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M-speaker is a neat software that lets you turn an Android smartphone into a Wi-Fi speaker by connecting it to the same network as your computer.
M-speaker functionality is closely related to the symbiotic relationship between the Server executable and the Android apk. The server version has to be downloaded and installed, while the Android apk has multiple sources – either you snag the apk and manually move it to your phone via USB or scan the QR code from the developer’s website (or from within the Server app) to directly install it on your smartphone.
The UI comes as a one-piece panel that provides a list where the connected devices should show up, and a Record feature that may come in handy for capturing audio.
M-speaker was developed for repurposing old smartphones that have no use besides being tossed in the trash can. The phone’s specs shouldn’t matter as long as the audio output is clear or at least satisfactory.
All in all, M-speaker is an interesting piece of software that can turn old smartphones in Wi-Fi PC speakers in a couple of minutes. Keep in mind that both elements (Server and apk) are required to run at the same time to successfully switch the phone to a speaker.









M-SPEAKER Server Crack + X64

Version: 1.2.1 build 20150712
Size: 238,947 bytes
SHA-1: c09ef5a3a47a7fd5c000ce25727e9f0ce79a2940
MD5: 6b35e836f094e568dcd2e3fd7fc43716
License: GPLv3
M-SPEAKER Android App
Version: 1.2.1 build 20150712
Size: 106,772 bytes
SHA-1: c09ef5a3a47a7fd5c000ce25727e9f0ce79a2940
MD5: d9f806ac3ab35bde90e31451b5c08b75
M-speaker can be installed in many ways. In this particular case the server executable that supports the Android app must be downloaded and installed on the server computer. Once that’s done you can plug the phone into the computer via USB and launch the M-speaker app, point it towards the IP address of the server, and then see and listen the smartphone as if the latter was connected directly to the computer’s HDMI output.
Alternatively, if you’re the kind of person who would rather scan the QR code from the developer’s website, just get the Android apk from the M-speaker developer’s website.
If there’s no WiFi connection on the smartphone you can still turn it into a speaker by launching the Server executable once it’s installed.
M-speaker Server Setting
As said earlier, the M-speaker server is a great standalone option that will replace your smartphone’s audio output by connecting it to the same network as your computer.
Choose Wi-Fi network on the M-speaker server and… that’s it. We assume that your phone is broadcasting an audio from a default audio source, and that it shouldn’t be hard to change it once M-speaker server is running.
Once the server is running you can fire it up with the following command:
java –Xmx8G –Xms8G –jar M-SPEAKER.jar &
This command will start an executable that will do the following things:
Runs the server mode,
Lets you easily change the media output location (or alternatively, connect multiple


It is a free software for transform your Android phone to wireless speaker.
It needs Android version 7.0 (Nougat) or higher.
Only work on wifi connection. (Wired connection not supported)
It is a network controlled device, server software.
The server side software is written in Java

Set up a record/play device
The Server application has a record and play function. It works with recording clips which can be played back later.
When using the play function the micro SD card of the smartphone acts as media (storage) device.
The record function can record sounds. You can record a sound up to 10 minutes and store it on your SD card. After you record your sound, you have 30 seconds to press play. Otherwise the recorded sound is deleted.
To record sounds you have to set the microphone to Microphone mode and start recording. The sound will be recorded on the card. To play back a record, you just press the play button. The sound comes from the SD card.
To view the list of the records, please be patient. It’s currently a bit slow.

Note: Both of these audio players (Server and Android app) MUST be installed on the same phone for full functionality.
The limitation of this product is that for each phone the database needs to be installed and that the phone needs to be rooted.

Download M-SPEAKER Server Activation Code software and decompress the downloaded archive. Extract the archive in the Download directory and follow the step by step instructions to set up the software.

Download M-speaker smartphone app and extract the downloaded archive to a directory on your phone.

Open the Android Manage App (Menu – Settings – Apps – All – Default Apps) and find the M-speaker app (you may need to look for m-speaker.apk). On my device I found it in the SMS category.

Follow the instructions on how to install the server.

To use the server you have to enter the IP address and the password in the web browser on your PC. The example is and password is “M-speaker”.

