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It is clear that headphone listening and loudspeaker listening are different in the way humans perceive sound. That is due to the distorted in-head localization effect when the sound is reflected in a room rather than directly in the ears. In the latter case, instruments that play the music are perceived directly in the head, and not in an external audio stage.
Reduce the in-head localization effect of audio files
HPEX, short for "Headphone Experience", is an audio processing tool that can be used to optimize audio files for headphone listening. The application aims to reduce the in-head localization effect as much as possible, while not altering the playback quality.
Unlike other applications of its kind, HPEX does not rely on a Head Related Transfer Function (HRTF) algorithm, which reduces in-head localization while affecting the tonal discoloration. Instead, HPEX adds cross talk, early reflections and low reverb levels to the acoustics, making it sound as if it were played by hi-fi speakers.
Transcode your files in batch
HPEX allows batch processing, which means it can handle a large number of input files located in a folder. It ensures compatibility with some of the most popular audio formats (MP3, WAV, FLAC, AIFF, ALAC, DSD).
Once the files are loaded, one can configure the output parameters. There are two main settings users can tamper with, namely the depth and the width of the acoustic stage, which affect the strength of the externalization. While you can experiment with different values, usually the default ones work with all recordings.
Optimize audio files for headphone listening
HPEX adopts an interesting approach, relying on algorithms that fine-tune the sound field while keeping the tonal discoloration at the minimum. As such, it manages to alter audio files and ensure an engaging listening experience when using headphones







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HPEX Crack Keygen is an audio processing tool that allows you to reduce the in-head localization effect of your recordings.

The application allows you to apply a wide range of audio processing options and automatically convert your audio files to a lossless format.

Go to and download the software.
If the installer shows a message that says “Sound Devices is not installed” go to and choose “View All Software” then choose Sound Devices HD4 Headphone and download the ZIP file in the drop-down menu.
Extract the downloaded file to your desktop.Q:

Not able to access sub class to method

class Customer {

String name;

void setName(String value) {
this.name = value;

class Order {

String month;
String year;

public void makeOrder() {


void setMonth(String value) {
this.month = value;

void setYear(String value) {
this.year = value;

class SubClass extends Customer {


How can I access the setName() method to set the name of Customer?
I know that I can make a method setName() in Customer which will use SubClass but I am not sure how can I call the method from SubClass.setName(). I am not able to access the Customer.setName() method to get the value.


In you example you’re trying to access the Customer object directly, which is not possible. Your approach was to implement a SubClass object but you didn’t have any data that was related to the SubClass object. You would need an instance of SubClass to hold the values in order to access the setName() method.
So for example, if you had an Order object (i.e. an object that implements the Customer interface) you could do this:
Order order = new Order();

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New! HPEX Crack Mac Manager:
New! HPEX Manager is a tool that allows you to create and share your own presets. Installing and using HPEX is made a breeze with HPEX Manager. Whether you want to share your personal favorite settings or create your own presets, HPEX Manager allows you to do it quickly and easily.




HPEX is a software tool to properly balance audio for headphone listening. Most of the existing audio conversion software allows you to do it, but most of them do it in a way that is inconsistent with the human auditory system. With HPEX, you can minimize audio localization, since it completely removes the room effect from the signal. Moreover, the tool corrects the tonal discoloration, that is typical of hi-fi speakers, making the audio files sound like they were played by speakers.

HPEX can also tackle the issue of multiple audio files being recorded in the same area, by using a technique known as acoustic field bundling, which merges multiple audio files in the same area, to mitigate the problem of being localized within a virtual room.

HPEX Benefits:

1 – Corrects the tonal discoloration

2 – Ensures an engaging listening experience when using headphones

3 – Automatically adapts for different recording environments

4 – Reduces in-head localization effects

5 – Creates expert-sounding headphone listening

6 – Adds a head-oriented localization effect

7 – Improves the audio quality when using headphones

8 – Reduces bandwidth consumption

9 – Reduces file size

10 – Explains the project behind each score

11 – Includes various presets

12 – Handles a large number of input files

13 – Allows batch processing

14 – Allows to add custom files to your presets

15 – Allows to share your presets with the community

16 – Allows to convert audio files

17 – Allows to automatically create custom presets based on recordings

18 – Allows to balance audio recordings

19 – Allows to manually adjust your settings

20 – Allows to calculate audio file timbre and envelopes

21 – Allows to automatically generate the necessary HRTF files

22 – Allows to build your own personal presets

23 – Allows to visually check your settings

24 – Allows to import and export presets as XML

Please note:

The current version of

HPEX Crack +

Headphone Experience – Ear-centric headphone audio filtering, binaural enhancements, and more!


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It is time to

What’s New In?

» Select an input folder to convert from or choose a file format of your choosing
» Input file information is available
» Device, bitrate, format and sample rate
» Headphone Response Time, Left, Right and Spatial Gain
» Preset head related transfer function
» Equalization, Bass, Mid and Treble filter selection
» Echo cancellation, Cross-feed between left and right channels
» Replicate mono, multi-channel, binaural and stereo recordings
» No effect on lossy compressed audio
» Optimizes music and multimedia content for minimal in-head localization
» Simplified controls
» Convenience Batch
» Clean, simple and straightforward workflow
» No effect on lossy compressed audio
» Ideal for iTunes or portable devices
Powerful professional audio tools
HPEX is specially designed for the following applications:
>> Rhytmic instruments
>> Speakers and headphones used in combination
>> Portable audio
>> Audio tuner and equalizer
>> Post-processing
>> Multi-channel sound with binaural recording
>> Acoustic design
>> Digital recording
>> EquiLab
>> Portable audio player
>> Radio broadcast
HPEX allows you to listen to audio files without their distortion, limiting their apparent in-head localization effect. While maintaining the tonal quality, the application also manages to optimize its output for headphones listening.
Music applications:
» iTunes and Music App store
» Portable audio players
» Bluetooth and AM radio
What are the applications?
Below are some of the applications that HPEX can be used with, as well as a few unique features.
Mac OS
► Can I use the HPEX software in my application?
You can use HPEX to optimize audio files you make with your audio application.
► Does HPEX optimize vocals?
HPEX does not perform any vocal optimization. Other applications such as ITUNES or music application do vocal optimization that we do not implement in HPEX.
► How is HPEX different from Head Room?
HPEX is specifically designed for optimizing audio files for headphones and wireless speakers. Head Room is an universal app that reduces the in-head localization effect of audio files.
► Can I listen to the file my headphones?
Sure, the application is designed with headphones in mind. You can enjoy the audio that is optimized with HPEX in your headphones if you wish.
► Does HPEX

System Requirements:

OS: Windows 7 or later / Mac OS X 10.8 or later / Linux 64 bit
Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo or AMD Athlon XP
Memory: 2 GB RAM (4 GB recommended)
A graphics card with at least 512MB video RAM (nvidia GeForce 9400 or above recommended)
Internet access
Video: 1280 x 800
Sound: English voices, music
More: System Requirements
Closing the following message when requested:
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