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■ Netozaur is a free and easy to use multi purpose sharing software product. Simply download the program and run it (That’s it)
■ Now you can use the GUI to configure your virtual room where other users can come in and share their desktop, files, chat or conduct a presentation
■ The program can run on both XP and Windows 7 (32bit and 64bit)
■ For users with slow connection/slow computers the program will do the work for you. Just give it time to do its job.
■ The program supports online sessions (no client/server needed)
■ If you are like me I usually have trouble using multiple devices/computers with a single username and password. Netozaur allows you to have multiple users share an account, your desktop, your files and your device resources (mouse, keyboard, etc)
■ Support for multiple desktops (each desktop hosted in a virtual room)
■ Many standard options are included to make the program even easier to use and configure
■ A built in software update system that will notify users when new programs are updated
■ Encryption of all communications. This means that you can encrypt your message to other users, store it on a peer to peer network like “The Cloud”, “The Internet” or even just in the same folder as you.
■ While Netozaur is not perfect, the author is striving to make it work the best it can
■ Controls for multiline, chat, speech, Powerpoint etc
Netozaur has an automatic software update system, whereby it checks for updates and notifies you when newer versions are available.
The program is packaged in a single.exe executable, unlike most shareware products, which are provided as a licensed product with no limitations.
If you would like to know more about a particular function or setting try using the help
just press: “F1” in the program
"F11" for fullscreen mode
"Ctrl+F1" for help
"Shift+F12" for exit
"F12" for exit
How to Install:
Netozaur can be easily installed by just double clicking on the Netozaur.exe file
At the request of the author, a manually install is also

Netozaur Crack + Download [Updated]

Netozaur is a desktop/file/voice/chat/presentation sharing tool. You can use it as a desktop sharing tool, screen sharing tool, and a presentation tool. You can use Netozaur as a client/server and UNIFIED CLIENT/SERVER tool. You can also use it as a file sharing tool and voice sharing tool. Finally, you can use the NETOZAURE as a CONFERENCING/PRESENTATION tool and a chat tool.
Go to for more information.
Desktop Sharing:
You can use Netozaur as a desktop sharing tool. You can share your desktop with any number of connected clients. The user space will be allocated dynamically on your local host, and it will use as much/little local ram as necessary and as much/little CPU power as your local hardware can muster.
To share a desktop : right click on desktop, and select “Share using Netozaur”
The other user in the other computer can then double click on the “Refresh” button in the Netozaur application, and it will start grabbing the screenshot of your desktop. When both users are done with their refresh cycle, you can then save the screenshot to your local hard drive as described below.
How to save the screenshot:
You can save the screenshot to disk, by selecting “Save” from the “File” menu. In the window that appears, you can name the file any way you like. After saving, the rest of the file will be deleted.
You can also use a mouse select a location on your screen, then use the crop tool, and place that crop into the folder of your choice.
If you have a serial mouse, and are using a mouse with a serial port on your PC, you can even automate it on a timed basis, and save the file to a folder on your hard drive.
You can even display the output of commands on your desktop, by right clicking on a particular location on your desktop and selecting “Share using Netozaur”. The netozaur will then show all the output of the command that you ran. You can right click on any of the results in the window, and select “Close to exit this window”. You can add any new commands after this, and click the “Refresh” button, and Netozaur will run through those commands.
You can also hide/show the window containing the results, by right clicking on the window title bar

Netozaur Torrent (Activation Code) [32|64bit]

Netozaur is available here for download (mirror and latest version) :

This is a clone (as of of the first private release) of the original “ActiveJ” project that I started in 2002. I hope to remove the “ActiveJ” name as this was one of the first server programs I wrote in Java (and it was also originally written in C++/JNI).
See above a complete list of features of “Netozaur”.
Netozaur is very powerful and flexible. It was designed to serve as a desktop sharing tool. It’s features consist of reasonable bandwidth usage, conferencing/presentation support/file sharing/chat/HTTP wrapping/encryption and many more.
The goal of “Netozaur” is not to be a powerful desktop sharing tool (there are many other programs that do that). The goal is to be a tool that will allow you to quickly share or view your desktop with your friends (computer + webcam).
The goal of “Netozaur” is not to be a powerful file sharing tool (there are many other programs that do that). The goal is to be a tool that allow you to quickly save your file for free (see all the features above).
The goal of “Netozaur” is not to be a powerful chat tool (there are many other programs that do that). The goal of “Netozaur” is to be a chat tool that is designed for the desktop.
The goal of “Netozaur” is not to be a tool that is powerful enough to handle all of your communication needs. That’s why it is multi purpose.
What “Netozaur” does and what it doesn’t do:
A) Fullscreen/monitor support (when you share your desktop to other computers).
B) Control of your shared desktop. For example, to have all the buttons on your mouse. (you can use your mouse normally)
C) Session based sharing (via server). If the shared desktop has a timer on it, each of the connected clients will end the session at the same time.
D) Thin client.
E) Security.
■ AES 128/192/256 bit encryption.
■ Supports 2+ connected computers.
■ Screen stretching (selectively shows on certain sections of the shared desktop).
■ File sharing
■ Chat window

What’s New in the?

Netozaur is a desktop sharing client and server that empowers you to share your PC with your friends, colleagues and even in a virtual way, in a conference or meeting situation.
Netozaur is extremely easy to use. Just the name “Netozaur” will take you to the explanation page. It has a wizard to help you to setup your connection.
Once setup is done, Netozaur becomes available for you, along with a yellow icon.
Netozaur allows you to share your desktop and also to manage the shared screen. If there is a live webcam image from which you want to show the desktop, Netozaur will automatically start a copy of your video windows as a separate window/project. You can go back and forth in time and see live desktop changes.
You can share documents, source code, presentations, drawings, configuration files and many other files. There is also a “Show/Hide”, for the windows you want to share. Files are shared in chunks, with a given amount of mb per chunk. You can set a maximum allowed bandwidth for the link (does not go beyond the given bandwidth with the safety garanty). An alternative to this is to set a maximum time for the transfer, which will set the maximum bandwidth.
Netozaur enables you to schedule when the link will be up and down, to specify that the screen should be changed to a video projector mode, or to specify a maximum time for the screen to be on, to prevent it from staying on for too long.
Netozaur is a secure product. When you want to transfer a file and you use the “Start” button to start the transfer, it “encrypts” the file using AES. This encryption is a session based encryption, so it changes after each time you launch the program. No encryption is used if the session is closed.
Please see the “1. Installation” section below for detailed explanation.
In order to use the “Free” version of Netozaur, you must download the Netozaur client. The client can be downloaded from the demo page. Once downloaded, open the client and select “Tools -> Install a Program”. Use the “Select Files” button to locate the Netozaur.exe file and double click to begin the installation.
The installation will start, and will ask you to accept the license agreement. Please read and accept, and then follow the instructions.
After the installation is over, Netozaur should be available

System Requirements For Netozaur:

1GB of RAM
2GB of available space
Windows 7 64-bit or higher
Internet Explorer 9 or higher
Desktop application
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