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ServiceTray is a software solution designed to offer you complete control over your system’s active services. It is very easy to use and allows you to monitor your operating system’s active or inactive services, at any time, and view session information about each one.
Furthermore, you can also start, stop or reset the services whenever you need to do so.
GPL License:
GPL License v2

sudo cpan ServiceTray

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– Browse through a list of services and start/stop them.
– Control any process with an icon in your taskbar.
– View detailed information about any service and decide if it needs to be restarted or deleted.
– Add all your favorite services to the list.
– Add different icons for each service to tell them apart.
– Add a service to monitor by changing its status.
– Supports Windows 95, 98, ME, NT, 2000, 2003, XP, Vista, 7
ServiceTray Crack For Windows User Review:
Installation is easy and straightforward. No need to manually extract it from the installer because I extracted it and then ran it on my machine. I just clicked on the exe file to have ServiceTray 2022 Crack on my machine. After installation the GUI was working fine.
After installation ServiceTray For Windows 10 Crack was running fine. I just tried to add a new service and it worked like a charm.
System Tray
ServiceTray runs on the system tray which you can access by clicking on the small arrow on the top-left corner of the screen.
Service Taming
At the top right of the service tray icon you can see the tray icon for the mouse. The green arrow indicates the mouse location. By tapping this icon you can start the process. You can access all the processes’ status by clicking the service tray icon.
Environment Tab
The tab for the Enviromental settings which displays the system path and the details of the currently opened file.
Setting Tab
The tab for the setting, after clicking on the service icon you will get a menu where you can see the service name and its status.
Services Tab
The tab shows the list of all services currently running on the computer. After scrolling down the list you can find the service you want and check its status. By tapping on the icon it will start or restart the process if needed.
The Service Settings
Service settings window will take you to the settings page that shows the service name, last used and the type of the process.
Process Details
Process details window displays the information about the process running on the machine. Here you can find the PID, Name, CPU, Memory, Last used and the session number.
Service Process
On clicking the service icon from the system tray it will open the service process window where you will find details of the process and its status. Here you can find the PID, Name, CPU, Memory, Last used and the session number.

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Monitor the currently running processes, session number and component info about each one of them. Choose different icons for each active component. There are 2 versions available (32bit and 64bit), each one with its own configuration and stability features.
Key Features:
Free application.
Can monitor active processes on your computer.
Free to use.
Advanced performance monitoring tools.
Can monitor online services.
System tray icon icon.
System tray list.
Support for 32-bit and 64-bit version.
To get ServiceTray

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Monitor any system service and control its activity.
View session details about every monitored process.
Start, stop or reset the services whenever you need to do so.Shantell Newton

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