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ContourCube VCL is a powerful, interactive reporting tool which lets you
quickly and easily build interactive reports for your multidimensional data.
It allows you to build multidimensional reports that can be viewed both
interactively in 3D and interactively by specifying drill-through actions.
ContourCube VCL in turn can create highly dynamic reports over the Internet,
using its internet data model and built-in web-enabled controls for data
loading and data distribution. As a result you can generate robust,
self-updating web pages, containing interactive multidimensional charts and
ContourCube VCL Features:
· Provide SQL/FreeTDS report engine with many-sided SQL queries
· Support all the popular relational databases (DB2, Oracle, MS SQL Server,
PostgreSQL, MySQL) and many additional databases (H2, Hyperion DB, SQLite,
IBM DB2 Web Warehouse)
· Embed report engine into the database using ODBC, ADO and DBE drivers
· Supports SQL conditional report formatting
· Supports SQL quick-select calculation
· Supports SQL multidimensional calculations
· Supports SQL advanced set operations
· Uses native Excel data connectors to create charts and graphs
· Supports MS Excel 2007 Worksheet and Cell(Range) formulas
· Supports classic Excel data connectors to create charts and graphs
· Supports control of SQL from Formulas
· Support Drill-Through and Drill-Down
· Support Drill-Through, Drill-Down, Drill-Reset, Drill-Reset to specific cell
· Support automatic synchronization of the currently selected item and the
drill-through object
· Supports simple and logical expressions for report building
· Allows report processing engine to build PIVOTs and UNPIVOTs reports
· Supports IE 11, Firefox, Chrome and other browser with WebKit compliant
· Supports 1-2-3 dimensional layout
· Supports built-in public functions
· Supports Excel-like cell formatting
· Supports Excel-like cell calculation
· Supports Excel-like cell range selection
· Supports Excel-like Excel Cell(Range) functions
· Supports Excel-like cell range hyperlinks
· Supports Excel-like cell hyperlink
· Supports Excel-like cell hyperlinks
· Supports Excel-like cell hyperlinks with drill-through
· Supports Excel-like cell hyperlinks with drill-through to specific cell
· Supports Excel-like cell hyperlinks

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ContourCube is a way of interacting with data in a multidimensional form. It is
an interactive OLAP client/server software. It is like a preview tool for
OLAP databases.
You can “edit-annotate-and-print” existing report. You can combine
different categories in the same view, and you can aggregate
data values of the different categories.
ContourCube can also be embedded into any application. It is
not necessarily limited to database applications. You can also use
it in desktop applications.
Data storage and reporting are done in ContourCube with ContourCube
files. You can set your own preferences in ContourCube for
storage and reporting. Then ContourCube will not suffer performance
How ContourCube stores data:
ContourCube stores data as ContourCube files. ContourCube files
are multi-dimensional with two dimensions: The dimension of
Column and the dimension of Row.
ContourCube stores data as numbers (double precision) in different
binary files for Row and Column. The binary files are concatenated
into one file for all categories in the report. Each category has
its own binary files.
Each category has its own binary file. There is no limitation in
the number of categories. You can create as many as you want.
You can change data type, compression, and language in ContourCube
before converting from DB to ContourCube.
With ContourCube you can easily report the data of different
types, such as currency, number, character, date, and so on.
You can combine the data with the categories and values to
analyze them.
You can generate a ContourCube file in various report
formats, such as HTML, CSV, XML, and so on.
You can export data into Excel (.xls) or.csv file formats.
You can also save data into ContourCube files, and you can
organize them into directories and sub-directories.
You can easily add/modify/delete the categories in a report file.
You can also update some of the data of a category.
You can also write your own procedures to update data in ContourCube
You can also add a picture to a Report Frame.
You can also insert the float chart inside the report frame.
You can save your report as a file or export it into HTML format

