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What is Reminiscence Free Download?
Reminiscence is a cross-platform, cross-device utility for taking notes and storing them securely with a password.
You can add as many notes as you want, edit the content and get instant feedback.
Key features:
– Add notes in a few taps.
– View notes sorted by creation date.
– Add annotations and highlights.
– View notes organized by categories.
– Change the contents of the note.
– Add images, tables, lists and attach files.
– Control when the note is stored.
– Save passwords in the same entry.
– Sync your notes between devices.
– Import notes from Google Drive.
– Add your own notes to Reminiscence.
– Save your notes in archive formats like PDF.
Reminiscence Tips:
– How do I install Reminiscence?
Reminiscence is available in the Google Play Store for free. To download it, open the store and search for Reminiscence.
– I cannot find the “Add notes” button in Reminiscence.
The “Add notes” button is located in the edit mode. Tap the view button at the bottom left corner, and select the “Edit note” tab. Then, tap the “Create” button on the bottom right corner.
– How do I attach files to notes?
Use the file manager in Reminiscence to find the file. Press and hold the file you want to include in the note and drag it to the Reminiscence window.
– How do I copy the note I am in to another device?
Use the task manager in Reminiscence to find the “Copy note” button. Press and hold the button, and press the copy button on your device.
– How do I access Reminiscence while my phone is locked?
Create a Reminiscence account and download the app from the store. Then, tap the Reminiscence icon on your device, and enter the login information for Reminiscence. If you are using a device with a lock screen, the password is required each time you open Reminiscence.
Please check the app out, if you found it useful or would like to make suggestions for improvement.
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Taking notes should be a simple thing, but sometimes it becomes a complex thing to do. Most of the times, we are really busy with work and studying, so we tend to make lengthy notes that we eventually throw away. Reminiscence is the answer to all your note taking issues. It can save your precious time by organizing your notes and provides a simple interface to make the process easier and more efficient.

What is Reminiscence?

With the rise of smartphones, the laptop and the tablet has become indispensable for modern-day people. However, it makes it difficult for busy individuals to manage them all at once. To simplify the process of taking and staying organized with your notes, one of the most useful apps is Reminiscence. It is a simplistic note-taking utility that enables users to organize notes, keywords and content across all of their devices with a few taps.

To save your time and precious effort, here are the main features you should consider when purchasing Reminiscence:

✅Organize a multi-page note

You can save your notes as multi-page pdf document files and save them with different names for easy organization. With that being said, you can attach several pages to each note and arrange them into folders to get a streamlined organization system.

✅Take advantage of the tagging function

The utility comes with a tagging function that allows you to automatically organize notes into folders. The tagging tool will automatically arrange long notes by appending words or phrases of interest. This can be done by selecting the correct folder and tapping on the plus button.

✅Secure notes

Reminiscence comes with a password system that allows you to save your notes in a secure location. The password system keeps your notes private and you can access them with the same password that you have used to create them.

✅Group notes into folders

This function allows you to organize your notes into several folders. You can create as many folders as you want and the main folders will be displayed on the top bar. You can then tap on a specific folder to access the notes inside of it.

✅Create a password to secure notes

The password system allows you to create a secure location to keep your notes private. You can then select the folder for this secure location and create a secure password to make notes safe.

✅Set the default password

With the Reminiscence password system, you can

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Download Reminiscence for free from MediaFire

Reminiscence Free

Category: Note book

Tag: notes, document

Language: English, Spanish

Size: 2.38 MB

Reminiscence Free APK

Reminiscence is an application designed to take quick notes or copy them from other documents. You can directly write notes or read them in the same document. The copy notes are synced as well so you can view them from other applications. Once you share this document you will receive a notification to share and if you do so all others will be able to read your notes. Finally, the saved document will not expire and you can always restore it later.
The most interesting features are that the notes are synchronized, thus you can have them on all devices and if you open the same document you will always have the same notes. You can share and copy a document or even multiple notes if the need arises.
There are no ads and the application was designed to be a lightweight one. We could not find any kind of watermark but the installation size is a little larger than expected. It is necessary to mention that you cannot log in using social networks. This is necessary because this app is very simple and does not need to be connected to a third party.
For these reasons, it is not very secure but it might be suitable for a quick note taking.

Key Features of Reminiscence Free:

You can take notes directly from the app and copy them to a separate document

Copy notes are synced with other devices where it is opened

You can create multiple notes and share them

The notes will not expire

Install the version from the link provided on our website

Your download will begin in a few seconds

Reminiscence Free Info:

Size: 2.38 MB

Languages: English, Spanish

Developer: LARDOX9

Category: Note book


Reminiscence Free Screenshots:

Reminiscence APK

Reminiscence is an application designed to take quick notes or copy them from other documents. You can directly write notes or read them in the same document. The copy notes are synced as well so you can view them from other applications. Once you share this document you will receive a notification to share and if you do so all others will

What’s New In?

Reminiscence is a light and fast utility that enables you to create notes. You can add them quickly, organize them and copy them to other documents. Very limited security, no dictionary or undo support. Source:

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