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Simple File Encryptor Free Download For PC

Simple File Decryptor is a tool intended to help you decrypt and decrypt files and folders that are stored in a special way, namely encrypted with the application.
The utility enables you to decrypt and read all kinds of data, including text and documents, as well as all kinds of files and folders.
It is possible to use this software utility on your personal computer or even on portable storage devices. Thus, you can transfer the application to your device, and decrypt the data that you have previously encrypted. The utility does not require any installation process, as you can simply copy the files to the desired locations on your hard drive, or even to a USB flash drive.
To sum up, Simple File Decryptor is a versatile tool that enables you to easily and quickly decrypt files that were encrypted using the Simple File Encryptor application.

Simple PDF Converter is a wonderful tool intended to help you convert a PDF file into a different format. The utility lets you easily convert a PDF document into RTF, JPEG, TIFF and HTML formats.
The program is pretty fast. Thus, it is possible to extract the entire content of your PDF document in just a few seconds.
One of the things that Simple PDF Converter does not do is modify PDF documents. The reason for this is that the application cannot add extra pages to the file, and thus, it cannot include new content.
There are numerous options that are available in the application interface, along with the settings panel, where you can modify almost anything, including the output file’s name, the number of pages the file should have, and even the application’s size.
Basically, you can use the Simple PDF Converter tool for two purposes: extracting content from the file or converting it into a different format.
How to use Simple PDF Converter:

1. You will need to install the software utility on your computer or on a device that has the application installed.
2. Next, open the software utility and select the desired output file or output folder.
3. Double-click on the output file to start the conversion.
4. Enter the settings you want to use in the tool, and press the “Start” button.
After Simple PDF Converter is launched, you will see a progress window. When the conversion is finished, you will have a new file or folder in the folder you chose.
Software with similar functionality:

Simple PDF is a utility that helps you convert

Simple File Encryptor Full Version Free [Mac/Win]

Simple File Encryptor is an application that enables you to encrypt and decrypt any type of files and folders. The program can be used on USB storage devices, and it also lets you ensure that your important data are safe. The utility uses two types of encryption, namely AES 256 bit and RSA 4096 bit. It runs on Windows OS, meaning that it requires.NET Framework 4 or later. The software does not require installation and does not have to be present in a directory.

A minimal security is required to perform file encryption and decryption, so if your workstation has malware, or other threats, accessing your PC can bring about great data loss. As such, make sure that you have selected the safest settings for Simple File Encryptor, to prevent your private data from being accessed when it is not needed.
This encryption software supports the following actions:

– Unprotected
– Encrypt
– Decrypt
– Protect
– Protect with Password
– Encrypt with Password

In addition, if you opt for the option of encrypting files, folders, flash drives, external hard drives, and other removable devices, the utility will create a self-destructing file, which will be destroyed as soon as your connection to the computer is lost.
In addition, you can also encrypt your mobile device in a similar manner, without having to pay any attention to regular software updates, which is a distinct advantage.

This encryptor supports all file types. Such as, you can easily decrypted files on regular or encrypted drives using the software utility.

The software utility offers options to export the encrypted files and folders into the form of standalone files. For example, if you want to keep the original copy of your files, then, you can easily do so. You can use the standalone files to restore the files to the original location.

This encryption utility can be used to quickly encrypt and decrypt selected files and folders. When you use the encrypting function, the utility will ask for the password of a secured container that is used to store the encrypted file. With the help of that container, the encryption app can decrypt the files at the desired location.

Simple File Encryptor:
The software utility offers an easy to use interface that is easy to understand and use. This makes it possible to perform encryption and decryption work on any type of files and folders. To make the work easier, the utility offers two types of encryption methods, namely AES 256 bit and RSA 4096 bit

Simple File Encryptor Crack Registration Code [Mac/Win]

The application is a software utility that allows its users to easily encrypt and decrypt files and folders.
It works in Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and Windows 10, Mac, Linux.
This software provides a simple and user-friendly interface, requiring no maintenance or complicated settings.
All Windows users should be able to use it effortlessly.
Simple File Encryptor can work either as a standalone application or from the Windows calculator.

Simple File Encryptor Requirements:

This software utility offers its users the following features:

The application has been built with a simple, intuitive and modern interface.

It supports the latest platforms, Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and Windows 10, Mac, Linux.

It supports 100% WinRAR passwords.

It uses secure encryption methods, namely AES-256 and RSA-4096.

It can handle all types of files, be they plain text, text files, xls, xlsx, zip, rar, etc.

It supports encryption of files and folders.

It also allows you to encrypt data stored in the Windows Registry.

It has a unique registry editor that does not destroy your original entries, enabling you to quickly modify the Windows Registry for all subsequent uses.

It has the ability to start it automatically on system startup.

You can minimize to the system tray and remove the program shortcut from the Windows desktop.

You can easily change the program size and style.

You can easily customize the interface appearance, so that it will be more personal.

It has a built-in editor to the encryption settings.

You can delete or add items to the selected folder.

You can save and restore your database with the used or encrypted data.

You can choose between plain text or encrypted items.

What is new in official Simple File Encryptor release version? – It’s the major new feature available in the new version of Simple File Encryptor. Here are some of them.
– Restoring encrypted items using the activation code.
– Managing the database with the used or encrypted data.
– Showing and hiding window, removing items, adding items, etc.

New and improved Simple File Encryptor provides with several great changes to make your work with encrypted items much more simple and easy.
It is a most suitable software tool for home and office computers that allows its users to easily encrypt,

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System Requirements For Simple File Encryptor:

* CPU: 2GHz Pentium 4 or faster
* Memory: 256MB
* Hard Drive: 15MB
* OS: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, or Windows 8
** Windows XP 32-bit:
* OS: Windows XP 32-bit
* CPU: 1.6 GHz Pentium 4 or faster
* DirectX: DirectX 9.0c
* Game Sound:
* DirectX: DirectX 9.0c