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Soft Focus is a GIMP script that simulates a camera lens soft focus effect.
Soft Focus is a camera lens flaw in which the lens forms an image that is blurred due to spherical abberation.







Soft Focus Free [32|64bit]

In addition to a defocused affect of the image caused by the focal plane…

This is a modified version of the Tutorial mentioned above. It has only one more Tutorial, a Particle Effects (SoftFocus) Tutorial. The pre-defined particle effects of this Tutorial are also combined with an amazing Descent Script!
You can use the tutorial again and again – use the descti…

Once again, by request, here is a tut on how to turn your stock photographs into your own digital works of art.
Want to get an impression of how the Soft-focus effects work, you can use the image that is included in the tutorial.
Here are the Image Steps
Open the image
Apply an In…

Classic Soft Focus Cracked Accounts fade effect. This can be used to create a Soft Focus 2022 Crack effect on the following images.
1. To make the images as they should be
2. To make them harder to see the subjects (especially make the face harder to see).
3. To give the appearance of darkness on the image.

A tutorial to create the “Soft Focus Crack Keygen” effect. The Soft Focus Serial Key effect is achieved by adding a transparent filter to the image. This filter is faded in a color similar to the colors in the image.
This tutorial is made for Photoshop CS but it can easily be made for Photoshop 7,…

Fade effect with soft focus
This is a tutorial for how to create a fade effect with Soft Focus.
How to run the script:
A grid is created with a hard black background (Grid)
Now you are ready to paint in different shades of gray with the Pen tool.
Two shades of gray…

These are the pre-packed images in the archive. It contains the Soft Focus effect, some presets and the Descent tool.
It is a tutorial to get to know the Descent tool and some presets.
You will need to have a GIMP installed.
To run the tutorial you can either use the pre-pack…

This tutorial shows how to use the Gimp to make a soft focus effect on a photo using the Descent effect tool.
The tutorial shows how to load a stock photo and get started.
After getting the stock photo loaded into gimp, we will start to clean up the photo. As a first tool, we cho…

This tutorial shows how to use the Gimp to make a soft focus effect on a photo using the Des

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v2.0: Improve the spot resolution and performance.
v1.0: First release.

If you’d like to give it a try, you can download the latest version of this script from GIMP’s
plugin page. The source code is also provided, so you can customize or improve it.
There’s also a detailed tutorial available which walks you through how to build
and use the script.

Latest Soft Focus Crack Free Download updated:
v3.0: Improve the spot resolution and performance.


v2.0: Improve the spot resolution and performance.
v1.0: First release.


There’s a new version out with a new script engine
and some fixes.

It’s up to date with the latest script API, including the

script API.

Some improvements include:
– New script engine: GIMP-GTK2
– Performance increase by 20%
– Storage space decrease by at least 40%
– Minor bug fixes


This is the first release.

It’s up to date with the latest script API, including the

script API.

The script engine makes use of the GimpParameterBuf,
a structure that will be used to store a set of values,
in this case the radius of the blur.

The changes made to the script are:
– New parameter (radius) that allows to modify the blur radius
– Increase performance by at least 30% by simplifying the script
– Increase the stability of the original script
– Making it compatible with the latest Gimp API
– Adding a tooltip to help the user debug the script

This is just a basic version of the script, that should
be extended by the user.

It’s up to

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The camera lens has spherical aberration that leads to gradual blurring of the image as the subject goes out of focus. It can be simulated by using the Zoom filter.

How to use Soft Focus in GIMP:

To install Soft Focus in GIMP 2.8:

Install GIMP 2.8
Click File > Install GIMP Plugins
Search for and install Soft Focus

To use Soft Focus in GIMP:

In GIMP’s Edit > Preferences > Brushes tab, select Soft Focus


References and Credits:


Edit > More Preferences > BrushPresets > SoftFocus:


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What’s New in the?

Create the desired size of the SOFT FOCUS effect by:
1. Select Soft Focus & drag the cursor to where you want the effect to start.
2. Animate/move the base point using the mouse and the effect will begin.
3. Hold the Alt key or click the mouse to stop the effect.
4. Make the effect bigger or smaller by using the up and down keys on your keyboard.
The Base Point is the point from which you begin the SOFT FOCUS effect.
If you choose the center base point the SOFT FOCUS effect will begin at that point.
You can also choose a corner base point and the effect will start at that point.
The Alt key keeps the mouse from being captured by the effect and allows to continue to use the mouse to manipulate the base point.
In this demo, a Soft Focus effect is created and the base point is set to be the center of the image.
If you’ve had a chance to watch the show, you’ve probably seen the effect I’ve recreated in this tutorial.
This effect has been done many ways over the years.
Sometimes the effect may be masked in the picture as an overlay, other times the effect is just a bit of softness in the picture.
I thought it would be cool to have a script to create the effect.
I’m not really sure how many others are created so I thought I’d share it.
This script uses keyframes to animate the base point.
In this clip the base point is animated to the left and then to the right.
Watch for the change in the base point
The value for the size of the effect is set at 50px.
If you would like to adjust the value of the size, modify the area below the image.
You will see that I’ve set the height and the width of the image box to be 200px.
This height and width were hard coded to keep the effect size at about 50px.
The red box defines the effect size.
The effect size will be set to that.
Increase or decrease the size of the box by using the Alt/up and down keys on the keyboard.
The base point is the initial point from which the Soft Focus effect is to begin.
If you haven’t selected the effect, you will see that the effect begins at the center of the image.

System Requirements:

This game will work on any system running Windows 7 or greater. It will only require between 2GB – 4GB of your main system RAM. It does not require an online connection.
Please visit our forums for any technical support questions.
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