ContourCube VCL Activation Code

ContourCube VCL is a graphically-rich multidimensional visualization, data analysis and reporting tool. It can be used for interactive reporting and data analysis for a variety of analysis tools and support a wide range of data types.
Without writing applications on special purpose interfaces or using expensive proprietary analytic software, the power of analytic tools can be used to create interactive, personal and powerful analytic tools. ContourCube can be used with any
relational database and in any language.
ContourCube is a modern interactive software solution for OLAP, which enables users to analyze complex multidimensional databases in a graphical environment. It allows the user to analyze data in advanced ways and provides expert analytical features such as:
· Support for flexible data types (date, time, character, byte, double precision floating point, money, numeric, string, and memo)
· Support for C-like external data sources such as MS Excel worksheet, SQLServer table, SQLite database, SSIS, XML, HTML, text file, and ODBC data source
· Support for multiple user authentication, including Windows domain user accounts and Active Directory profiles
· Multiple chart types: Flowchart, chart, treemap, map, heat map, histogram, scatter diagram, and bubble
· Rich chart styles such as special shapes, highlighted colors, shadows, and 3D-graphics
· Graphical data sources: XY, stacked column, vertical flow chart, and waterfall
· Multiple chart options
· Data-driven charts with automatic chart type changing
· Support for a wide range of arithmetic expressions such as date arithmetic, intersection, and few simple joins
· Multiple report views: Pie, stacked column, horizontal flow chart, entity grid, and bar
· Advanced report distribution technology
· Rich visualization options including grid, chart, treemap, map, scroll, grid map, and report tree
· Built-in formula language
· Built-in dimension function
· Multiple chart and report options and style attributes
· PDF report generation technology
· Export to GIF, JPEG, PNG, RTF, and HTML
· Supports various data types: array, date, time, money, numeric, string, and memo
· Supports report on-line; the report can be saved and modified
· Supports up to 65536 rows per graph and up to 1 million reports per database
· Supports navigation up/down, left/right; the user can move from one chart to another in the same window, and

What’s New in the ContourCube VCL?

ContourCube VCL is a grid-like, interactive OLAP control for Borland C++ Builder. ContourCube VCL is an embeddable and web-enabled OLAP control and data visualization. It can access almost any
relational database through.dbf,.db and DBE driver. ContourCube VCL is stable and well tested. Many
reports are already available over the Internet by simply clicking a button. ContourCube VCL supports many
visualizations including Charts, Scatter-Plots, Histograms, and other facilities. The interactive work
flows included in ContourCube VCL are free for non-commercial use, as well as free demos, and you can
download the ContourCube VCL demo from our web site.
ContourCube VCL is a datawarehousing and business intelligence solution, and it is widely used for
interactive reporting and interactive data analysis at enterprises, universities and research institutes
throughout the world. It is the most powerful and flexible grid-like, OLAP tool for C++ Builder.
Interactive Report Build Form
Write interactive reports by programming. No other tool can do the job so well as ContourCube can.
Built-in Reporting Formats
ContourCube VCL can work with almost any relational database through DBE (DataBaseEngine) and
ADO (AdoDataProvider) driver. In addition, ContourCube VCL can be tightly integrated with its
controllers and controls by formating and preparing the tables, and executing the reporting queries.
Custom Column and Row Format
A lot of column- and row-wise appearance settings are provided for users in ContourCube VCL. Users can
customize their reports by setting properties of columns and rows to meet their needs. We provide
programming interface, too. You can build a column and row selector by registering user’s own
properties and event handlers.
General Functions
The following functions are included in ContourCube VCL:
· Save report to file, and load it back to a database.
· Extensible reports architecture. You can build your own reports by extending reporting forms and
query mechanisms. ContourCube has rich formula language. Even you can define your own custom
functions or SQL.
· Rich visualizations for analysis. ContourCube VCL works with a variety of visualizations including
Charts, scatter-plots, bar, line, pie

System Requirements For ContourCube VCL:

Mac OS X 10.8 or later
Intel-based Mac or PC with Dual Core CPU and OpenGL 2.0 or higher
Mac OS X 10.6 or later
Intel-based Mac or PC with Dual Core CPU and OpenGL 1.4 or higher
Windows Vista or later
Intel-based PC with Dual Core CPU and DirectX 9 or higher
For OpenGL support, a Nvidia graphics card is required. This can be configured to run on both GPU and CPU.
Intel or AMD graphics processor with shader