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For those who rent out property and manage multiple residences, there is a lot of important information that has to be carefully maintained. The LandlordReport application serves as a complete service, able to store, record and provide everything a property owner might need.
A comprehensive, customizable database for all property related needs
The application offers multiple services, primarily it acts as a custom database for storing tenant and housing information, as well as tracking payments. Users can create profiles of each property and tenant individually, but also anyone else who is related to the property. Service providers such as plumbers, electricians and building managers can all be stored in the applications system. Phone numbers and custom notes can be attached to each one, with a link to Google Maps to show their location or the property address.
The amount of information is vast, but it can be a bit difficult to navigate, the menus are not particularly user friendly. Creating new tenants or properties could be more intuitive and several menus do not respond to double-clicks or right-clicks as other programs might. Users might find it difficult to get the application to respond how they want or to achieve the desired result. The application prefers if users create and edit information in a specific order, but the amount of information it can store should overcome that difficulty.
A support system that includes official tax forms for eight different countries
A highlight of the application is its multiple region support, with tax support and legal forms for different countries as well as various official notice templates. This means that users from around the world can use LandlordReport to help them present an official and accurate accounting of their property and tenant management.
The application features a good level of account support, with different areas for rent income, overdue payments, repair or improvement work orders as well as the users own overall income. Reports can be generated and graphs displayed or printed. The application takes great care to provide visual aids for those who need it or detailed reports for those who prefer greater detail.
A robust and total package for amateur and advanced landlords
In conclusion, the application offers a great deal of features for an affordable price, but the detail included within it goes the extra mile. LandlordReport would make a great tool for someone renting out a single apartment or someone managing a string of properties and multiple tenants. While the interface and design could be a bit more user friendly, that doesn’t take away from the service it offers.


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A service that helps property owners and landlords process rent, manage tenants and rental listings, pay bills, find new tenants and hire service providers in a secure, compliant environment. Ideal for landlords or property owners who are physically away from the property.

published:29 Feb 2015



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LandlordReport is an affordable rental and property management application that can help you manage multiple properties. It lets you use simple templates or customize your own to create incredibly detailed reports. It is designed to allow users to manage their properties from anywhere and it provides secure and complete information.
This program offers:
❤️ All types of payments including rent income, outstanding payments, building inspections, repairs and improvements.
❤️ Tenants search. Search by:
✓ Full name
✓ Last name
✓ Email address
❤️ Administration of expenses and payments on different categories, including repairs or improvements.
❤️ Tenants search. In addition to the features available in the tenants search you can also view information related to their rentals, such as:
✓ Fax number
✓ Landlord phone number
✓ E-mail address
✓ Address
❤️ Rent income will be listed in dollars, euros and pounds.
❤️ Reports: Income, expenses, summary and more.
❤️ Original edition and templates.
❤️ Client will be able to request up to 24 different charts on the program.
❤️ Client will be able to search and find specific information about accounts or names.
❤️ Clients will have access to the Google Maps that will allow them to find a property without the need to enter the address.
❤️ There is no need to enter tenant information each time.
❤️ Multiple login options, including email, phone and social media.
❤️ Client will be able to search for his or her information within the application.
❤️ Multiple languages ​​and currencies supported.
❤️ Client can simply point and click to enter new information.
❤️ Client can add notes to individual properties, tenants and service providers.
❤️ Client can add phone numbers and notes to all properties, tenants and service providers.
❤️ Client can attach useful notes to Google Maps.
❤️ Client can add or remove templates by simply dragging and dropping.
❤️ Client can drag and drop data to organize it in a way that is desired.
❤️ Client can highlight, group, change the date and many other advanced features to make any report he or she wants.
❤️ The program allows up to 24 reports at the same time, so there is no need to repeat the process.
❤️ Client can export any desired

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LandlordReport is a professionally designed application that enables landlords to establish a strong tenant database, keep track of rents and rent payments, manage service providers and view all of the information pertaining to a particular property. The application features tax reporting, a robust tax module and support for eight different countries.
The application supports multiple input devices and has been designed to be highly intuitive for those who are beginning or advanced landlords. Depending on the amount of work to be done on a property, a user can establish different reports and lists with ease. Reports can be viewed online or printed and graphs can be used to give insight into a property and provide the user with plenty of data.
LandlordReport is a simple and affordable application that provides landlords with a complete system that is easy to use. The application can be purchased through the Web site for a one-time fee of only $99.95, including updates.

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What’s New in the?

LandlordReport is an application that provides owners with a complete overview of their properties and tenants. The application includes both a database and service system to store all information related to a tenant and the properties they live in. The application also features customizable reporting and country specific accounts, which are both produced in the relevant format for each country LandlordReport supports. While the interface might not be the friendliest of programs, the functionality behind it is great for owners who need a complete profile system and the use of it is relatively easy.

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