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Computer-aided design drawings are used in constructions, PCB design and various other domains that require detailed and accurate schematics. Since they are usually used by professionals, most CAD solutions are complicated and expensive.
This application aims to provide with advanced tools that not only allow you to view and annotate drawings but also make modifications and create your own drawings. The interface allows you to access a wide range of tools and templates which recommends it for both personal and professional use.
You can use the program to load DWG, DXF, PLT and SketchUp files which allows you to import your projects from other applications. When exporting the drawing you have the option to use various DWG or DXF versions to ensure maximum compatibility.
The users can insert arcs, blocks, polylines and other shapes by selecting them from the left side toolbar, while the one on the right displays the editing tools. However, you can modify the workspace by customizing the toolbars, palettes and keyboard shortcuts.
When you need to examine a drawing you have the option to configure aerial views, walk though 3D designs and control the camera placement. Additional features include area and angle measurement tools, object snap prioritization and file converters.
If you are just starting to use CAD design tools, the program includes an extensive documentation which provides details about each operation. Additionally, it displays tips on how to improve your productivity while you are creating your first drawing.
In our tests, the program required insignificant resources and no impact on the computer performance. It only takes a few seconds to load and allows you to create a new drawing with minimum effort.
Overall, DoubleCAD XT is a viable solution when you need to view and edit CAD drawings on your computer.

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CADonline is a professional free cad design tool. It is the most popular free cad software that users can use for creating cad. Softare provides you all design tools and some advanced design features that can be used by cad professionals. It can be easily integrated with other existing software and works fine with all the operating systems like windows 2000/2003/XP and Linux.
CADonline is a fully customize cad software and user friendly. You can customize the user-interface as per your preferences and make it look like your own cad software. You can also add your own tools to the toolbar and palettes according

DoubleCAD XT With License Key Free Download

DoubleCAD XT allows you to view and edit drawing files of various formats: DWG, DXF, PLT and SketchUp. Since the program supports the layers, you can add or remove some as you wish and move your work to other files. The interface is fast, which makes the workflow in DoubleCAD XT easy and fast. DoubleCAD XT provides a professional level of drawing tools and you can use all the essential functions for different purposes. There is an advanced camera view. You can zoom in with the mouse or by holding a button. Create, modify and export complex geometries, including arcs, rectangles, polygons and polygons. DoubleCAD XT allows you to insert surfaces, blocks, lines and views. You can customize objects with the use of the mouse and the accelerators. You can draw, insert, lock and free markers. Change the color, linetype, width, thickness and line weight. DoubleCAD XT offers several built-in tools that assist in your work. You can preview the drawing on different scales. View, measure, convert, export and annotate drawings. The application offers a wide range of templates, including dials, dials with arrows, audio dials, digital dials, contour dials and order dials. You can import files from other applications and export them as DXF or DWG. The program allows you to set filters to organize objects in the drawing. With some little effort, the program can help you to edit drawings, create new ones, open files and edit them. DoubleCAD XT requires almost no system resources and supports both 32 and 64 bit operating systems. It can be used as a stand-alone application or as a plug-in to your favorite applications.
System Requirements:

Microsoft Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 (32-bit and 64-bit)

2 GB or more

1 GHz processor

200 MB or more

1024 MB or more

DoubleCAD XT latest version:

Vista x64 – 75.2 MB

Windows 7 x64 – 81.3 MB

Windows 8 x64 – 105 MB

Windows XP x64 – 81.6 MB

Microsoft Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 (32-bit and 64-bit)System Requirements:Note: Data shown here is for reference only. Its exact contents are not guaranteed to be accurate.

DoubleCAD XT

DoubleCAD XT [Win/Mac]


DoubleCAD XT Multilingual

Are you looking for an all-in-one solution for your current and future CAD drawings? Then DoubleCAD XT is a viable choice that allows you to view, annotate, modify and edit drawing files in an intuitive way. The application provides comprehensive workflows and a friendly interface which allows you to maximize your productivity. DoubleCAD XT is designed to support various drawing standards including 2D, 2.5D, 3D, 3.5D and 4D drawings. Its wide range of tools makes it the ideal solution for all users regardless of their current experience.
It allows you to open and edit more than 30 different file formats including AutoCAD, AGFA, Abaqus, PTC, Solidworks, Catia, Solid Edge, Solid Knowledge, Windlight, AutoCAD LT, Autodesk Inventor, SketchUp, the ones used in university institutions, data carriers, and any other type of CAD files you can think of. DoubleCAD XT is your comprehensive solution when it comes to scanning drawings. You can employ it for 2D scanning, 2D to 3D conversion and interactive scanning. If you need to use DWG files in other applications, DoubleCAD XT allows you to import them into the program.
When it comes to file export, the program provides various options. You can use the batch import function or define custom job settings depending on your needs. You can also export 2D to 2D, 2D to 3D, 2D to 4D, and 3D to 3D drawing files.
When it comes to editing, DoubleCAD XT includes a variety of tools for drawing various kinds of objects. You can use the round and line tools to create arcs, rectangles, ellipses, circles, lines, polygons, circles and more. The program also comes with help files that offer step-by-step instructions that make it easy for you to use the toolbars and tool palettes in the most efficient manner.
DoubleCAD XT is designed to provide a useful set of options for the users who want to modify their work environment and remove any distractions. You can adjust the toolbars, palettes and key shortcuts to your liking. You also have the option to enable/disable the fly-through function.
The program allows you to establish the workspace and position the camera view for proper editing. The interface is designed for both beginners and

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TT WIZARD is a professional app that allows you to enjoy the world of technologies with a simple and clear interface. The software offers you a wide range of tools and templates that not only provide you with a comprehensive solution but also promote collaboration among the users.
With a free download of this program, you will have the option to create 2D and 3D drawings, house plans and 3D models. The interface is available in two versions, the pro version which provides more options and the trial which offers you an option to test the program before buying.
When using the application, you will find various tools on the left side that you can apply to your projects. This includes the screen ruler, pen tool, align and slice tools, angle, text and tab tools. The ribbon on the right of the workspace shows you the main editing tools.
You can insert objects by choosing them from the left-side toolbar. You can edit text and add annotations using this tool. It can also be used to edit the width and height of the document.
Once you have completed your drawing, you can export it to PDF format for further editing and printing. You can choose between different formats of print layout. When exporting files from the software, you have the option to use drawings from other applications.
This app is designed to help you organize, collaborate and share your drawings within a single platform. Although the project is not free, the user interface and tools are quite effective.
We tested TT WIZARD for a week and it only took 1.5 GB of space on the hard drive. It runs smoothly and it does not affect the performance of the computer. The interface is easy to navigate and the license file comes with more than enough material to help you use the software.
There are various templates and drawings available to pick from, allowing you to start working immediately.
Overall, the app is a useful tool for people who are looking for a professionally crafted solution for their drawings.

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System Requirements For DoubleCAD XT:

Mac OS X 10.11 (El Capitan) or later.
512MB of RAM
A graphics card with either a 128MB or 256MB video RAM.
A 1.6 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo (Dual Core) processor or equivalent
Hard Drive:
500MB of free space.
Sound Card:
An optional option, however, an onboard sound card is recommended.