the appropriate Bluetooth software for a connected device.
As soon as you start it, WIDCOMM Bluetooth Software will try to recognize the adapter if it is turned on, validate it, then it begins the procedure that retrieves the appropriate software and installs it onto the computer.
Quick and painless configuration
Once all the setup finishes, you may have to reboot the system in order to be able to use all the features of the software. Configuring the Bluetooth connection and other settings can be easily done thanks to the dedicated wizard that displays a set of instructions to guide you through the whole process.
With all the settings adjusted properly, you can now transfer files between any devices that can be interconnected via Bluetooth. There are several applications you can use if you simply go to the installation folder of WIDCOMM Bluetooth Software.
A tool that can help you connect various Bluetooth devices
As a conclusion, one can safely agree that for any user who needs a quick method of getting their Bluetooth adapter up and running in the absence of an installation CD or setup file from the manufacturer of the device, this program can literally save the day.


Download »»» https://urluso.com/2n3qad

Download »»» https://urluso.com/2n3qad






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• Quick and easy installation using Windows USB Flash drivers
• Supports USB, Bluetooth USB and Bluetooth adapters
• Supports USB Wireless G22, G22X and USB G650 devices
• Supports Computer Bluetooth (optional) and Bluetooth Peer-to-Peer mode
• Supports Computer Bluetooth Adaptable (optional) adapters for both Peripheral and Central modes
• Supports connection of external Bluetooth adapters such as USB, Bluetooth USB or Bluetooth G22/G22X (with a Wireless Device Interface, WDI). An inbuilt adapter is used only when an external Bluetooth adapter is present on the PC)
• Supports adapters for Windows 10 that require an unlocked/unrestricted USB port when the PC is started without Administrator privileges
• Supports Bluetooth USB 2.0, Bluetooth USB 1.1 and Bluetooth devices
• Supports various different adapters (BTLE, BT3C, BTLE CCA, BTLE BLE HC)
• Supports Bluetooth Smart (BLE and BLE Mesh (BLE Mesh-Setup) only in our small USB adapter packages)
• Supports Bluetooth Smart-Mesh (Bluetooth Smart and BLE Mesh)
• Supports Bluetooth BLE for Symbian mobile devices via Bluetooth Firmware Profile (Firmware Profile 2.2.5 and newer). With some mobile device specifications it also supports Bluetooth BLE
• Supports Bluetooth BLE for Windows Mobile devices via Bluetooth Firmware Profile 2.0.6 (Firmware Profile 2.0.7 or newer)
• Supports Bluetooth HID Devices (there is one great Bluetooth HID device that is supported as a model)
• Supports Bluetooth BLE for Windows 10 Mobile devices via Bluetooth Firmware Profile 5.0.0 (Firmware Profile 5.0.1 or newer)
• Supports Bluetooth Smart for Windows 10 Mobile devices via Bluetooth Firmware Profile 7.0.1 or newer
• Supports Bluetooth for Symbian mobile devices via Bluetooth Firmware Profile 2.2.4 or newer
• Supports Bluetooth for Symbian mobile devices via Bluetooth Firmware Profile 2.2.6 or newer
• Supports Bluetooth for Android mobile devices via Bluetooth Firmware Profile 5.0.0 or newer
• Supports Bluetooth for Android mobile devices via Bluetooth Firmware Profile 5.0.1 or newer
• Supports Bluetooth for Windows 10 Mobile devices via Bluetooth Firmware Profile 7.0.1 or newer
• Supports Bluetooth for Windows 10 Mobile devices via Bluetooth Firmware Profile 7.0.2 or newer
• Supports Bluetooth for iOS mobile

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Browse your PC to establish new connections. WIDCOMM Bluetooth Software is the most comprehensive Bluetooth setup utility ever created. Instantly setup any Bluetooth device to a Bluetooth enabled computer or mobile device for free. Setting up Bluetooth is completely free of charge. Download the program and get your Bluetooth software running in moments.
WIDCOMM Bluetooth Software Screenshot:


* Works with any adapters or USB-compatible devices.

* Easy installation,

Simple starting up with restricted Bluetooth features

* Easy connection and sharing of audio and video files.

* Easy sharing of files.

* Highly integrated into the Windows user interface.

* No need to get physical access to the device.

* No additional software.

* Only two required steps to start the software: (1) turning on the Bluetooth adapter, and (2) installing the software.

