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“uniCSVed” is designed to solve some common problems encountered when users have to modify a CSV file using the standard Windows/Linux/OSX/Unix text editors.
“uniCSVed” comes with the following features:
■ edit, add, insert and delete items;
■ import;
■ change separator;
■ add, delete columns;
■ rearrange column order;
■ save selection of rows and columns;
■ save filtered items;
■ save with double quotes;
■ search and replace;
■ filter items;
■ remove duplicates;
■ append and merge files;
■ install and uninstall
■ help in English
■ add prefix and suffix
■ split and join columns
■ column search
■ column sort and global sort
Here are some examples of what you can do:
Basic CSV files edit:
Item 01,02,03,04,05
All rows deleted:
Item 01,02,03,04,05
New column: item07=MY COLUMN
Item 01,02,03,04,05
1,2,3,4,5, MY COLUMN
All rows deleted:
Item 01,02,03,04,05
1,2,3,4,5, MY COLUMN
Columns can be rearranged:
Item 01,02,03,04,05
All rows deleted:
Item 01,02,03,04,05
No empty lines – Delete all rows:
Item 01,02,03,04,05
Empty lines (None):
Item 01,02,03,04,05
Delete an item:
Item 01,

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Here is a complete description of uniCSVed:
Edit CSV documents as if they were Excel spreadsheets.
All the names, dates, values, table headers, table columns, formulas, graphs and all other items of the CSV
file (described as lists) are shown in a tree view to allow you to enter the editing
commands in an intuitive way. In fact, the tree view describes all the contents of the
file (not only the lists).
Get the contents of the CSV file and show them in the tree view.
Find and replace items
Fill the CSV file with the values of your choice.
• You can import data from a database, a CSV file or a text file;
• You can edit the value of a column or a row in the table;
• You can import several lines at once or one by one;
• All the entries, rows and columns can be searched and modified;
• You can export the modified CSV file;
• You can choose to open CSV files directly from the Window Explorer, in the
Open dialog;
• You can choose to keep the original file in case the new file is damaged.
Storing lists of information
When you start uniCSVed, it opens the default CSV file, which contains three columns of
data. You can add more columns and enter lists of information.
If your CSV file contains a table in the first column, all the fields of the table, for
example names and addresses, can be found in an easy way.
Insert text before or after the opening or closing of the file.
Change the separator character and the indentation of the lists.
Write a formula for the values of the lists.
• You can change the separator of the CSV file in order to format it;
• You can change the row separator for cell borders;
• You can use the same row separator for all the cells of a row;
• You can use the same column separator for all the cells of a column;
• You can choose to keep the quotes of the original CSV file;
• You can move the table to a new sheet.
Save the CSV file with double quotes for the columns and rows.
You can also filter the items and rearrange the columns and rows.
Built-in text editor
The “uniCSVed” text editor is a full-featured application, so it is not just

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uniCSVed (Compatible Unicode CSV Editor) is an open source file editor developed by Massimo Lanteri. It supports Unicode, Unicode strings, line numbers, and line length, it can read and write CSV files, read most standard input/output and print to standard output, it can be used to convert data from one type to another, it can convert most of the encodings, it can save using various encoding formats and uses the icon file format, and it has many features (see the table of features below).
unixCSVed differs from CSVed in many ways, it supports Unicode, Unicode strings, line numbers and line length, the original line numbers are shown in the edited file, and line numbers are sortable, CSV files can be imported, sorted, searched for and changed, columns can be added and deleted, global column sorting, viewing of filenames, viewing of the original file history, and the original file history can be saved as a backup file.
It is based on JEdit, Java-based text editor.
Table of features:
Features enabled by default:
■ Unicode and Unicode strings, line numbers and line length
■ Save files using the icon file format
■ Import and export of Excel, CSV, Text and other file formats
■ Search and replace
■ Escape double quotes
■ Insert lines and paragraphs
■ Change file encoding
■ Change separator to user defined
■ Insert tabs
■ Word wrap and line breaking
■ Global column sorting
■ Show column names
■ Insert and edit items
■ Export to HTML
■ Unicode compatible tab
■ Change separator from space to comma
■ Search and replace
■ View line numbers
■ View of the original file history
■ Backup file history
■ View with double quotes
■ View with and without lines
■ Sort lines and columns
■ Sort in descending order
■ Sort reversed and ascending
■ Sort columns by clicking column header
■ Sort column by clicking column header
■ View file filters
■ View line filters
■ Sort and view filters
■ Rename
■ Delete duplicates
■ Merge files
■ Change encoding

What’s New In Portable UniCSVed?

It supports all character set supported by MS-Windows.
It has Unicode-aware editing, automatic and Unicode-aware saving, automatic encoding and wide Unicode range support for Unicode editing.
It has Unicode-aware search and replace and filtering for Unicode text data.
It has Unicode support for column sorting with the special column (UCSC) and support Unicode case folding.
It has Unicode support for automatic double-quote conversion and Unicode version detection.
It has Unicode aware saving of selection of rows and columns and the feature of file extension.
It has Unicode aware sorting and filtering and Unicode support for locale settings.
It has Unicode support for install and uninstall of Unicode CSV files.
It can export to HTML, Excel, XML, Unicode TAB delimited text, Unicode CSV, Unicode UTF-8 text and Unicode UTF-16 text.
It has Unicode aware import and export of PDF and Unicode TAB delimited text.
It has Unicode support for Unicode Apache POI word processor.
It has Unicode support for Excel cell addressing by CEL address and file path.
It has Unicode support for common CSV headers and Unicode support for common CSV formats.
You can use it to edit text files, documents, databases, Internet, HTML, Excel, Word, PDF, XLS and CSV documents.
Download the latest version from GitHub:
Please contact us at: support@unibcsved.com

To read, edit, create, insert, delete and format cells, you will use the data types defined for the ‘cell’ data type. For example, if you need to move the contents of a cell and then reformat that text, you would
select the cell and then use the function DATE() to change the cell’s contents to the current date and time.
Similarly, if you want to reformat the contents of a cell that contains a currency amount, you could use the function NUMBER() to replace it with the current value of the “number” data type and then
apply the effects of your formatting options.
Data Types
In Excel, data types are used to define the meaning of cell contents. For example, the number data type defines that the contents of a cell should be a currency amount. If you wanted to represent
this in your spreadsheet as it appears on the worksheet, you would select a cell containing an amount and choose Insert > New > Number Formats. Then, under Number, you would choose the currency.
To select a cell that

System Requirements:

This is an experimental test of this hard fork. As a result, it requires users to have a software wallet that supports EOSIO r1. It’s recommended to use the “eosiorepo” version of your software wallet, with an EOSIO version of 1.0.1 or higher.
Please contact @[email protected] with any issues you encounter. You can also open a bug on the EOS testnet.
*Please note that currently there are not enough validators, thus we cannot support a large number of nodes.