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The MiniSoundKill VST plugin was developed to help you create a gritty effect. Various settings can cause a “chiptune” flavor, or perhaps remind you of the sound distortions of a cb radio (preset “cb-tek”).
Get the crunch on the transients similar to a police scanner, etc. You can also use this plugin as a utility to preprocess audio for a guitar synth, or some such device, as it emphasizes harmonic content.
Soundkill semi auto changes the effect dynamically in accordance to rules associated with the sound. this plugin features static behaviour in contrast.







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Know the effects in your synth: use AudioTrackView to list every MIDI track’s associated audio output. Automatically identify which VST plugin emits each tracked audio effect and set preferences accordingly.
Support for a number of sound files: choose your tone by tweaking the parameters of each sound. Each sound’s parameters work together in a meaningful way.
A unique Percussion track type:
– Drum files
– MIDI drum
– Custom drum part
– Jamtrack
– Beatmaker
– Rainmeter tracker
– Spike tracker
– Shredder
– Chiptune
– End of track
– Master song
Plugin will be released for Mac OS X, Windows, and Linux. The Plugin will also be available for sale at creativesafari.

Temp3 is a collection of 3 plug-ins including Echo1, Delay1 and a convolver. You can create your own “Stutter” type effect by using these same techniques.
Temp3 Description:
Transform the music you love. With Temp3.
Create your own unique Effects with the help of the presets and settings included in the plugin. They are all adjustable, and the controls can be toggled on or off, allowing you to get a taste of some very cool effects.
– 3 Volumes of VST Plug-Ins, sound effects, Convolved Controlled Filter
– Solo Volume, Pan, 3/1 delay, and Reverb
– Padded controls that are responsive and easy to use, allowing for configuration of effects quickly and easily
– All four available presets included.
– 1.9 Audio formats from VST to ASIO to Audio Units
– Full version supports both 32 and 64 bit.
PS: If you like this sound you can use it on a wide range of songs!Q:

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The MiniSoundKill is a VST plugin that can reproduce the sound of a transistor radio. Transformer, tubes and semiconductor chips have been used to create the Sound of a transistor radio.
This plugin uses nothing more than this technology in a plugin.
It is based on KT88 chips as input filter and amplifier. The output signal is deamplified by a germanium triode as an output amplifier.
The frequency response is restricted, as there are no power inverters on the chip. Then only half of the total signal can be processed in the deamplified stage.
The result of this is a very clear, tight and wide frequency response.
The MiniSoundKill emulates the signal of a KT88 (and a KT89) radio as long as the input signal is lower than the saturation level of the amplifier stage. The upper limit of the frequency response of this plugin is 3kHz.
A crossover point of 1.5kHz with a very low ratio of this crossover point you will have an effect similar to a police scanner.
VST Plugin Features:
KT88 Chip-Kick-Tubeter:
The MiniSoundKill uses an op-amp with a KT88 chip as input filter, amplifier and mixer for the output signal.
To get a clearer low-noise of the sound signal, a triode for germanium should be used as mixer, amplifier and output amplifier.
The output signal is deamplified by a germanium triode and the result of this is an extremely sharp frequency response.
The MiniSoundKill has a much better frequency response than other digital sound effects and radio deamplifiers.
Use the MiniSoundKill as an alternative to a radio scanner with an additional converter.
Effect Settings:
Frequency Range: 900Hz – 3kHz
Input Gain: Up to +4dB
Crossover Frequency: 1.5kHz
Output Gain: Up to +4dB
Limits: -20dB / -40dB
Output Signal Level: up to 0dB
You can change the input gain and crossover frequency and limit using the i/o pins. You can also use the pins for your own inputs.
This plugin has an internal limiter.
If your signal level is too low, this will cut off the output signal to your computer.
MiniSoundKill VST Plugin
Not a “real” radio chip-set
The MiniSoundKill is a VST plugin for the

