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EPIM-Outlook Sync is a Windows tool designed to assist EssentialPIM, the popular personal information manager, in order to synchronize database information with Microsoft Outlook. It can copy data to an Outlook PST file or Exchange Server, whether we're talking about contacts, to-do lists, assignments, tasks, notes, calendar entries, or anything else of importance.
Sync EssentialPIM databases with Outlook
Once the installation procedure is over, you can reach the main window of the application, which has a simple appearance and shows the configuration settings at startup.
You can specify any EssentialPIM database with the .epim format, whether it's on the local computer or somewhere over the network. For the network option, it's necessary to indicate the server address, database file and credentials (network username and password).
Supports Outlook PST files and Exchange Server
Furthermore, you can instruct EPIM-Outlook Sync to remember the password if you plan to regularly perform synchronization tasks using the same database. In the following step, you just have to point out to an Outlook PST file or Exchange Server.
The synchronization can be performed either way, so you can either copy info from the database to Outlook, the other way around, or in both ways (bi-directional sync).
All modules from the EssentialPIM database are included in the sync job by default, but you can exclude anything when it comes to the calendar, tasks, notes, contacts or even deleted items. This can be done from the options panel. Multiple languages are available for the interface.
Handy and intuitive EssentialPIM companion
The program worked smoothly in our tests, and we haven't come across any compatibility issues with the latest Windows or EssentialPIM edition. The current version supports Microsoft Outlook 64-bit (2010 and 2013).
Taking everything into account, EPIM-Outlook Sync offers a simple solution for EssentialPIM users interested in quickly syncing database information via Microsoft Outlook.







EPIM-Outlook Sync Crack+

➢ Automated synchronization with.epim databases using an easy-to-use interface
➢ Supports both Outlook files (.pst files) and Exchange server databases (Exchange Server 2007/2010/2013)
➢ Can work with Microsoft Windows 8/7/Vista/XP, or any edition of EssentialPIM
➢ Select which data to synchronize
➢ Makes database backups before running the synchronization
➢ Supports the Windows synchronization service

This tutorial shows you how to back up EssentialPIM databases (.epim), easily transform or convert EssentialPIM databases and restore them later.

In order to migrate your E-Mails and contacts from one medium to another it is not sufficient to move the files or folders. EPIM-Outlook Sync is specially designed to migrate entire E-Mail and contact servers. This includes moving all data (including incoming and outgoing E-Mails and contacts) from the old server to the new server.

Also, you can either import a fixed or incremental migration. If you prefer to import a fixed migration, EPIM-Outlook Sync will synchronize a fixed number of contacts, calendar dates and tasks. If you’re using the incremental migration, EPIM-Outlook Sync will synchronize only the contacts that have changed since the last migration.
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EPIM-Outlook Sync With Keygen

Simple and intuitive EssentialPIM migration helper that allows you to easily synchronize local databases with Microsoft Outlook.
Sync EssentialPIM databases with Outlook

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EPIM-Outlook Sync Crack+ Activation Code With Keygen [Latest] 2022

Tablets are quickly evolving into all types of devices, even into a tool for personal organization. “My to-do list” is a great and powerful tool, but it’s convenient only with a notebook or a desktop computer. Now the dream of many has become a reality – and it’s the world of the tablet PC. Not everybody needs a desktop or notebook to gain access to all the functionality of a personal organizer.

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So if you want a powerful and free Outlook email client, then EPIM-Outlook Sync is the only tool to use. It’s a tool that works really well for getting all your data and appointments into a clean and useful format, and into your Outlook client. Of course, since it only works on tablet PCs, you won’t be able to keep your productivity when you’re out and about. But in most situations the tablet is more convenient and you’re likely to carry it all the time anyway.

Also, since it’s free, and only works on tablet PCs, it’s a tool you can try out at no risk to your data.

Even though it’s something we use every day, and something we wanted for a long time, we haven’t found any program, tool, or software that does what EPIM-Outlook Sync does. It copies your EssentialPIM databases from the mobile device to the email client, so you can sync your data in your computer with your tablets.

Organize your to-do lists, contacts, appointments, notes,

What’s New in the?

The software can synchronize data from the selected data source and export the result to Microsoft Outlook PST and Exchange Server.

It allows to exclude some Elements from the synchronization.

It can restore deleted items and customizations into the Outlook.

It supports Basic and Exchange email accounts.

It supports time intervals between synchronization.

It supports account password protection.

It supports multiple languages.

It saves the recently used sync settings into the registry.

It supports manual and automatic sync.

It can work with the Priority queue.

Let’s now take a look at how to install the software and run EPIM-Outlook Sync.
How to install the software and EPIM-Outlook Sync?

Download EPIM-Outlook Sync and unzip it.

In the folder, right-click EPIM-Outlook Sync.exe and run it.
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System Requirements:

OS: Windows XP/Vista/7/8
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Hard Drive: 3 GB available space
Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo
Sound Card: DirectX 9.0 compliant sound card with full DirectX 9.0 support
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