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MAD VISION 3D is an application that can help you to improve your image in many ways. For instance, it can create high quality 3D models based on the input image. The application is packed with features that make it a stand-alone version of a full featured 3D modeling software. Moreover, the feature set is as rich as a full featured 3D program’s, but it is scalable in size and functionality.

The functionality is displayed inside a card-style window, which can be switched to one with a kiosk-like view, where you can examine each feature one by one.

We must admit that the application’s user interface is a bit confusing and could be made easier to use. For instance, there is a feature that is called “ZoomIn” but it is accessible in both the ZoomOut and ZoomIn function.

As far as the graphic editing is concerned, we can say that there is more than enough variety available for basic to advanced image editing. The vast user interface allows you to customize the appearance of almost every tool by applying different colors, icons, text, formatting and options.

To top it off, you can apply up to three custom themes, which will provide you with a couple of different visual styles to choose from.

MAD VISION 3D is an affordable application, which offers a lot of features for a very reasonable price. Even though the application’s user interface does not offer any type of “real-time” feedback during the graphic editing process, it is a great solution for beginners, advanced users and professionals.

Due to the fact that MAD VISION 3D is only in a beta stage of development, there is no guarantee that it will not stop working in the future, but it is one of the best values you can get.

If you like images made of layers of effects and filters, you can only use this software. However, these kinds of images can easily be created, as this free photo editor has a plethora of tools.

We should say that the simplicity and ease of use are somewhat lacking in this software. For example, the installation and setup processes are simple, but we encountered issues that resulted in the app not working. As a result, we had to manually remove the plug-ins for it to work properly.

This application is very clean and lightweight and sports a nice control panel. It features a multi-layer capability and is not as robust as Photoshop, but it is

Splashup Light Download For PC

Introducing Splashup Light

With Splashup Light, you can edit graphics in a user-friendly manner. You can use it as an alternative to adobe photoshop, where you do not have to learn a series of complex commands. All you need is some artistic eye and little time, and you can apply the desired effects directly within the program.

A common window is offered, where you can load photos from the picture files, browse it in the graphic files or capture it from webcam. The first two are very easy to understand, and the last one will have to be checked in your computer’s firewall settings.

Using Splashup Light

If you want to import a picture, you can either use the file browser (that comes with the program), or “drag and drop” the image into a free space on the workspace, and then your picture will be shown on it.

You can use a pan tool to view the whole picture that is being loaded, and zoom in and out to get a bigger or smaller view. You can use a zoom tool to magnify the picture to the maximum.

A snapshot button helps you to take the picture instantly from your webcam.

On the same spot, you can also apply the brightness, contrast, hue, saturation, blur, blur, sharpen, desaturate, colorize, invert, sepia, enhance, emboss, find edges, levels and red eye. You can adjust the saturation, blur or tone, but there is no way to modify the values.

It is also possible to apply a filter, for instance a watermark or a text, that will be inscribed on the picture.

In our view, we find it a bit inconvenient, that you cannot minimize Splashup Light to the system tray area, which would be much better, since you may launch it whenever you want and then close it after using it.

To sum up, Splashup Light is an easy to use and adjustable program. It is packed with several editing options, and it is one of the few graphic editors that have the photo editor software. Its responsiveness and stability are also satisfactory.

What We Liked Most About Splashup Light:

• Splashup Light is one of the best graphic editors for amateur users.

• The program has an intuitive interface.

• The picture preview is great.

What We’d Like To See Added:

• It would be better if

What’s New In Splashup Light?

SIPBunker is a free VoIP calling and conferencing app that can be downloaded on the company’s official site. It is a multitasking program that allows its users to manage various data, while it offers instant messaging and video calling features.

The interface is a bit limited, but you can download additional skins and widgets, simply by going to the SIPBunker preferences. Also, by downloading themes, you can personalize and beautify the app’s appearance. It also offers some classic call features, like hold and end calls, forward and redial, as well as mute calls. It features support for up to 6 callers.
SIPBunker Dialer Features:

Excel Intelligent is a basic, but useful utility which comes packed with a few handy features. It provides many useful functions, including a 100% search function to help you find and get rid of specific files at a fast speed.
The interface is pretty straightforward and functional. After an introduction screen, you are welcomed by the option to either search for files, folders or entire drives, along with a search function that can be easily accessed. You can also use the program’s favorites feature, so that you can quickly mark frequently used folders as “favorites.” You are also able to sort the entries in the list by name, size or date last modified. There is also a 100% search function to help you find and delete a particular file, as well as a very simple and straightforward file manager.
The program offers file and folder protection, and you can easily back up the data. Excel Intelligent can be used as a portable app. There is a volume and audio setting option, as well as the option to switch between landscape and portrait mode.
You can customize your own hot keys and it also comes with a taskbar button to get rid of duplicate entries, as well as a button that allows you to display all your recently used files and folders.

As for installation, Excel Intelligent can be used as a portable app. You will first need to download a container file for the program’s main file and then run the setup.exe. You will be asked to sign in to your Microsoft account so that the program can access the data stored there.
The program requires a moderate-to-high amount of system memory and processor, has a good response time and is pretty stable. It did not cause us any issues, such as freezing or crashing.
It also offers support for up to 10 other languages

System Requirements For Splashup Light:

OS: Windows XP SP3 / Vista SP2 / 7 SP1
Processor: Intel Pentium 4 (2.0 GHz) or AMD Athlon 64 (2.4 GHz)
Memory: 256 MB (1 GB for single player mode)
Graphics: ATI Radeon x800 (256 MB) / ATI Radeon x1800 (512 MB) / NVIDIA GeForce 6600 (256 MB)
Hard Drive: 30 GB available space
Please Note: If your keyboard is USB, you’ll need to insert a USB keyboard into your system.Vision