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The joining of two worlds – the digital and the analog. The Renegade combines the warm and organic analog sound with the sharpness, toughness and preciseness of digital. Renegade is based on algorithms of DSP chips and analog circuits of real hardware synthesizers.
It includes special features like Supersaw oscillator, serial combination of vintage analog filters with precise and tough digital filters or the amplifier section without inner clipping with non-linear analog saturation. Renegade is intended especially for tough fat lead sounds, basses and organic analog sounds.
The Renegade is most effective in the following music styles: Trance, Dance, Drum and Bass, Breakbeat, Electro, EBM, Tek House, Psytrance, Goa and many more.
In addition, this package includes more than 120 professional presets in Classic, Bass, Drum and Bass, Leads and Psytrance style.









Renegade Free [Mac/Win]

The sound engine is based on the following modules:

1. Powerful analog oscillators, combination with digital filters with a high-resolution modulator and a VCA stage, an amplifier with non-linear distortion, SAW, Wurli, and Supersaw oscillators, two analog filters: low-pass, high-pass, band-pass, band-reject, two multi-band, four band-selectors, two analog envelope generators, distortion types: long-play, long-play-add, short-play, subtraction, long-play-add, and six different short-play distortions.

2. A VCF section with analog saturation, compression, limiters, EQ and phase-shifter.

3. The 12 CV/Gate-CV-Input mixer and one Dense-Input for voices.

4. A very special sound engine for the effect of parallel voices.

5. A feature-rich arpeggiator (LFO-Arp) with three different LFO-stages.

6. Full integration into DigiSynth with full MIDI keyboard.

Price: € 197.19

It is necessary to download several software programs in order to create your own presets for Renegade. Additionally, the package includes a user’s manual, a video tutorial and the possibility to order accessories with the package.

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Renegade Crack Free Download

The Renegade Product Key is a 100% analog synth that will take you to a new level. It combines the warm and organic analog sound with the sharpness, toughness and preciseness of digital.
At the heart of the Renegade is the Korg TEQ (The Ultimate Expression Q), a cutting-edge DSP chip. Innovative algorithms from the TEQ have been incorporated into the Renegade’s internal circuitry. The updated algorithms create an even smoother sound than the classic TEQ. In addition to providing superior sonic performance, the updated algorithms also make the Renegade more user friendly.
Furthermore, the versatile sound of the Renegade can be easily customized by sliding over various filters and oscillators.
The start and end point of the detent slider lets you easily tune the oscillator. Plus, you can work on the sound of the oscillators with the three new user selectable oscillators: BP, PP and SB (which is a special mode of the oscillator that combines BP and PP).
Besides these advanced features, the Renegade provides a variety of global effects. These include several presets dedicated for different types of effects. You can easily program your own controls for these effects.
The Maximizer has now become built-in. And you can now freely add various graphic effects to the sound of the Maximizer.
The Independent module, FM module, LFO module, amplifier module and multi-effects have also been integrated. The “Drum Stick” function and button (at the bottom right side) allow you to control these modules quickly and easily.
The Renkou (quartz crystal) Filter module has three user selectable modes, and has now been integrated with the Renkou module (a quartz crystal unit). You can now freely add various graphic effects to the sound of the module.
The new behavior of the Resistive Draw function allows you to change the temperament of the Renegade’s oscillator.
The new behavior of the Supersaw function adds a certain amount of detuning to the oscillator.
This new version of the Renegade also includes a few new features, such as the PCM function, which allows you to sample 32-bit stereo PCM data for recording sounds.
No matter what type of song you’re creating, the pre-set functions and features of the Renegade are sure to assist you in attaining the perfect sound.
Renegade is a unique synthesizer. You can enjoy the analog sound of the leading synthesizer brand, K


– Analog Parts :
Axon AX-1, Vitus e2, Korg DW2000, Roland D50/EX76, Korg MS20, M-Audio BSS, Virus TI-2.
– DSP Parts:
– Massive, Halo, Nexus, RetroAmp Distortion
– Sequencer and Arpeggiator:
X-Terminal, Planet Mu, Arp3500, Apple Logic, S4 Music Sequencer
– Flux :
Soundcard based on X-Terminal and dedicated Flux 14 OSC.
– Amplifier:
Based on “MAD Dog” amp.
– Envelope:
Flooring Amp and Envelope Follower based on “MAD Dog” amp.
– Filter :
Roll-off, FM, Lowpass, Resonance, Highpass, Lowpass+Highpass.
– Amp :
Two Channels: Normal channel and Hot channel.
– MIDI :
With 5 round robin MIDI ports and a MIDI Routing MIDI Controller.
Renegade is available for Windows and macOS, with VST and AU plugin format.

Kontakt 5 compatible effects:
Send your tracks to the next level with these powerful Kontakt plugins:
– VirtualDrumKiller features an intuitive user interface, advanced settings and effects tailored for drum tracks.
– VirtualDrumKiller is a powerful instrument with special drum machines, includes drum, percussion, guitar, effects, preamp and a whole lot of new features.
– VLIVO provides a total professional virtual instrument, ideal for all electronic music genres.

Hotshot2 is a highly powerfull VST multi effect Plug-in.
With Hotshot2 you can apply any effect you like into almost any audio sample.
Hotshot 2 offers two unique effects:
VST effect for 3d sound: Works with almost any audio-layer containing samples and can be useful for acapellas, piano, synths and guitars.
For more detail look at website:

MPP flanger. Perfect for modern genres like Dubstep and Electro.
The MPP Flanger includes 3 different modes for you to choose from:
– Standard (off)
– Solo mode – to easily adjust the phase and frequency of the oscillators of your MIDI keyboard separately
– Timbre mode – control the amount of high-pass

What’s New in the?

High and fat sound;
Neutral sound without subwaveness;
Antique sound;
Vintage sound;

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System Requirements For Renegade:

Supported OS: Win 10
Processor: Intel Dual-Core
Memory: 4 GB RAM
HDD: 15 GB
How to Install:
1. Run the setup file
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