* Easy and simple to use Bluetooth wireless file-transfer software that works as a standalone application and can be installed on any Windows operating system and run on computers with built-in Bluetooth hardware adapters.

WIDCOMM Bluetooth Software Process:

1. Free Up Disk Space

Turn on the Bluetooth adapter and wait for the Bluetooth device to be recognized by the computer.

2. Installing the WIDCOMM Bluetooth Software.

It might take a few minutes depending on the number of Bluetooth devices you have connected.

3. Connecting the Bluetooth Device.

Plug-in the Bluetooth device or adapter to the computer or mobile device.

4. Free Up Disk Space.

Turn off the Bluetooth device or adapter.

5. File Transfer.

Open the folder where the files are to be transferred.

6. Select File to be Transferred.

Select any files to be transferred.

7. Transfer Files.

Using a user-friendly interface, transfers the selected files to the connected Bluetooth device.

8. Transfer Files to All Devices.

Select the desired files to be transferred.

9. Dismiss Confirmation.

10. File List.

Views the list of files transferred and give you the possibility to view them, edit them or delete them.

11. Logout.

Disconnect the Bluetooth device or adapter from the computer.

12. Logout.

Close the WIDCOMM Bluetooth Software

15. Free

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Bluetooth is designed for wireless connecting of all kinds of devices, from computers, mobile phones and other portable electronic devices to the voice and data network, either wired or wireless.
Bluetooth was developed jointly by a large number of developers and sponsors with the aim of defining and creating a common specification for short-range wireless data transmission (Classical Bluetooth).
Bluetooth is a simple-to-use wireless technology that allows a device to connect to other devices without using cables and/or other cumbersome equipment. All you need is Bluetooth-enabled hardware on your device and a compatible Bluetooth adapter on your computer.
Bluetooth networking technology is not just limited to mobile phones and other portable electronics. It is also useful for laptop computers with Bluetooth capability. For example, Bluetooth on a computer can allow people to share files and printers over short distances.
Bluetooth is a technology that is becoming more and more widespread in such a way that soon people will be able to use the technology without even realizing they are doing it.

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What’s New In?

WIDCOMM Bluetooth Software is an easy to use, but efficient, application that enables you to quickly connect your wireless device to your computer. This program will guide you through the procedure that installs the wireless adapter software onto your computer. With its comprehensive user-friendly interface, you can easily and quickly connect any Bluetooth enabled wireless device to your computer. It is compatible with both built-in wireless adapters or USB adapters.

WIDCOMM Bluetooth Software

WIDCOMM Bluetooth Software User Guide

WIDCOMM Bluetooth Software User Guide


Unzip the compressed file and double-click the SetupWIDCOMM.exe file to install.

This may be a problem depending on the edition of Windows on which you are running. You can download an interlock utility on the WIDCOMM website. Also, you can download a trial version of this program from their website.

Macro help:

There are two macros available for the program: the Wireless connection and the Scanning MACRO. These macros are located in the Tools\Macros folder.

Wireless Connection Macro:

This macro lets you connect to other computers and peripherals that have Bluetooth capability.

The program will remember the last wireless connection that is connected, however, if you disconnect and reconnect from the same device, the connection will not be remembered. For this reason, every wireless connection must be executed a separate command that is entered on the keyboard. The macro makes this process simple. The program will remember the last wireless connection that is connected, however, if you disconnect and reconnect from the same device, the connection will not be remembered. For this reason, every wireless connection must be executed a separate command that is entered on the keyboard.

Scanning MACRO:

This macro allows you to locate the MAC address of a specific device. The program scans available Bluetooth adapters and asks you whether to connect or search for the MAC address of a specific Bluetooth device.

You can enter the MAC address of the device manually or select the device in the drop-down list. You can enter the MAC address of the device manually or select the device in the drop-down list.

WIDCOMM Bluetooth Software System Requirements:

Windows® Operating Systems: Windows NT®, 2000, XP, 2003, Vista, Windows Server® 2003, 2008 or Windows Vista SP1

Mac OS X® Operating Systems: OS X 10.4.7 and

System Requirements:

A modern PC or Mac with a stable internet connection. For optimal experience, we recommend a broadband connection.
An internet browser like Chrome, Firefox or Safari is recommended.
Adobe Flash Player is required for online features.
For PC users, we recommend that you have at least 4GB of RAM.
If you’re using a Mac, the recommended minimum RAM is 1GB.
This is a one-time purchase of the Online Pass that will grant access to all bonus content in the game.