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Sparqube Lookup Column provides Sharepoint server administrators with a handy component designed to improve the lookup features. It cna be easily integrated in SharePoint Server 2010 / 2013 / 2016 or SharePoint Foundation 2010 / 2013. To add it to a Sharepoint list, users must follow a few simple steps, starting with creating a new column and choosing its type to be Sparqube Lookup.
With support for reference lists, this component ensures cross-site lookup, while also offering an additional set of controls for editing column values and easing the admin's work. Thanks to the Picker dialog, it becomes habitual to handle large list items, especially since the autocomplete and the filtering options make data selection less prone to mistakes.
Sparqube Lookup Column supports multi-leveled cascaded lookup, enabling the user to create parent-child relationships between columns in a list. In other words, selecting a specific option in a field will filter out the options in the following one. For instance, if "US" is selected in the "country" field, the "region" field is updated to only include regions in the US and not other countries. Further on, the "city" field can be updated to only include cities in the selected region, and so on.
There are a few additional features that Sharepoint users will be happy to know are included in Sparqube Lookup Column. Some of the most most important ones are advanced filtering capabilities, duplicate removal, support for default values, or reverse lookup. Moreover, any standard lookup in Sharepoint can be converted to a Sparqube Lookup column.







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Sample Column Order:

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Drop Down list

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{Min Value} to {Max Value}

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• Supports SQL, JSON, XML, CSV, XLSX.
• Can be easily integrated in SharePoint 2010, 2013, 2016 or SharePoint Foundation 2010, 2013.
• Supports multi-leveled cascaded lookup.
• Supports common content types in any order, such as, list, library, document, document set, and so on.
• Retrieves a remote data source without the need of a table in the remote database.
• Incorporates built-in validation rules for the column value.
• Picks the value of a column using the user’s selection in a different column.
• Inertia continues the last set value for the user during edit mode.
• Supports reverse lookup for all types of lookup; including list.
• Supports default value for any column.
• Supports setting a default value when the field is created.
• Uses an independent admin interface.
• Restores lookup after a remote connection failure.
• Supports different languages: English, Spanish, Danish, German, French, Italian, and other.
• Supports multiple foreign keys.
• Supports auto completion for complete fields.
• Supports search engine optimization.
• Supports remote filtering.
• Supports multiple timeout options.
• Supports round trip migration.
• Supports custom icons.
• Visual controls.
• Interactive in-place column editor.
• Supports multiple validation rules.
• Supports multi column sorting.
• Supports double click to edit.
• Supports auto hide.
• Supports customized Sharepoint Server 2010, 2013, and 2016.
• Lightweight solution.
• Freely customizable.
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With Sparqube Lookup Column Download With Full Crack you have access to some of the most relevant functions that any SharePoint User will appreciate. Lookup Column provides you with:
• A visual interface for the admin to work with without the need of a local database.
• Allowing the admin to work with multi-leveled cascaded lookup.
• A Setter control for auto-completion, standard lookup, and reverse lookup.
• A new performance-friendly architecture.
• A Project Killer.
• A real-time remote connection mechanism.
• Backup/Restore support for the local database.
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Sparqube Lookup Column 5.97.4704 Crack With Product Key Free Download [2022-Latest]

Sparqube Lookup Column is an easy-to-use component for Sharepoint administrators. It provides them with the ability to create reference list and multilevel lookup lists and to take advantage of the improved lookup features and other ones that will be soon added.
How does it look like?
Sparqube Lookup Column can be added to Sharepoint lists very easily. The user needs to open the list settings and choose the “Add or modify a list” option. Follow the standard Sharepoint dialogs and click “Add column” when creating a new one. Simply enter the name and choose the type for the new column as Sparqube Lookup. Sharepoint will open the Sparqube Lookup dialog where it will offer you all the available options and a brief description of each. The user can decide which ones to use and simply click “OK” to add the new column to the list. This column can be added at any position in the list, yet it has to be added after the category. As a matter of fact, the Sparqube Lookup dialog will also show a warning message informing that an admin has to make the category valid, even though it will only be used for filtering and will be displayed in the list item.
Sparqube Lookup Column options
Sparqube Lookup Column has plenty of options, and not necessarily all of them are available. The user has the ability to choose among all the options supported, or to always use the default values.
Find and Edit options
Besides the list setting where Sharepoint users are offered to select the default values for the new lookup column, they can make the most of a brand new Picker dialog that will show a list of entries to choose from. It can be used to find and filter column values in the list and also to edit column values (for instance if users want to change a column for its column type for example). Sparqube Lookup Column offers three basic options to search for the entries.
Starts with
One of the most interesting features is the ability to select a specific entry in the list and to see all the matches. In order to select a single entry, choose “contains” and start typing the entry. The upper section of the Picker dialog will list the entries that match the selected one, while the lower section shows a new column with the results. By clicking on the particular value, it is automatically selected and the user

What’s New in the?

Sharepoint Server in 2016 offer column authors the choice of using standard lookup lists or lookups. By default, all these columns use a standard lookup, but every admin can customize its data inside Sharepoint for better identification of data, filtering options and so on. To do that, Sparqube Lookup Column lets administrators create their own lookup lists or lists of references lists, inside Sharepoint. These references can be ordered in a single column (single-level lookup) or in cascading columns (multi-level lookup). Even further, the Lookup Column can be configurated to reference parent columns:
Sparqube Lookup Column lets Sharepoint administrators create a list with multiple references, without using a multi-level lookup. With those lists in place, the “country” field can reference two different references lists, meaning that it can include cities in the US and then all the other countries. If “US” is selected, the “region” field will be updated with only options in the US.
In addition, if a lookup column references a parent column, then the whole collection of references will be updated to the values of the parent column.
Although this feature is only new in Sharepoint server 2016, in Sharepoint 2010 and 2013 you have the option of using the Multi-Lookup Column type, which might be a better fit for your needs.
Supported Data Types:
Sparqube column type consists of 5 data types that can be used to store data:
Boolean: This column can store a value of either 1 or 0. If you use the IsTrue option, then the option will be displayed only if the value selected in the Picker is 1.
Multiselect: This column can store multiple values. Each value can be selected from a multiple value list. It is extremely useful to define a list of references.
Geometry: This column can store coordinates, points, lines, and polygons.
Calculated: This column can be used to display a calculated value. It uses its formula to calculate the result.
Popular: This column stores a list of strings, the strings or the position where the strings will be shown in the Picker.
Common columns are always listed in the beginning of the standard Lookup columns. To add any other column, you must create a new column (See the column type to know which are the fields your column will have), choose the relevant type, and add it to the list.
As usual, you can edit

System Requirements For Sparqube Lookup Column:

OS: Windows 7 (64 bit)
Processor: Intel Core i3 or AMD equivalent
Memory: 2 GB RAM (4 GB for 64 bit Windows)
Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce 8600 GT or AMD equivalent
DirectX: Version 9.0
Network: Broadband Internet connection
Storage: 1 GB available space
Sound Card: DirectX-compatible
Processor: Intel Core i5 or AMD equivalent
Memory: 4 GB RAM