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MYMediaplayer allows users the ability to browse the Hulu library while watching a video. The library expands to the entire monitor for better viewing. Lastly you can dock the window to the side of the monitor so you can your work and watch TV at the same time.
Get MYMediaPlayer and take it for a spin to see what it can do for you.


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We need to setup a wmi monitor for the Cisco Media Concentrator. From the windows control panel you can setup your user name and password. I am concerned that the embedded software from the control panel does not always work.
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I am trying to add a 2nd monitor to my Dell Studio 1755C. I want to use a D-Sub and VGA cable to do this. However, the standard video output port on the back of the tower is Digital. I have a plug for the D-Sub, but how can I connect it to a VGA port?
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First off, try to identify which monitor is being enabled and which monitor is being disabled. That is, which “monitor” is the monitor currently not being displayed on the 2nd monitor. So, if the second monitor’s “Monitor 1” is currently not being displayed, then the software may be turning it on and off.

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MYMediaPlayer Activator X64

Full-featured media player for your PC, with integrated Hulu browser.
– Synchronize Hulu and Amazon VOD
– Automatically plays videos from Hulu (and Amazon Video on Demand – now live Hulu only)
– Keeps Hulu and VOD in sync!
– Allows you to browse Hulu and Amazon at the same time
– Window can be docked to the side of the monitor
– Built-in browser for Hulu, Amazon VOD, and Netflix
– Various appearance and behaviour settings
– Bundled in an easy-to-install.EXE file
– Multiple language translations
– Runs via both a tray icon and desktop icon
– Can be controlled with a variety of input devices (keyboard, mouse, trackpoint, etc.)
– Tray icon can be customized with an optional icon
– Tray icon is also an application launcher
– Supports both 32-bit and 64-bit versions
How to use MYMediaPlayer Cracked Accounts:
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Basic Tutorial:
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MYMediaPlayer also includes a documentation how to use it.
You can find some more screenshots in our Gallery.
“I like the Hulu browser. I use it often. I like how you can dock it to one side of my monitor and still have Hulu on the other side. I often find I am actually watching Hulu and chatting with my friends on the same program.
The other nice part about it is that you can search for something. Once you find a match, the Hulu browser will play it right in the same window.
The annoying part is that the Hulu browser does not show thumbnails of the items in a group.
The picture above should show you what I mean.
The first two pictures show two categories. The other two pictures show that if you search for a group of movies and press one of the three buttons that are shown in that group, the first movie in that group will be played. But the first movie is not highlighted in the Hulu browser.”Q:

MySQL: Joining on a column

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MYMEDIAPLAYER is a free for personal use application. The application allows you to use the iTunes Music Store/iTunes U and select Hulu content. The videos can be viewed fullscreen or in a window or docked to the side of the screen.

MYMEDIAPLAYER allows users the ability to browse the Hulu library while watching a video. The library expands to the entire monitor for better viewing. You can choose what content to watch on the Hulu site.

The program is intended to work in general for any video of any website. You should be able to use MYMEDIAPLAYER to watch Hulu, Netflix and YouTube.

Does this work?
Yes it does. Install the MYMEDIAPLAYER.EXE and run the program.

Does this work with Gold versions of Hulu?
No it does not currently work with Gold. The programs Gold content has been removed.

What devices can I use?
Does this program work on phones?
No it does not yet work on mobile devices such as iPhone, iPod touch or Blackberry.

I cannot play all of the Hulu content.
Do I need an Apple ID or is there a work around this?
No, you do not need an Apple ID to use Hulu. If you have a Hulu account you should be able to access.

Can MYMEDIAPLAYER be used in conjunction with Windows Media Player?
Yes, MYMEDIAPLAYER works with Windows Media Player.

All of the Hulu library is showing up on my monitor, is this normal?
Yes. It is normal. You can see all of the content in the Hulu library.

How can I get Hulu videos to play on my monitor?
The best way to get Hulu videos to play on your monitor is to install the Hulu Desktop Player. The Hulu Desktop Player will allow Hulu to be rendered in a window.

How can I get Hulu videos to play in a window?
If you have a video that is larger than your monitor you can make that video a window. In the upper left hand corner there is a button to change the size of the window.

I have Hulu Desktop installed, how do I change the size of my

What’s New In MYMediaPlayer?

Welcome to MYMediaPlayer, the worlds easiest media player to use. Simply press play, pause, and watch your Hulu videos while you do your online shopping or watch your favorite TV shows. This simple to use media player will put the power back into your hands.
Basic Features:
– Hulu Streamer Support. Now you can browse Hulu while watching your TV
– All your Hulu videos display in the center of the screen
– Set the Time to automatically start playing Hulu videos when you switch from another application
– Dock this window to the side of your monitor to watch Hulu videos while you work
– Now you can even pull your Hulu Videos to your Android Home Screen to start watching without having to pause your game
Also, now you can even browse Hulu when it is not available on your network. We now support a feature called Hulu Proxy, which allows your computer to request Hulu videos from Hulu and provide Hulu videos to your Android device. This feature is completely FREE.
MYMediaPlayer is completely ad-free. We allow advertisers to promote their products to you so you are able to watch Hulu videos ad free. However, we do NOT allow Hulu to run any advertising. The experience is fully Google powered with no surprises or extra bloat.
MYMediaPlayer is 100% free and open source, as it uses Google’s mobile APIs which are free and available to everyone.
App Questions
Have other questions about MYMediaPlayer? Please ask them here.

Developer Information

MYMediaPlayer is developed and maintained by Alexander Petrov. Send your questions or comments to or to me at alexpetrov at

MYMediaPlayer Questions

Do you have any questions about MYMediaPlayer?
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System Requirements For MYMediaPlayer:

Processor: 2.0 GHz
Graphics: Intel HD Graphics 4000 or AMD HD
DirectX: 11
Network: Broadband Internet connection
Sound Card: DirectX 11 compatible
The game will be available in English, French and German, with additional languages to follow. The game will be available on PC and Mac, and will have Xbox One and PS4 versions too.
Gameplay Features:
● Experience more