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Working with multiple computers can usually make you consider turning to remote control software solutions, as they can help you perform various tasks without requiring your physical presence.
If you find yourself in the situation above, you can rely on EmailNet since it can help you achieve quick and satisfactory results.
Please note that this application requires you to have an Internet connection and multiple email accounts so that you can benefit from its capabilities entirely.
Quick installation
Setting up this utility on your computer can be accomplished in an effortless manner since it does not require any additional configuration on your part. You just need to launch the setup package and follow the on-screen instructions.
Its user interface is highly intuitive and organizes its controls in a neat manner, thus enabling you to access them without great difficulty.
Remote email commands
EmailNet enables you to share files within the defined email network but also features remote control capabilities that broaden the range of your possibilities.
After defining your main email account, you need to specify other trusted ones, so that the application can create your network accordingly. The file sharing and remote controls do not work outside of the specified network.
Among the supported commands, you can find shutdown, restart, search for files, retrieve screenshots or play certain sounds or video files from your computer. Furthermore, it is possible to execute commands via Windows' native Command Prompt utility, which gives you a broader spectrum of possibilities.
View a history of events
Additionally, you can display a history of occurred events that includes commands and results. This feature offers you an overview of your previous activities, thus providing you with a richer experience. You can also clear the history if needed.
Lightweight file sharing and email-based remote control application
As a conclusion, EmailNet is a lightweight application that provides you with file sharing capabilities and email-based remote control functions as well. It integrates a user-friendly interface, highly intuitive features and supports a wide variety of commands that you can send over the defined network.


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EmailNet For PC

There is nothing special in this article just a very simple little hack to turn a browser addon into a tiny app. Run the following file in the directory where you installed Zta Google Chrome or Chromium, It works best with Chrome, but is less reliable for Chromium.
I would recommend not hiding your application in the App menu.
The Browser app is a wrapper to a few other apps, and it may cause issues with your settings.
It’s also possible the application will not run in the full screen mode. My fix for that is to open the browser to the desktop, then close it, then drag your app from the desktop’s taskbar into the browser’s Add To Taskbar box. The app will run in the full screen mode then. The only problem I found with this was that it would run with no window decorations (i.e., window titlebar, bottom bar, etc.) It happened a few times.

# Requires
# Windows Users: You might want to specify that in the command line as
# “PythonCMD=c:\\Python27\\python.exe”

# Load the app
PYTHONCMD = c:\Python27\python.exe
# App Folder: Where your app lives
PROGRAM_NAME = “ZTA Google Chrome”
# App Exe: Actually the exe of your main app
APP_EXE = “Zta Google Chrome.exe”
# Browser (for now)
WINDOW_CLASS = “Google Chrome”
# Add it to task bar
BAR_CLASS = “Zta Chrome Taskbar”

# Load the app[“PyAutogui”, PYTHONCMD, PROGRAM_NAME, APP_EXE,


We have a product which does this. It’s called Zta File Transfer. It’s available at

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EmailNet Free

EmailNet Crack For Windows is a lightweight file sharing and email-based remote control application. It is very easy to set up and easy to use.
It is a complete and easy-to-configure solution for quick and secure file sharing and remote control.
EmailNet Product Key provides you with an intuitive and graphical user interface which allows you to easily configure and manage your tasks.
It has a built-in File Manager which allows you to perform file sharing tasks. This application can be launched from any Windows process and it does not require additional setup.
Additionally, it allows you to manage your tasks via email. You can check email messages, create and send email messages to your recipients, open email accounts and download attachment files.
Another feature of this utility is its powerful remote control capabilities. You can launch any program on the networked computer via email and define the system behavior of that specific application. It has a built-in Security Layer which allows you to launch programs on the networked computer only if you are the owner of that computer.
EmailNet Full Crack is very easy to set up.
When you install it on your computer, you only need to specify the main email address that you want to use and connect the application to that account. All other details are managed automatically by the application.
You can add more email addresses to the application if required and define various rules that will determine which email messages are processed by EmailNet For Windows 10 Crack.
EmailNet For Windows 10 Crack works in all the systems.
The application offers full compatibility with Windows systems, it does not require any third-party software or additional utilities to run.
As EmailNet comes with its own File Manager, it does not require any additional configuration in any Windows service settings as well. You only need to specify the main email account that you want to use and the application will create the network automatically.

File Sharing Capabilities:
EmailNet provides you with various options for file sharing. You can share files from the File Manager and then it will automatically upload those files to another computer. It is also possible to share files from the command line.
It supports drag and drop operations for file sharing. You can drag and drop any files that you want to share onto the application’s icon and it will start uploading those files to another computer.
Its File Manager includes a file search feature.
EmailNet provides you with a file search feature, which allows you to find any file in your email archive. This feature is helpful if you want to

EmailNet Crack+ Full Version

Send your emails in a secure environment – without worries. Use your GMAIL account for your emails. This app works on Windows and Android.
[email protected]
Quick installation:
1. Uninstall the file before installing the new version.
2. Copy the file to the system’s folder.
3. Open the folder on the computer and choose the file.
4. Run this file.
5. Follow the instructions and choose the Email account you want to configure.
1. This app does not work in the Offline mode.
2. You can lock and unlock the App.
3. You can set auto launch.
4. You can copy the files to the attached device.
5. You can change the style from the attached device.
6. You can set which device to be opened when the app is closed.
7. Each time when you use this app, you must enter the password of your email account.
8. You can enter the power off mode.
9. You can set sound for shutdown, restart, search for files, retrieve screenshot, replay media.
10. You can set the level of upload quality.
11. It’s easy to uninstall.
12. The file to transfer can be over 100MB.

I would like to use this tool and tried all the above answers but it still not working for me. The Emailnet app that I downloaded is of no use to me.


Based on your comment, you are looking for something that does not require any configuration on your part.
Have a look at this open source solution:
Free gmail and chrome extension to send emails from any browser

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What’s New In?

Users often work and collaborate with many different pieces of software that require different inputs. As a result, most of them need to use two or more interfaces, such as a browser and other applications. To make it a bit simpler for them, EmailNet is what you may need.
EmailNet comes as a 64-bit Windows Application, which allows you to use it on both 32-bit and 64-bit OS platforms. It is a little larger than a typical file transfer and server management tool, but still easy to use and provide service to users as soon as possible.
You can easily deploy this tool on the server with an easy to use wizard, which guides you through the setup process.
Once the setup is complete and you have started working with it, you will notice that it provides all the required services you may need, such as to share files, send email and to manage remote computers and folders.
EmailNet is a very lightweight tool that provides both file transfer and remote control capabilities, which is an unusual thing in the crowd of so-called file sharing solutions. Since you can use it on any number of computers, it makes it easy to extend your network to more devices.

Features of EmailNet
* Multiple remote options
* Configure sharing and remote access
* Monitor shared folders on multiple computers
* Secure Email and text messages
* Back up and restore users and computers
* Automate Internet tasks
* Schedule tasks to be performed by EmailNet
* Backup and restore users and computers
* Exchange old messages with a new one

EmailNet is the ideal tool if you want to improve the functionality of your network, as it is very easy to use and does not require you to have access to a server or web host.

System Requirements:

1.50GHz Processor or equivalent
2GB of RAM
4GB of available storage
Minimum Resolution: 1024 x 768
Running on Linux or Mac OS X 10.7 or later
Compatible with Windows 7 and later
Open Beta Program:
We will be inviting a small number of participants to the open beta program. We will do so only to check the compatibility of the software and inform ourselves of any major issues. In short, we will invite the beta testers to run the game to see if it runs as expected.