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TimeSlotTracker is an organizer, calendar and task management that will help you manage the time you spend, which is the number one priority in everyone’s life.
TimeSlotTracker will help you manage your tasks, calendars and keep track of your agenda. It can be used for a family, a company or a group and will give you the capacity to keep track of different situations such as work, school, holidays, etc. It is specially designed to be used as a multi-device application and can integrate with various other organizer solutions, such as WordPress and Taskbase.
TimeSlotTracker is multi-device compatible, available for the following platforms: Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, iOS and Android.
TimeSlotTracker Features:
• Time, date and task management with custom-built calendar templates
• Multiple calendars and scheduling
• Projects with custom name, description, deadline and theme
• Single task overview with a tree view
• Outlook, Google Calendar and iCloud support
• Task reports in TXT, HTML and CSV
• Task and time management reports
• Task assignments and listing by dates
• Custom colors for all sections
• Accessible from any device with a web browser
• Easy to use, yet fully customizable
• Task export in TXT, HTML and CSV format
• Import tasks from Outlook, Google Calendar and iCloud
• Sync with Taskbase

Since I started using TimeSlotTracker, I started using it with my personal agenda every day. Nowadays, I use TimeSlotTracker for a different reason: I use it as a task management software, scheduling tasks as many times as I want.
The way it works is pretty simple: you create a task and then you can either assign it to yourself or to other people, so people can then have a reminder to perform the task.
Thoughtful interface that accommodates a multi-section layout for a good task overview
Besides the basic time management capabilities, TimeSlotTracker offers one the choice of different layouts. Of course, with a great deal of options, you will have to explore them thoroughly to get the best that suits your working habits the best, but I would recommend that you at least check out the following sections:
• Task to-do list
• Task list
• Agenda
• Calendar
After getting familiarized with these different sections, you can create your own schedule, assigning different periods to each activity/task.
Overall, the TimeSlotTracker interface will look like


Create custom tasks and manage them through the application is straightforward and once started, the included interface will guide you through all the process of managing them. What makes this app unique is its ability to export the list of tasks, making them available for future access.
The application is designed in a clean interface that will allow you to organize all of your tasks and to have an overview of the hierarchy of your projects. Perhaps the application should have provided different views for the task and timeslots listing and more options to view them. Nevertheless, one key feature offered by the app is its customizable tasks, which will allow you to create events and add them to your task list.

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When you’re putting forth concentrated efforts, you need to stay focused on the particular task you’re working on or on the project you’re doing. Otherwise, you’re likely to get sidetracked.

As a result, you

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– Create, organize and manage your personal task list
– Can sync multiple lists across devices
– Create custom tasks and reminders, with unlimited tasks
– Very easy to use and manage custom tasks, with drag and drop
– Easy to use and manage different calendars
– Can create events in calendar
– Can assign different scheduling options
– Can manage multiple lists
– Print reports
– Export tasks to PDF or Microsoft Excel
– More features available in the application
Note: TimeSlotTracker is available for free.
• With this software, you will be able to create as many lists as needed and can add as many tasks as you need.
• This can be created and organized using a simple interface, which is very accessible.
• You can manage your task list using your mobile devices.
• There are calendars for the lists, so that you can always check what you have scheduled.
• The task list and calendar are accessible across all devices.
• You can print the task list and calendar offline.
• You can create multiple lists, each one being different.
• You can assign different scheduling options to different lists.
• You can easily manage multiple lists on your mobile devices, which is an easy and convenient feature.
• You can export the tasks to PDF or Excel format, which is an efficient feature.
• You can make your tasks recurring, which will be useful for many.
• The software provides a full feature set, which is more than enough.
So, do not wait any more and give it a try. It is easy to use and manage.
Detailed features of TimeSlotTracker application:
• You can create as many lists as needed, with unlimited tasks in them.
• This is helpful because it allows you to organize your tasks.
• You can see the number of tasks in each list, so you can see what is most important for you.
• You can manage your task list using your mobile devices.
• There are calendars for the lists, so that you can always check what you have scheduled.
• The task list and calendar are accessible across all devices.
• You can print the task list and calendar offline.
• You can create multiple lists, each one being different.
• You can assign different scheduling options to different lists.
• You can manage multiple lists on your mobile devices, which is an easy and convenient feature.
• You can export the tasks to PDF or Microsoft Excel format, which is an efficient

What’s New in the?

With the help of this application, you can quickly and easily schedule tasks and events for work, meetings and classes. The interface is intuitive and the product allows you to manage and interact with many different tasks at one time.
With this app, you can:
✔ Create unlimited tasks, collections and projects
✔ Add tasks and events to it
✔ Split task into subsections, add folders and keep history of them
✔ Create custom timeslots and add events to those times
✔ Display and manage tasks and events
✔ Unassigned tasks can be completed as soon as scheduled
✔ Schedule recurring tasks or events
✔ Import tasks from other applications (Effortlessly)
✔ Export tasks as an HTML file
✔ Convert tasks to Plain Text and other formats
In addition to these, there are more interesting features like convenient calendar and task manager, and customisable reports too. This product is featured with a clean interface that will offer you with an intuitive user experience.

Of course, this is just my opinion. If you think my review was helpful to you please use my reviews, and if you think I failed to review a product properly please use my reviews to tell me about that. ?

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Thanks for sharing this information, which was very useful for me. Unfortunately, I didn’t come across such an app while looking for a good and useful app for my android phone. I hope I will come across such a task manager at some other time.
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System Requirements For TimeSlotTracker:

Memory: 4GB or above
Processor: Intel Core 2 Quad Q9600 @ 3.2GHz or AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core Q6700 @ 3.2GHz or above
Operating System: Windows Vista or above
Hard Disk: 20GB or above
Sound Card: Onboard Sound Card with a hardware volume control, preferably 5.1 channel
Please read the following carefully before downloading and using the software
The software is freeware and is distributed at no cost. Its download location, usage and software license are