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A must-have application for all those with multiple screens, especially if you’re looking for something that allows you to set up applications by dragging them to their specific launcher position.
Set up applications by dragging them to their positions on the screen or create a custom layout using one of the predefined layouts.
Personalize Launcher Dock to get a quick start on Windows.
No install required and no activation to use.


Simplest way to run a single app. I use the “TweakIt! for Windows” option under control panel that lets you run a single app.


And you can set your app to launch automatically on boot with startup programs (something like this):

Open the Control Panel.
Go to the “Startup and recovery” group.
Under “Startup programs and services” select “Automatic (Delayed Start)”, click “Edit…”, and then click on “Add program”.
Use whatever application launcher you want.

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Launcher Dock Crack + [32|64bit]

The ultimate application launcher of Windows. Automatically organizes applications on the system screen. You can add, delete and rearrange applications. Check what is currently running at system start. Automatic application placement on the screen. The final position of the launcher is calculated automatically. Protect all from being accidentally deleted. You can set a screen mode and specify a separate monitor for the launcher. Also, you can specify a web browser homepage. Allows you to select a favorite website and open it at system startup. The lock option allows you to prevent the launcher from being used while the PC is on. Supports the following popular programs: Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Microsoft Office programs (Word, Excel, Powerpoint), Gimp, Linux, CD/DVD burner and live CD/DVD. Allows the use of your favorite program right from a USB memory stick. Supports all popular Windows versions: Windows 95, 98, Me, 98SE, ME, 2000, XP, Vista. Packed in a compressed zipped archive (compression factor is automatically calculated) with two shortcut programs and a cleanup utility for the registry.
*** WARNING ***
Launcher Dock For Windows 10 Crack requires some regular changes to the registry (add and delete files) in order to keep working properly. We therefore strongly advise the user to make an exact back-up of all registry files before installing Launcher Dock Download With Full Crack.
Description of the components in the Zipped Archive:
Launcher Dock Utility – A cleanup utility for the registry. Sets up and patches existing registry entries.
Launcher Dock – A desktop program that lets you add, delete and arrange windows on the system screen. It is fully compatible with Microsoft Windows 95/98/Me/98SE/2000/XP/Vista.
Launcher Dock PPA – A Personal Package Archive for Launcher Dock. Contains pre-compiled packages of Launcher Dock. Works for PPA compliant distributions such as Ubuntu, Debian and other popular Linux distributions.
How to Install Launcher Dock?
STEP 1: Download Launcher Dock.
STEP 2: Copy and install the launcher to the desktop, by double-clicking the installer package.
STEP 3: Launch the launcher.
STEP 4: Use the launcher to manage the running applications on your computer.


* New * * aios-devel Check out aios-devel, the Aios development forum, support section, and tutorials. * Updates * * * Correction: The default QNAP management console has been updated. * How to

Launcher Dock Crack Keygen For (LifeTime) Download

What’s New in the?

1. Can be run in pure Doxygen mode or via the command line, which enables users to launch applications by themselves, without relying on the internal Dockbar.
2. Creates a new icon on your desktop to easily access the Dockbar interface.
3. Integrates with other Windows applications, such as Microsoft Office and Microsoft Project, with which it works in a similar way to Dockbar X.
4. Can be run as a standalone program or as a service in the system tray.
5. Recognizes and launches applications through automation, so there is no need to launch them manually.
6. Exposes a list of opened applications on the system and gives you the possibility to reorder them.
7. Allows you to add commands to each application for various purposes, such as bookmarking, recording an event or launching a one-time-only application.
8. Exposes a customizable list of webpages or documents to open at startup, so that you can reserve a fixed route.
9. When running as a service, allows you to define its own unique parameters.
10. When running as a service, allows you to change the color of the application frame.
11. Optionally displays a floating dialog with information while Dockbar is running.
12. Allows you to toggle Dockbar on and off in order to display the closed windows again.
13. Can be configured so that it automatically opens minimized windows and restores the ones that were not minimized when Dockbar is closed.
14. Can be left behind if you move your mouse to the side of the screen and the mouse is clicked there.
15. Supports the tracking of a minimized window in order to maximize it.
16. Can add windows to the desktop, to the taskbar or to another monitor or projector.
17. And more…

Launcher Dock Screenshots:


Launcher Dock Reviews:

This Review is for version…

5.0 out of 5 stars

This is great. Now my windows start position is where I want it every time. the best dock bar.0 by tb_nmn on May 5, 2015

I have been very frustrated trying to use windows 10. I have tried more then a dozen of dock bars and now I’ve found the best one.

First thing is the developers are really great and responsive. They update the program so quickly.

Second thing is the program comes with

System Requirements For Launcher Dock:

Windows 7
Intel Core i5 3.2 GHz or AMD equivalent
16 GB available disk space
Dual-Core Pentium or AMD Athlon
3.2 GHz or equivalent
15 GB available disk space
256 MB graphics card
1024 x 768 resolution
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