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Noraa Chat is a chat application that allows you to chat with other users around you that are on your Local Area Network ONLY. The chat program checks for updates automatically so there is no need for you to keep checking back on the site as it is already done for you.
Noraa Chat also includes help files and instructions so that you know what to do along with additional plugins available to download on the programs site via the click of abutton.







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MicrophonePro (or MicrophonePro) is a Skype like application for teams. It allows for Skype-like service and chat. It is no longer a beta version and has many more features. With MicrophonePro you will be able to keep your Teams safe and secure. This application will do a number of things to Teams which include one way push messages, blocking off channels and more.
MicrophonePro Specifications:

MicrophonePro is a chat application that allows you to chat with other users around you that are on your Local Area Network ONLY. It provides you with the ability to not only talk but listen to others as well, so that you can communicate while surfing the Web as well. This application is a complete web based chat application with the option to have communication, you may want to consider using it. The program includes help files and instructions so that you know what to do along with additional plugins available to download on the programs site via the click of an icon.
MicrophonePro Specifications:

PSMemoryManager is an award-winning Instant Messaging, Voice Over IP and Screen Sharing utility that combines many popular instant messaging, VOIP, and Screen Sharing tools into a single, easy-to-use, product.
PSMemoryManager allows the user to create a single, secure, instant messaging server. An embedded, single-instance web server, the standard Windows Service, or any number of local applications are used, depending on the user’s preference, to create an environment that is capable of supporting multiple instant messaging clients, VOIP programs, MSN or AOL screen sharing, and more!

SKYPE10 allows you to chat with anyone around the world with its easy to use, and instant messaging. You will not only be able to chat with other users around the world, but you will also be able to read their status, see their pictures, and send messages back and forth.
SKYPE10 Specifications:


All of the above chat application softwares I have listed are all nice chat software’s and everyone should have them in their tool box. I am not promoting anyone, I am just writing what I think is out there and how I like it so you can decide what is best for you to use. Hopefully by now you have at least realized there is a good choice in your local software store for that which is yours. The more open source you can be with your software the more friendly that is to the one being run.

In the

Noraa Chat Crack With Product Key

Noraa Chat Download With Full Crack is a peer-to-peer chat room that allows users to access and chat with others on their Local Area Network. Noraa Chat works with many USB flash drives including Sony DVDRW, HP DVD, LG DVR, Motorola DVR, Pioneer and more.

Quick start:
When you install Noraa Chat from its Disk it should open the Noraa Chat Program and automatically connect to other people on your network. You will also have to download the JD-Core Plugins which are available below so you can start chatming.

Using Noraa Chat is very easy and also enjoyable. Just select a room where you want to join a chat.
1. go to the Room chat screen
2. drag-drop the name of the room you want to join (if desired)
3. click the connect tab to start connecting to other people.
After the chat has started you can view other guests who are on your Local Area Network or look at what people have sent you.

when you join a chat, you can create a new room or go back to the list of chats.

you can have multiple chats going on at one time. Click the chat tab to the right to go to a list of chat rooms.

You can receive instant messages or e-mail
when a new room has a guest, if you click the DCC option you can chat via modems / phone lines. If you have a printer attached to your computer you can also print the chat messages.

the rooms can auto-refresh to show new messages if you want to view the chat room or click the refresh button to view new messages.

you can join remote servers. Go to the server tab and click the down arrow to view the list of servers.

you can leave the chat room if you want to type in private or you can leave the chat to go to another chat room.

you can choose to receive new messages when you log on or you can turn this option off.

you can click the record button to record a chat. You can also copy the chat to your clipboard with the same click.

You can see who typed what into a chat room. click the return key icon at the top of a chat room to go back to the message list.

you can click the print icon to print messages with one click.

you can click the reply icon to reply to any messages you have received.

Noraa Chat For PC

Noraa Chat allows you to chat with people that are on your Local Area Network (LAN) NOT anyplace else as more popular chat programs do. You cannot contact them on the internet just the LAN (like the way network chat programs like MSN, Yahoo! Messenger, etc. work, only your friends and family that are on your local network or close by are available.

Free Download Noraa Chat – Works Very Well!

Noraa Chat is a very useful software for those who use the internet often. It allows you to chat with other people online that are on your Local Area Network (LAN) and NOT on the internet. The best part is that it automatically checks for updates so you don’t have to.
Also, with support files and instructions Noraa Chat should be able to help you in most cases.
Easy to download and install.
Runs on just about any operating system.
Includes help files and instructions.
Checks for updates automatically.
Chat with people that are on your Local Area Network (LAN) only and NOT people on the internet.
Currently in Beta stage.
Not as fully featured as other chat programs.
May not include all chat programs included as free.

Screenshots of Free Download Noraa Chat

Noraa Chat Free Download

Noraa Chat Free Download

Noraa Chat Free Download

Noraa Chat – Easy to Use!

Noraa Chat Free Download

Noraa Chat Free Download

Noraa Chat Free Download

Click on the Download button above to start Noraa Chat Free Download. It is the freeware file so the download should not take long to finish. And our Government also encourage you to keep download Noraa Chat. You can click on the yes button to install or double click the downloaded file to install in just a few seconds.

Noraa Chat Free Download

Noraa Chat Free Download

Download Now!

Note: Noraa Chat is work in progress. The web site is still under heavy construction. We apologize for any inconvenience.

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How to Install Free Version of Noraa Chat

What’s New in the Noraa Chat?

You can chat with up to 400 of your friends at a time, it does not limit based on your proximity to them or if their buddies have joined the application. You can not chat with strangers nor those who use the application for business purposes, but if you do not want to talk to other people because you are on your business network, that is no problem for Noraa Chat, as there are over 40 channels available for you to join for a private conversation.

Noraa Chat Help
Here is where you can check out the help pages for Noraa Chat, it allows you to connect with people online, but the help pages are very crucial for any chat application, as it will be your first contact with them when you start using the application.

Version History
This is where you can check out the version history for Noraa Chat, it will tell you when a new update of the chat app has been released or if there was a crash or problem with the application. It will also tell you what is new with it and what to expect.

Noraa Chat Sidebar
This is where you can see your friends list when you are using Noraa Chat. You can also see your statuses on the Noraa Chat chatroom, which you can also edit your status, change your name, your avatar, your background, colors, and other things.

Noraa Chat Room
This is where you can type your chat to other people, post links, songs, videos, images, and other things that you might want to send to people in the Noraa Chat room. You can also make comments on the chatroom or the posts you make on the chatroom. You can customize what you want to see in the chatroom by changing the settings for your chat.

Noraa Chat Features
This is where you can see a list of all the functions and features of Noraa Chat.

Noraa Chat Messenger
This is where you can talk or chat to other people on Noraa Chat. You can also send links, videos, and other things to other people through the link on their profile.

Noraa Chat Redirector
This is where you can redirect your chat to other places, and do things that you want on your own while chatting. You can redirect to your Google+, Facebook, YouTube, MySpace, Yahoo, and a few other sites that you want to go to when you chat.

Noraa Chat Voice Recorder

System Requirements:

Latest version of the game:
Windows XP – 32bit (Windows Vista/7 – 64bit)
– 32bit (Vista/7 – 64bit) Latest version of DirectX – Minimum: 10.0
– Minimum: 10.0 RAM – Minimum: 512 MB
– Minimum: 512 MB Hard disk – Minimum: 1 GB
– Minimum: 1 GB Video card – Minimum: DirectX 10 compatible
– Minimum: DirectX 10 compatible Sound card – Minimum: DirectX 10 compatible
– Minimum: DirectX 10 compatible
Latest version of