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The OfflineBay is a small utility created in just a few minutes for searching for trackers without internet connection. The program is really simple to use. All you have to do is type in your input text and click on “Search” then you will see the results immediately.

OfflineBay Features:
✔ Support to search for trackers (full-text index) from the local *.db
✔ Advanced search results list (by sorter)
✔ Customizable output (by fonts, location, color…)
✔ Shortcuts (Windows Shortcuts, Mac symlink, Linux.desktop file)
✔ Enable/disable “Copy magnet link”
✔ Enable/disable full-text search (select by default)
? End-user License Agreement
The author of this application does not accept any legal responsibility regarding this product. Before using the software, please read its End-User License Agreement found in the online help window for more information.

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All rights reserved. This software is provided “as is” without warranty of any kind, either expressed or implied. No warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose is included.

Encryption: Yes

Version 1.3.1 (2019-01-07)

Offlinebay 1.3.1 changelog


Added Windows shortcut
Fixed search issue with Onlinebay
Fixed logging issues
Fixed magnet links in advanced search

Version 1.3.0 (2018-05-21)

Offlinebay 1.3.0 changelog


Added Windows shortcut
Fixed magnet links in advanced search
Sorted results by “Extra” column

Version 1.2.0 (2016-03-16)

OfflineBay 1.19 Activator is a web-based client for The Pirate Bay.
For each torrent, it’s possible to download it with no internet connection.
It also searches for torrents.
Many torrents (over 17000).
Searches and queries through over 250 different web sites (importers).
Searches torrents from popular BitTorrent sites and direct links.
Find any torrent in seconds.
Support many different language.
A clear interface, since the search is performed by the engine itself.
An extremely powerful and dynamic search.


Many of you are probably well aware that the The Pirate Bay now requires a subscription.
You can use the no-ad version of our web client free of charge, but for a paid subscription you have a wide variety of options ranging from access to premium features, to more info on torrents, to our library which allows you to download an endless amount of content for free.


I found this site great for downloading movies.
They have standard movie titles (Box Office, Rent It, etc) and then they have some suggestions for the same movie.
It’s very simple to use and there is a lot of movies to choose from (a lot more than are listed on the pirate bay).
Use the search box at the top and you can limit by language.

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OfflineBay 1.19 Crack+

The Pirate Bay is the most famous BitTorrent website. Its content, mainly video files, is accessible through torrents. This is an awesome BitTorrent search engine, which allows you to search for torrents based on a variety of criteria. It’s a great site, but getting to it can be troublesome. If you prefer to have a desktop BitTorrent client, OfflineBay is a simple solution for getting the best results.
Download the OfflineBay archive and unzip the contents to the desktop.
Double-click the.exe file to open the application.
Select the contents of archive you just downloaded.
Using the list view, select the torrents you want to download and click OK.
While the torrents are downloading, open the applet in a new window and confirm the new requests.
To get more results, you can copy the magnet link of the torrent you want to download or open the results directly in your favorite browser. Also, it’s possible to import a.csv.gz file that holds information about trackers and published content.
You can also add other search engines, edit the interface theme, create a shortcut to the app, and change the default URL to update trackers. You can also import.csv.gz files that contain trackers and other information.

Key Features:

Search torrents based on their title, date of addition, URL, magnet link, or any other text
Create favorite folders to organize torrents
Download torrents and browse them in a list of items (partially available content and metadata of the torrent)
Import.csv.gz files from the Options menu
View and update all trackers
Browse and add/remove trackers
View and edit the interface theme
Browse magnet links of all the torrents you have selected
Copy magnet links to clipboard
Start the torrents downloading automatically,.rar,.exe and other file types
View and update all the current download requests
Create a shortcut to the app
Change the default URL of trackers to update the database
Browse results and edit its text
Install or.tar.gz files

1. Unzip the contents to a desktop folder or at any location you want. You can also use your preferred archive manager to extract the contents.
2. To uninstall, simply delete the folder and.exe file on your desktop.
3. After installation

What’s New in the?

Downloading torrents from The Pirate Bay isn’t the easiest job. For one thing, finding any torrents from this website is not really easy. And even when you know what you are looking for, locating it is no fun.
OfflineBay wants to change that. It aims to be a simple, fast and efficient download client for The Pirate Bay. Some of its features include:
– An easy way to find torrents, by simply typing what you are looking for
– Include direct download links to any.torrent file you find in the results
– Have the torrents and its other details immediately available
– Tracks new torrents added to the database
– Free updated with time to time
– Built-in search using a powerful searching feature
– Lots of more
Free for:
– Linux users
– Windows users

For most people, taking a photo with a smartphone or tablet device is just another mundane task. But what if you don’t want to deal with your images in a plain jane folder? Why not access all your images, from any device, through one central location? That’s what Dropbox has offered over the last few years. Ever since, it has been the simple way to share files, photos, videos or just any other piece of content with your friends and family.

ABI basically stands for Active Broadcast Interrupt. It is the tool that lets the end user to send messages to group of users. The user can choose the time and the date at which the active broadcast is generated, according to the time and date at which the user would like to broadcast. An end user can also choose the number of recipients. The user can also set the type of message that can be sent. For example the user can choose that the message should be sent with the code or that the user will make an announcement.

Select a “Place”
What is ABI?
Active Broadcast Interrupt (ABI) is a group messaging software that lets users to broadcast messages. The messages are sent to a group of people depending upon the input given by the user at the time of the broadcast. The application lets the user choose the place at which the broadcast will be made. It will also be based on the user’s input and the number of recipients that are chosen by the user.

User Interface
The application has a user-friendly interface that is very easy to use. You can view messages at any time and the list can be expanded by using the “plus

System Requirements For OfflineBay:

No Man’s Sky comes to the PC, PS4, and Xbox One.
To support the widest possible audience, we will be removing the requirement to use an Nvidia GPU, so all recent and future drivers will support No Man’s Sky.
Currently supported PC configurations:
OS: Windows 7, 8, 10
Processor: Intel Core i3, i5, i7 (Sandy Bridge and newer) or AMD Phenom II X3, Athlon II X4, Phenom X3, FX, FX-4/6 or