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EnSign is a dedicated retail PoS design and print application allowing any retailer to produce high quality signs, tickets, shelf-edge labels and promotions in-store. The program provides all the tools required to design your own templates that you can use for multiple products.
By creating predefined templates in your corporate style and merging these with your existing product data, all your PoS can be produced on-demand with copyfitting, price formatting, price calculations and input constraints applied automatically.
Together with EnGine, or webPrint, EnSign provides the basis for a range of highly cost-efficient printing solutions for independent retailers through to large store chains.


Download >> https://urlgoal.com/2nc4ou

Download >> https://urlgoal.com/2nc4ou






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* High productivity
* Simple to use and include any graphics
* Easy to design and save
* Supports any language
* Delivers great results
* Customizable
* Cost-effective
* Can be used in a traditional print shop or on-demand
* Fits any POS screen
* Print on demand
* Manage your resources from your phone
* Use on screen or print
* Supports all paper sizes from AA to C5
* Has built-in support for leading applications including:
A: Apple iBooks
Android: Google iBooks
B: iPad
C: Android
D: iTunes
E: Amazon
F: Yahoo
G: Android & Kindle
Egine Description:
* Incorporate your own logo and corporate colors
* Receive email and SMS notifications for prints, orders and changes
* Manage a series of storefronts
* Print invoices
* Provide daily breakdowns with printing, toner, paper and more
* Use print & go to receive your orders within the app and then collect and deliver them.
* Send emails to your customers to remind them about their order
* Manage your sales and inventory directly from the app
* Print coupon codes, receipts and more
* Print tickets and checks
* Print on-screen or print labels, stickers and more
* Convert files for various types of printing including:
A: Posters, vinyl, banners, signs, labels
B: Cups, coasters, sharps and more
C: General merchandise
D: T-shirts
F: Offers, receipts and more
* Create vouchers, specials and offers
* Automatically position tickets and checks
* Optimize your workflows with multiple printers and media types
* Manage media, colors, envelopes and more
* Print from anywhere
* Save efforts with capture sheets, customizable carriers and more
* Print from any number of devices
* Track printing progress
* Make edits and print without opening the file
* Set up fixed times to print
* Track orders and manage deliveries
* Include your own corporate logo and colors
* Export files to:
A: PDFPrinter printers
B: PDFDirect printers
* Use different printers for each store
* The app includes:
A: Print tickets, invoices and checks
B: Print tickets, invoices and checks on-screen
C: Prints & print tickets, invoices

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• Propagate design elements from a PSD file. Design your own templates with the company colours you wish to use
• Merge data automatically with your existing product data for automatic price formatting, formatting on quantity changes, drop down menus and more
• Functionality and help on functions are maintained in a company-wide context, to provide useful help for every user
• ‘Simplify and concentrate’ your workflow: all templates are configured in your style, with automatic formatting applied, information that is not required for the final product (e.g. change of date,…) is hidden and available from the file
• Frontend is completely optimised and pared down to the essentials
• 24 templates with embedded company colours, quick preview and colour selector. These templates can also be used as data for the webPrint or EnGine solution
• Data for all supplied products can be changed in one click
• Help in application of the functions is in English and includes approx. 200 function aids
• Internationalisation of the number format, date format and currency format can be automatically applied for translations
• Version control and file history support
• Data files are exported in XHTML and HTML-document structure for large file transfers
• Unlimited templates and data files can be saved for free
• All data is saved in databases, the corresponding xls-files as data backup
• Graphic Quality Proof and Colour Proof are automatically generated as PDF files
• Attachments are included in the data export when connected to a printer
• There is an option to configure an external scale for label printing
• Allow pricing calculations based on the template
• Allow vertical height of the main body on the right side
• Add labels to the right edge of the next label (1.2)
• Consider discounts for quantity order (1.2)
• Allow the user to change the quantity required of the item (1.3)
• Allow printing of the quantity and the price (1.3)
• Add a label to the product in the workflow (1.3)
• Integrate with other EnSign Cracked Version programs (1.4)
• Link to EnGine for a complete POS (Retail Point of Sale) solution
• Language setup: Internationalisation of product names, description, price,…