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* minimalistic yet powerful midi controller
* real time on/off controller
* single note input
* three cross rates
* preset time based sound activation (preset “Standard”)
* preset volume based sound activation
* volume normalization (8 steps)
* internal effects such as chorus, flanger, reverb and others
MiniSoundKill RATE:
1 star = it did not work for me and I couldn’t figure it out after trying
3 stars = it worked for me but was sluggish
5 stars = it is awesome and I don’t mind the slowness
A tag appears in the lower right hand corner of the VST/audio sequencer window. Use the tags to tag a sequence, trigger a sequence or change a preset to send it to the sound sequence. Simply drag the tag from one sequence to another, or from the pre selected sequence to the plugin list and use the joystick to select the target preset.
Sample presets are included for you to try out. They are labeled with the tag “Soundkill”.
Use the sample presets to experiment with various preset settings. All presets are labeled with their name and the tag used.
Use the joystick to choose the preset with the tag “Soundkill”, and then press the play button to play the preset.
Other Functions:
Backspace, Next, Prev: the menu keys.
Zoom: can be turned on/off.
Samplerate: change the sample rate of the sound to one of the internal samples.
Delay: change the delay time of the sound to one of the internal samples.
Return to the menu from the start of the sample list and to the sound playback screen.
The sound that you see in the Visualize screen are not audio samples. They are a simulation of how each sound will sound when applied to your sequencer. They can be manipulated, copied, pasted, or used to apply a preset (or other effect).
Source files may be purchased separately, so if you do not want the presets included you will need to purchase and install your own source files.
You may use any license to use this plugin.
Feel free to contact us with any questions or to contribute your own presets.
If you like MiniSoundKill, and you think that we are worth of it, you can support us to make this plugin work better!
Thank you!
MiniSoundKill forum
iTunes |
– You need to

What’s New in the MiniSoundKill?

The Effect of Mini Soundkill plugin (Vs. the ability to control) can be summoned by the + icon, as shown above.
1. Version 1.0 is for controlling the effect, not the plugin.
2. This plugin is binary compatible with the current MiniSoundKill.
3. This plugin has about 300Kb of memory used up when invoked.
4. This plugin is.VST version.
5. This plugin is read/write, you will need to burn it onto a.VST2 file from the.VST file before uploading it to your daw, or auto-synchronizing it with your daw. (Will accept all hot-swappable types of audio plugins)
6. Scale above sample rate is supported, including the chromatic scale. (ie: m87, or so)
7. Samples from 0-0 are not supported.
8. The plugin automatically adjusts to the new playback speed and scales.
9. The effect reduces a waveform in amplitude by about 1/3rd at the start of the sound, and by 1/3rd at the end.
10. The plugin has default settings which will get you started, and are appropriate for most purposes.
11. No mic is necessary for activation.
12. If the volume on the plugin is set to zero, the effect is totally quiescent, but you can still hear it sounds almost like a noise.
13. The plugins will not create any other audio effect.
14. This product offers the “Time Effect” service. Your purchase includes a single year of unlimited updates to the plugin, updates for when new features are released, and updates as bugs are fixed. If you purchase the yearly subscription, any updates or bug fixes will occur automatically for a single year.
15. If your account is active for more than a year, you can purchase an annual subscription to the service at a cost of $14.95.
16. The effect will work on all VST Audio Plug-ins.
17. The plugin will work on any software that is VST Plug-In compatible.
18. The plugin will work on any version of ANY Win32 software that is VST Plug-In compatible.
19. If you are not using a VST Audio Plugin, then this plugin will do nothing.
20. As a side note, you can use this plugin with your own custom sound or song,

System Requirements:

Mac OS X 10.7.5 or higher
Minimum 1.8 GHz CPU
Minimum 1 GB RAM
Minimum 500 MB of free disk space
PostgreSQL 8.4 or higher
Amazon RDS and EC2 Instance Requirements
An Amazon RDS instance of at least the following configuration is required:
An Amazon RDS instance with a database size of at least 5 GB.
The EC2 instance must have a dedicated storage type.
Amazon RDS-specific Networking