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“Matrix Mania” is a brand new 3D screensaver that has been created to bring out the full potential of your computer’s graphic card. It features an award winning 3D-rendering engine, a realistic depth of field, multi-resolution screensavers (up to 1024 x 768), numerous effects, and more.
“Matrix Mania” features 14 different themes in 2D and 3D, making it easily customizable. Users can even write their own and submit them to us, so we can add them to the screensaver.Neuroimaging studies with anxious children: what have we learned?
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Matrix Mania Full Version PC/Windows

100 Optics
2 x Analog, Any
1 x Analog, Any
14 graphic themes
Support for wide variety of screensavers
Auto-refresh in high quality mode
12 different SCREENS
Sample max width/height is 1280×1024
Sample max resolution is 1280×1024

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Make Keyboard Virtual Keyboard Using a Screen Saver
All Screen Saver Configuration With Keyboard is:
Spacebar is the default key to Stop Alarm.
Tab key is the default key to Change Alarm Sound.
~ key is the default key to Macro Play.

What’s New in the Matrix Mania?

A Cube of matrixes lies on the plain. By moving the Cube of matrixes and clicking mouse on the images of the Cube, (in the right side of the screen), you may click on the Cube itself (at the left side of the screen) and must change its direction.
You may also scroll around the Cube with the help of mouse. If you want to get rid of the Cube, just press CTRL+Escape. The clicking on different images of the Cube may give you various effects: the first picture opens the ‘folder’ where you may choose the gallery of the images; the second picture offers an observation of the Cube of matrixes, etc.
The Cube can be moved only in the given directions, and you may go to the settings of the Cube by pressing F2.
In the configuration menu, you may specify the quality of moving, as well as the quality of the gallery of the images. You may apply any number of effects, the size of the Cube. The Cube may also be repositioned on the screen by pressing F2.
There may be configured the cube itself so it would be always displayed on the screen.
If you are very happy with our screensaver, our program may not only be a screensaver, but it may also be used as a performance monitor for your computer.
If you are not satisfied with our screensaver, you may send us a report with your observations and request of the features.

True or False: The importance of small computers grows every day? Do you like to play and try new unusual things on your computer? Our new screen saver is the best answer to these questions and gives you an unusual amount of excitement. But before you simply have to wait! Following the show of the screensaver, you can also catch him on your PC.
The screensaver is based on the fixed render animation of the motion video of a small car in the desert. That movement is produced by the sound of a low-pitched and fluttering instrument. This strange object moves in harmony with the movements of the vibrating instrument. It is designed to fall against the surface of the screen. But while it falls down, it also moves. The picture changes in time in a very special way with clouds and a brightly colored sky.
The video background of the screensaver is from the movie “Speed” (“Elektroklima” in German, “Le Mans” in English). However, it differs from the original in that you

System Requirements:

Windows PC | 1 GHz Processor | 4 GB RAM | Free Disk Space: 2 GB
Android Device | 1.3 GHz Processor | 1 GB RAM | Free Disk Space: 2.5 GB
Screen Resolution: 800 x 480
As stated by the description, it is a simple game. The main object is to survive against waves of aliens that try to kill you by hitting you with asteroids. By touching the screen and dodging, your goal is to get to the next level.
How to play:
The game is quite simple, but yet very addictive