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• Support all versions of Windows
• support all versions of Flash
• Support i5,i7 Core Dual Core Processor
• Support:
○Intel Xeon® L5520 Server processor
○Powerful processor with six cores
○6GB of RAM
○SSD with 128 GB
• Support, Outlook and Internet Explorer.
• Support:
• DirectX 11.0
• OpenGL 3.1
• OpenCL 1.2
• Version of Adobe Flash Player 11 (latest version currently supported)
•.NET Framework 3.5
• Version of Microsoft Outlook 12
• Windows Media Player 11
• iTunes 10 (currently compatible with Windows® 8 only)
• Internet Explorer 11.
• Support:
○Google Earth, Google Earth Pro, Google Earth Enterprise and others
• Support Vector Machine based Classification (SVM)
• Support Python, Jython, C#, C++, Ruby, Perl, PHP, ASP, VB.NET, Delphi
• Support Newtonsoft JSON libraries
• Support BZip, 7z, ZIP, RAR, Gzip and others
• Supports all file extensions
• Store many kind of information in your local PC:
○Maps, Routes, Polygons, OGR(Esri), PostGis, DBF, GDB(GeoDatabase), TEZ(TerraServer), DBF, SQLite, Text, TXT, CSV, CSV, TAB, XLS, XLS, DTN, SDC and other
○Support for many kinds of functions:
-Text File Reading/Writing
-Math, Logical, Boolean, Comparison Operators
-Filter and Sort
-Query, Group and Column Manipulation
-Some kind of To-Do List system
-Special Features:
-Import/Export to/from:
○ASCIi Text Files, DOC/DOCX Text Files, HTML Text Files, HTML, GIF, JPG, JPEG, TIFF, PNG, BMP, PDF, XLS
○EPS/PDF and DGN Files
○DGN Raster Images
○HTML Files
○ASCII Text Files
○Ogr File and other
-Insert and Export To Excel, Powerpoint, Word
-Create your own shortcut for TNTmips.
-Create a Shortcut to run TNTmips

TNTmips Free

The TNTmips Cracked Version application is a complex piece of software, intended for users who need to view, edit and interpret geospatial data. Designed for all levels of expertise, it is packed with functions and features. However, it has a rather outdated interface, which some users may find difficult to operate. TIt includes functions that enable you to view and work with various types of geospatial data, including raster images, vector maps and surface modelling objects, while offering tools that are suited for creating and manipulating terrain models. An extensive gallery of different functions is provided, allowing you to create customized maps. The software is very comprehensive and can be used for various types of tasks, such as editing the coordinate reference system, defining the project area, importing and modifying data, viewing maps, loading multiple layers into your project and creating contour lines and vectors.TNTmips compatible with operating systems: Windows 8.1, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Mac OSX 10.7, 10.6 and 10.5.TNTmips supported languages: English, Ukrainian, Russian.Platform: Windows 10 compatible only. TItanium2Platform: Windows 10, 10.0.14393.0, Windows 8.1, 8.1.1Windows XP, 7 Service Pack 3.6, 7 Service Pack 1.

TNTmips – a comprehensive Geographic Information System (GIS) designed to help you work with various types of geospatial data, create maps, analyze geographical information and create three-dimensional models from inserted data.
Georeference projects and view geodata
When creating a raster image of a map, it is important for it to be associated with actual spatial locations. This allows it to be used for various purposes and in conjunction with other projects, as various data sets can be overlaid.
TNTmips supports a wide array of coordinate reference systems and allows you to define your own. You can also import or edit georeference information that is already included in your project, should it need to be corrected.
Using the application’s display function, you can explore and visualize geospatial data in multiple ways. You can load multiple data layers and overlay them, to view various types of information at the same time.
Create raster and vector objects
TNTmips enables you to create complex maps, using various types of objects for visual reference. You can process data that is already in digital form, as well as import scanned physical maps

TNTmips Product Key For Windows

TNTmips (TNT Methods and Tools for Mapping) is a powerful GIS software package designed to assist with the production of 2D and 3D maps. It also has the ability to process scanned physical maps and create various objects.
TNTmips includes:
● TNTmips Geometry for viewing and editing vector and raster data
● TNTmips Geomark for editing georeference information
● TNTmips Base for viewing and manipulating shapefiles
● TNTmips Project manager for working with raster map projects
● TNTmips Raster map editor
● TNTmips Map and Bounds layers for processing raster data
● TNTmips Tool for locating 3D surfaces using TIN and Planar surfaces
● TNTmips Map Server for serving maps to others
In addition to performing various operations on various types of data, TNTmips enables you to view it on various platforms such as MS Windows, Linux, Mac OS X and iPad. It is available in English and Spanish languages.
TNTmips Pricing:
TNTmips is available for purchase as a single user license for $1,299, or a pro user license for $2,799.
Support for TNTmips:
TNTmips technical support can be purchased separately for $99 (single user license) or $199 (pro user license) per month, based on the specific licensing plan that you wish to acquire.
TNTmips provides various tutorials, articles and guides that you can use to get up and running with the software.
Contact TNTmips:
TNTmips is located at You can contact TNTmips by sending an email to, by calling them toll-free at 888-222-1127 or by sending a mail to
TNTmips Screenshots:

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What’s New in the TNTmips?

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Let’s get something straight first. I don’t use any of the above brands of software. In fact, I don’t do any system integration in the form of code or binaries, the install disk or the ISO file.
We are into “Binary” not “Firm”. This means there is no installation process from an installation disk or ISO, but an OS-specific installation menu and a files to copy to install (i.e. a “changelist”.)
To be honest, it was only on a whim that I started looking at TNTmips. There was a lot of talk in the forum about it, and I started to get curious.
It is almost a decade old, which is old even by Windows standards. I am fairly confident that it does not need any updates, bug fixes, or feature additions.
However, there are two things that make me suspicious about it. One is the copyright date on the file, which was 2009-04-29. When was the last time you saw a software that was developed only 3 years ago. In addition, there is no download web link, rather it is just a ZIP file.
Now the question that I have in mind is, why doesn’t this software have a web page, or a means to download.
There was a time when all software with an old copyright was packaged for download. This practice is slowly being phased out.
My guess is that the software was one of those that was originally released for download but was later bundled with a licensed product. It never had an actual web page for a download because the license prohibits doing that.
Like we see for commercial software on the internet, it just doesn’t exist for this type of software, and this is a cause for concern.
It is almost like this software will try to avoid a download, opting for a simple install that makes it appear to be old and lack the ability to be downloaded from the internet.
It is pretty obvious that these are all just excuses that this software author made up for why he

System Requirements For TNTmips:

Xbox One System Requirements
OS X (10.9)
Windows 7/8
2.4 GHz Intel Core i3 or better (or AMD equivalent)
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660 or better, AMD HD 6970
Minimum Specifications:
Xbox 360 System Requirements
2.4 GHz Intel Core