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Splendid Desktop Helper 4.12 Crack+ Torrent Download X64 [Updated]

Splendid Desktop Helper Torrent Download – Powerful photo slideshow tool


Your desktop is equipped with such a utility, which will help you to turn your screen into an exciting digital photo album.

Splendid Desktop Helper comes with four very attractive and easy to use photo-based screensavers. Find out more and download Splendid Desktop Helper’s free trial version here.

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Splendid Desktop Helper 4.12 Crack + With Key

The program controls screensavers on any Windows platform. You can choose from a selection of good-looking screensavers that run in parallel on your computer in the background. You can also modify screensaver settings and set a different wallpaper for each monitor as well as a different background image and a different sound track for each. Splendid Desktop Helper is intuitively easy to use, and you can easily access all information via its status bar. You can even add system tray tasks, windows, and folders from the program to the desktop to easily organize your files.
Installation instructions:
Just copy and paste the Splendid Desktop Helper programs files to your computer. Next time you start the program, its screen will automatically be displayed in the primary settings tab. When this is done, set the option you like for auto loading the application.

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Splendid Desktop Helper 4.12 Crack + Download [Latest] 2022

Splendid Desktop Helper is a lightweight desktop enhancement program whose purpose is to help you display screensavers and automatically change the wallpaper at a custom time.

System tray running mode

You can find the utility running in the background without disturbing your work. The configuration settings can be accessed via the program’s icon from the system tray. The configuration panel does not impress much in the visual department because it does not look very intuitive so you may need to invest extra time into decoding the tool’s functions.

Customize image slideshows

Splendid Desktop Helper gives you the possibility to download images from the Internet or add photos from your personal collection. If you opt for displaying online pictures, you may choose between different categories, such as Cartoon, Animal, Game, and Car.

Slideshow settings give you the possibility to change pictures after a user-defined time (in seconds), alter the photo positon (tile, stretch, or center), automatically set the wallpaper at a custom time interval (in seconds), show floating bubbles, and reveal custom dynamic text.

What’s more, you can make the application play Flash movies (SWF file format), play audio and video files (e.g. WAV, MP3, AVI, MPEG, AU, WMV), set the time delay (in minutes) before activating the photo slideshow, specify the runtime, adjust the transparency of the pictures, restore the default wallpaper, and set up a master password.

Final words

Splendid Desktop Helper needs a GUI facelift in order to help users configure the settings on the fly. The photo quality of the items downloaded from the Internet differs from low quality up to professional-looking pictures. There’s no proper way for importing custom photos from your collection. You cannot export the slideshows to EXE or SCR file format for easy file distribution.More by this seller



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Morph OS (morphOS) offers a desktop enhancement tool that can help people maintain better control of their computers.

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Final Words:

Morph OS is a free and open source computer optimization tool. With its help, users will have the ability to carry out actions not available to them within the Windows shell itself. The file system is accessed using standard Windows commands, which makes the application compatible with all Windows and Linux versions. This offers the user the possibility to use a single tool to adapt and customize every Windows and Linux machine.

There are a lot of desktop enhancements out there for the Linux desktop. Almost all of them offer one or more useful functions. However, there is only one Linux utility that offers all that and a little more.

D-deNA offers complete desktop control including file explorer, snipping tools, file conversion, automatic backup, system performance monitor, web browser extensions and mass-uploaders for images.

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D-deNA supports an optional mass uploader. This is useful if you have a local network and a server running.

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D-deNA also offers a great tool to import data to online cloud services, including Dropbox, Google Drive, Mega, and more. This capability is compatible with all Linux distributions.

Final Words:


System Requirements:

* Windows Vista/7/8/8.1/10
* 1GB Ram
* 500 MB Free Disk Space
* Middle-Down End-Up is Required
* Lowend End-Up is Recommended
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