If you want to setup the phone to use as a microphone you can set it in the Server Settings (Video mode) by clicking on “microphone” instead of “speaker”.

If you want to display the list of the recordings please click

M-SPEAKER Server Crack +

Name: M-speaker
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Tablet User Guide

Switch to:

Switch to Top Categories

To top-categories, switch to “Top Categories” at the end of the Setup menu.
Switch to a specific category
The following two actions could be easily done in Cydia. One is to open installed icons, the other is to install new apps. To perform these two actions respectively, perform the following steps:
1. Open the “History” section
Press the Home button, and then pull the notification bar down to open the Notification Center. Go to the top right corner of the Notification Center and swipe from the right corner to open the History section. Press the Home button to navigate to the top of the History section.
2. Tap on the icon of the app you want to install
Tap on any icon on the screen to open the App Info page. Scroll down to “Installed” to open the installed apps section.
To open installed apps:
1. Open the home screen.
2. Press and hold the Home button to open the Notification Center.
3. Swipe from the right to open the History section.
4. Tap on the icon of the app you want to install.
To open apps in the suggestions list:
1. Open the home screen.
2. Tap on the icon of the app you want to install.
3. Hold down the app name to add it to the “suggested” list.
4. Press the Home button to return to the home screen.

How to install Cydia

How to install Cydia is very easy, the only thing is that you need an iOS device jailbroken. Once your device is jailbroken, you can use the Cydia and download Cydia tweaks for free.
How to install Cydia

How to install Cydia is very easy, the only thing is that you need an iOS device jailbroken. Once your device is jailbroken, you can use the Cydia and download Cydia tweaks for free.

How to install Cydia is very easy, the only thing is that you need an iOS device jailbroken. Once your device is jailbroken, you can use the Cydia and download Cydia tweaks for free.

How to install Cydia is very easy, the only thing is that you need an iOS device jailbroken

What’s New In M-SPEAKER Server?

• The Server is a cPython application that provides an HTTP server to retrieve the Server script from the Android client.
• The Server has been developed to keep things simple and to avoid having to manage ports. M-speaker Server will bind to localhost (8345) and the TCP port provided by the M-SPEAKER Android apk (30080).
• The primary purpose of the M-SPEAKER Server is to provide a web URL where the clients can access the M-SPEAKER Android apk from their own phone. Also, the Server may perform some other communication with the app, depending on the logic of the application.
• In order to stream audio to M-speaker, the M-SPEAKER Android apk will perform an upload on a private room (during the recording phase), but in order to output the audio through any speaker, a web bridge will have to be created at localhost:8345.
M-SPEAKER Android Description:
• There is only one version of the M-SPEAKER Android apk. Currently it supports recording and playback on android 4.4 and newer. The apk is signed with a debug key, so all the latest security changes of the Android platform are not necessary.
• M-speaker is a very small executable and should run very smoothly on low-end smartphones.
• Of course, the M-SPEAKER Android app will provide all the functionality of a bluetooth or wired speaker.
• There is no limit on the number of smartphones that may be connected to the M-SPEAKER android app.
• M-SPEAKER may be used to stream audio over ad hoc networks
• M-SPEAKER can run in isolation from the smartphone that is recording
• M-SPEAKER may be used with a web bridge when working in WLAN
• M-SPEAKER needs Android Nougat or newer
• M-SPEAKER will not work with Windows 10 Mobile (or with older versions of Windows Phone)

Streaming service Netflix has revealed that the Android app has been downloaded 65.5 million times, and now the number is expected to reach 100 million downloads by February. That’s the fastest-growing app ever

System Requirements:

OS: Windows 7, Windows 8.1
Processor: Intel Pentium 3 or later (AMD Athlon XP equivalent)
Memory: 128 MB RAM
Graphics: 32 MB dedicated video memory
DirectX: Version 9.0c
Hard Drive: 300 MB free space
Additional Notes:
Console: Onboard Graphics or DirectX compatible VGA video card. If using a DirectX compatible video card, the video card must support one of the following cards: Voodoo Banshee HD, Voodoo Banshee Ultra HD,