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Copy/Paste massive amount of data from other application (like excell, PowerPoint etc) to your Clipboard with ease. You can launch the default programs to open the related documents, URLs, images, or even PDFs. For all selected items, the program shows preview window and file path with clickable links. You can also copy the highlighted text as well.

You can also launch URLs from browser, and you can define the default file types for each app. Supported Data formats include CSV, TXT, TIFF, PPT, DOC and PDF

Most of the other clipboard managers are limited to clipboard operations within its own program or others built-in Windows applications. For example, Windows cut & paste utility does not support clipboard operations of other application. So all you can do is copy & paste into MS Word, Excel & PowerPoint etc.

With ClipMon, everything is possible. You can easily paste texts from MS Word, Excel, Notepad etc. to the Clipboard or any other application. You can also launch Web URLs without being redirected to the browser. You can paste the URLs or file paths without the drive letter or the folder path.

ClipMon Features:

Automatically detect the Document or URL

Launch the default programs (Windows Explorer, Internet Explorer, Firefox etc.) and open the file path, hyperlinks

You can define the default file types for each app

You can copy the selected text or the highlighted text

Launch URL from web browser (e.g. Google) without being redirected

Run Programm while you paste content and browse your own documents

You can set the time interval to exclude the content saved from clipboard history

You can turn off the content-saved feature through Options window

Configure Tasks for Monitor & Click

ClipMon Options:

Copy only when Ctrl+C is pressed

Save the History of the clipboard operations within the Clipboard

Display the changed data in the History window

View Last 3 MB of Clipboard Data

View History of URLs

Launch default program for all URLs

Launch default program for all image files

Launch default program for all the PDF files

Process Excel data only when Alt+C is pressed

Process only the URLs within the Excel files

Launch default program for all the Excel files

Process only the URLs within the Excel files

Save the Excel Data only when Ctrl+Shift

ClipMon 4.5.0 Crack + Free

The clipboard is one of the most overlooked components of your computer. It works like the mouse, but the “copy” and “paste” buttons are on the keyboard. This is the reason why you never see your clipboard full of useful information.
ClipMon Free Download helps you to save all the data you copy from any application, in a single or many folders. You can also define certain applications to open the folders which are copied (e.g. launch Outlook when copying a HyperLink). Also, as the Windows default clipboard manager is already integrated in Win7, you can use Cracked ClipMon With Keygen right away without needing any installation.Fábio Gomes, do MPT, está de saída da coordenação da Assembleia Legislativa de São Paulo do Ministério Público, que atua na investigação do esquema de corrupção na Secretaria de Saúde. Em troca, o procurador Ricardo Thomaz Nascimento, que havia assumido a coordenação em agosto de 2019, ficou com o lugar. A estrutura atua no caso e pode receber amparo do Ministério Público Federal (MPF).

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ClipMon 4.5.0 Activator

Manage data copied from other applications easily with ClipMon clipboard manager. Keep a history of all the data you copied. In cases in which you are sure you want to save a specific type of data, launch a specific application for it.
When copying content from other applications, such as MS Office, ClipMon will open the application that allows you to select and manipulate the copied content. This tool is useful for those who share their clipboard with multiple users, such as teammates or relatives, so that they can keep a history of the data you copied.
Does not need any additional software or peripheral device and works on any computer
It consists of two windows. The first one, the history log, where you can see all the copied data you previously stored. The second window is the application launcher, where you can launch applications based on the data you just saved. You have the possibility to open the default programs that are the most appropriate for your data.
You need to be connected to the Internet to save data from other applications (Windows Explorer and Outlook for emails, Firefox for web pages), but you are not interrupted while working, as the tool keeps running in the background.
All applications in ClipMon are already installed on the user’s system and the program will be compatible with all the third-party applications that work with the Windows Clipboard.

Safari web browser extension to grab the clipboard history is finally available. 1.2.0 is now available for version 2.0 Safari. The list of clipboard history is automatically saved when using Safari to copy and paste different information.

Is your web browser stuck in Save mode even when you use Ctrl + S? This may happen if you are using Firefox, Chrome, Safari or any other browser that is based on the Open Source WebKit platform. One way to avoid this is to clear the browser’s clipboard history. To do this, open the browser settings panel: Windows – Internet Explorer – Clear Clipboard History; Mac – Safari – Clear Browser History; Linux – Firefox – Clear History; Android – Clear Data; and iOS – Safari – Clear History. Safari for iOS has an additional Clear History option. The point is to remove all the previous copied content from the browser, and you can then paste data again.

Important: Make sure the Bookmarks Bar is active before pressing the button ‘Clear’ to avoid missing important links.

After clearing the browser’s clipboard history, you can start using your web browser again, even if you did not want to

What’s New In ClipMon?

ClipMon is a clipboard monitoring program. It not only monitors your clipboard and records all the data you copy, but it also allows you to use some of the copied data, for example to open a Web page for a copied hyperlink, open the path of a copied file or launch your default email client for a copied address.
The most noticeable advantage of ClipMon is the fact that it stores all the data you copied into the clipboard, so you can access it anytime later without having to copy the same text again.
You can use any text you want to copy, as it is not limited to text. You can copy an email address, a website link, a file path, a picture, a time and even your current IP address.
You can copy various types of data and different file formats. For example, you can copy a text file, an HTML file, an image file, a URL, a Hyperlink, a File, a Document or any other kind of data.
When you copy data, you can choose which Windows applications should be launched. For example, you can open your default browser for a Web page, Windows Explorer for a folder path, your default email client for emails and any other application, as you please.
ClipMon can analyze the content of the clipboard and automatically set several properties for the data you copy. These properties include the type of data, the kind of file it is, the file type, the dimensions and the location.
For example, if you copy a picture, ClipMon will automatically store the location and dimensions, as well as the original image, so you can open it later.
You can create a Filter list that allows you to choose between various properties for the data you copied. You can also assign a color to each type of data you copied, so that you can easily identify and manage them.
You can launch a specific program to copy the desired kind of data for each item. For example, you can copy an email address to your default email client. You can then use the program to edit the address and send it.
By using different modes, ClipMon can be used in three different ways:
* Tracking: Whenever you copy data, the program will immediately log this data and store it for you. Later, you can simply access the data you copied.
* Action: Whenever you copy data, you can choose which Windows applications should be launched to open the data. For example, a hyperlink copied on your Web browser

System Requirements For ClipMon:

Intel Mac Mini or a PC with an Intel Core 2 Duo Processor or higher and 4GB RAM or more
1366 x 768
XCode 4.3 or higher.
ScriptBars 2.4 or higher
x86-64 or x86
Windows XP Service Pack 3 or higher