PSPICZ is a retail PoS application for small to medium sized retailers to automate the printing of vouchers, envelopes and labels, as well as giving them the ability to generate sale

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Design templates for all your needs with the basic, advanced or pro templates.
Proven workflow, safe and safe and stylish for all your designs.
All the tools you need for your everyday work.
High quality yet really easy to use.
Scale based on the printed size of your design.
Full Palette of templates includes professional quality Auto, Business and in-store retail templates plus variations.

eParcel is a modern e-commerce packaging and labelling solution, designed for online and brick and mortar businesses to offer their customers value-added product packaging options. Unlike other solutions in this space, eParcel’s packaging is designed to be cost-competitive and easily integrated into any store layout and workflow, including traditional POS or virtual POS systems.
To date, the enterprise-wide rollout has been completed in over 60 countries and has been proven to reduce customer checkout time by an average of 20-25%, enhancing the sales experience for customers.

The XYZ Store has been known for more than 20 years and has one of the best known brands in retail. The mission of XYZ has always been to provide our customers with the best products, the best service and the best value. The XYZ name and icon are well known throughout the industry.
We are currently working with a new company and this is where your software can help us assist them in running their business successfully.
This is a fantastic opportunity for a creative, visionary person to join our team as we continue to push the boundaries of retail, POS software and digital engagement to deliver the best in customer experience and insight for XYZ customers. Our software is used in more than 90,000 stores in over 100 countries.
The key things you will need to be able to do are (we will help you learn)
Dress, organize and visualise a vast amount of data
Sell products, services and courses online through a customer facing channel
Support a business across multiple channels such as web, phone and in-store
Build meaningful strategies and analytics on sales data
Build rich marketing strategies and make them interactive through web and mobile
Translate industry specific jargon into plain english, to non-technical business folk
Be a self-starter
Be able to innovate and provide solutions
Have a strong back-up plan for situations you cannot predict
Be resourceful
Have a strong “can do” attitude
Have experience of working in a role within an eCommerce business
Relevant Experience required:
Front end

What’s New in the EnSign?

AdaptIt is a unique web-based application for the Australian horse racing industry, providing a tailored user experience for the punter and corporate, not just the professional racing fan or punter betting company.
AdaptIt is a racing betting system that allows trainers, owners and jockeys to manage the entire racing industry via a single system for placing and managing real money bets for all their horses. The system automatically allocates the correct results of races and produces betting windows for all their horses.
In addition to this, each user can customize the number of races and horses on their tracking panel and preferences for win rates, price margins and dates. As well as this, each user is given access to over 100 expert handicappers, including some of the very best in the business.
AdaptIt Description:

Silverfish Media is a Melbourne-based multimedia agency specialising in website and digital product design and development, information architecture, user experience and social media. We provide software development, product design and implementation, and training services for applications across all platforms – desktop, mobile, tablet and web.
Using cutting-edge technology and design, our work draws from contemporary art, architecture and design. We take a flexible, collaborative approach to working with our clients, helping them to build successful, innovative and engaging digital products.
Our skill-sets include desktop application development, web and cloud-based development, ecommerce, mobile application development, development of applications and web sites for social networking, project management, user experience design and user acceptance testing.
Our Service Capability:

2 bit data (Optoma/Toshiba projectors or Phocus)

3 to 5 bit data (Dell projectors or PHILIPS projectors)

6 to 7 bit data (Sony projectors)

Honeywell/HP projectors

10 bit data (Lexmark or other lasers)

Our speciality is high quality, affordable digital media. We can also help you when selecting the right digital projector or video screen for your particular application.
We work with:

Physicians, Directors, Executives & C-Suite

Finance & IT

HR and L&D









Civil Engineering


Consumer Goods






System Requirements For EnSign:

Vista or Windows 7
1.4 GHz Dual Core Processor
3 GB of RAM
DirectX 9.0c compatible graphics card with 256 MB of video RAM (graphics card must support Pixel Shader 4.0)
Windows 7 or Windows Vista
DirectX 9.0c compatible graphics card with 128 MB of video RAM (graphics card must support Pixel Shader 3.0)
Windows 8
Intel i3 dual core (Sandy Bridge-