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PeerAware is a digital sharing application, which makes information sharing available to all of your online accounts in a virtual network. You can share and collaborate with your friends, family, colleagues and even your acquaintances via email, Facebook, Twitter and many others. You can create your own public profile and share your documents, blogs, photos, and files with your connections. PeerAware lets you automatically create information share networks in your everyday life.
* Create your own one-to-many network
* Create your own groups and invite members
* Create and edit files, blogs, notes, links and annotations
* Sync your content with other computers and devices
* Collaborate with colleagues and friends in the same network
* Work in your own workspaces
* Browse and download the content you share
* Work from different computers
* Private workspaces, teams, notes, blogs, etc.
* Content-indexing
* Tagging
* Open file formats: doc, docx, html, jpg, png, pdf, txt, xls, xlsx, docm, odt, rtf, rwd, docb, wbs, wps, wmf, wps, wmv, wpw, ods
* Work with group chats
* Virtual whiteboard
* Chat history and presence
* Favorite content, files, blogs, users
* IP address blocking
* Security: Password protected workspaces, group chats, etc.
* API for integration into other applications
* Compatible with Mac and Windows
PeerAware can be purchased from the PeerAware website or from other online stores

peeraware-pro-lite 1.0
13.28 MB

Workspace collaboration software with support for group, public and private chat, videoconferencing, scheduling and more.
Clients can work at home, in a coffee shop, or on the go, using just the Internet.
Team members can stay in touch and work from a variety of Internet connections.
Conduct meetings and videoconferences over your home network, office network, or the Internet.
Create and share documents, spreadsheets, presentations, and more.
Content-indexing: Never miss an email or document again.
Workspace collaboration is supported through one-on-one and group chat.
Multiple users can work in a single workspace on a shared drawing surface.

PeerAware 1.01 Crack+

PeerAware is a tool to help you organize your documents and find them. You can add tags and keywords that will help you find your documents later.
There is a global search capability to find documents in the entire PeerAware network. An embedded file browser allows you to find, open and view documents in the PeerAware network.
PeerAware works with:
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PeerAware 1.01 Crack + Patch With Serial Key

PeerAware is a freeware hosted file sharing application that takes care of your office documents and data, is easy and quick to install, start using and set-up.
PeerAware Features:
PeerAware provides advanced functionality for sharing and management of documents, data, and information in an organization.
All documents and data are stored on the server and available to all users.
Dont see the functionality you need? No problem, PeerAware supports full WebDAV servers and can import documents from other applications.
With PeerAware, you can browse and download any file on the server.
When sharing a document over the Web, PeerAware automatically creates an HTML document and stores the documents links on your local hard disk.
With a global search function, you can find any file or document on the Web easily.

PeerAware Free Edition

PeerAware Enterprise




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What’s New in the PeerAware?

Whether you are working on a personal project or sharing information in a collaborative group, you want secure and free exchange of information. PeerAware gives you the tools you need to collaborate on information. PeerAware comes with 7 office applications:
* MS Word 2010 for writing and editing documents
* MS Excel for spreadsheets
* MS PowerPoint for presentations
* MS Access for keeping notes
* MS OneNote for notes
* MS Publisher for printing
* Web browser to explore the PeerAware web interface
Document sharing over the web is made easy and secure through PeerAware’s easy-to-use web interface. You can share files securely with up to 50 collaborators (the maximum). Sharing is very easy: just send an e-mail to your collaborators, or click on “share file”. Your peers can download the file from PeerAware, or view the shared file. Documents can also be viewed online and browsed over the web using the powerful PeerAware search and directory feature.
The PeerAware web interface is a secure and free way to share files with people over the Web.
Access your PeerAware accounts from anywhere with your browser.
Make a connection with friends and neighbors directly from the web interface. Meet and exchange documents privately within any of your PeerAware accounts. You can also check the latest activities of your friends and family in the PeerAware news area.
PeerAware Features:
* Connect with friends and collaborate privately without exposing any personal or financial information.
* Set up alert e-mails to notify you of new files and updates to your accounts.
* Explore the web interface to search your peer’s documents, videos and photographs without revealing their identity.
* Use the powerful search function to find, download, and compare documents, photos and videos easily.
* Share your documents or files over the web and collaborate with friends and family, or keep up with your academic coursework using the Notes and Class activities from peer accounts.
* Create your own network of friends and collaborators.
* Create your own portal to attract new collaborators and file their documents securely.
* Share your documents or files with unlimited collaborators (you can set the limit of collaborators using the setting).
* Safe and easy instant messaging allows you to chat with your peer’s one-on-one or in a group chat. It’s free and there is no setup required.
* Make comments on your peers’ documents.
* Download and convert documents in formats such as.

System Requirements For PeerAware:

OS: Windows XP/Vista/7/8
Processor: 1.8 GHz Intel Core Duo or equivalent (2.0 GHz is recommended)
Memory: 2 GB RAM
Hard Disk: 4 GB available space
Video Card: Pixel Shader 3.0 or Shader Model 2.0
Screen Resolution: 1024×768
Other Requirements:
– Internet Explorer 10
– Adobe Flash 11.5 (Adobe Flash Player)
– Internet Explorer 11 and Google Chrome
– Recommended: 32-bit