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Getting a fast and accurate reading of a barcode without having to use a dedicated hardware device other than a webcam is easy to do, provided that there is also a specialized software solution installed onto the same system.
Among the many utilities that are able to recognize this type of codes and extract the encoded data is bcWebCam. Easy to install and bearing a simple, yet very practical GUI, this tool will get you started in a couple of minutes.
As soon as you open it, you will be able to checkout a 3-step tutorial, with suggestive screenshots, so using the program should be fairly easy. The generous space dedicated to the video stream that comes from the webcam is more than enough to have any barcode fit the screen and be read effortlessly.
The only thing you need to adjust while scanning a code from an opened document, image or webpage is the camera focus, so there will be no blurriness to impede the interpretation of the symbols.
Insofar as the types of supported barcodes is concerned, bcWebCam is able to work with a wide assortment of families. Thus, you will be able to have 2/5, Code39, GS1, 2-D, EAN, UPC, Code 93 and many more kinds of codes scanned and accurately decoded.
QR Codes are also recognized and you can set a variety of parameters for length, checksum, maximum skew angle or inclination, as well as angle of rotation. As soon as one of the supported barcodes is detected, it will be deciphered and the data displayed in the corresponding box on the upper side of the main window.
All in all, bcWebCam comes with a strong feature set and support for a sufficient number of symbologies to make it a reliable helper for all users who need to have barcode data interpreted and decoded on the fly.







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bcWebCam is a portable and free webcam barcode software.
At first sight, the application may seem basic and outdated, but there is no barcode support in modern operating systems and mainstream browsers.
bcWebCam is the first webcam software that will scan any barcode and thus makes scanning on webcam a viable option for one to barcode any object on the fly or to archive the process and have all the codes in a single file.
Basically, this webcam software creates a small desktop webcam application that detects barcodes in a webpage or picture file and displays the content inside a rectangular text box. With its help, you can read any barcode on your webcam, even in low light conditions.
The project is shareware. Its prices depend on time spent in the program. Download a trial of bcWebCam and start scanning your barcodes today.

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BcWebCam Full Version

bcWebCam is a FREE, easy-to-use, yet powerful tool to recognize barcodes. Its simple interface allows you to easily scan barcodes from a browser and the webcam feed is displayed directly on the output window. Scanning codes of various types is very simple, with just one click (cursor-mode) or when using a mouse to hover over a symbol (drag-mode), bcWebCam will quickly and accurately read the code.
Key Features:
● Easily read barcodes from a web camera and displayed in the form of a scrollable window.
● Automatically detects and displays barcodes of various types on a web browser.
● The barcodes are detected with high precision and read accurately.
● Works on every OS (Windows, Linux, Mac OSX).
● No hardware configuration is needed, just a web camera and a browser.
● bcWebCam displays the barcode on the fly as well as the text it contains.
● Works with all types of barcodes, including QR Codes.
● Supports various scan modes (drag, cursor, hover) depending on your needs.
● The wide range of supported barcodes is too numerous to mention.

1) I have tried downloading webcams video on many platforms. However, the bottom line is that they all fail. The USB webcam installed on my laptop simply does not work. No matter if I press the shutter key or take a photo, I get an error message that says “The video capture device is busy”.
2) I also tried dragging the picture icon on the desktop to open a new window. The picture icon only shows up briefly, then disappears and does not open the new window.
3) I also have another problem. I want to take pictures directly with my webcam on my desktop PC. I have tried three different types of software from Avidemux, Windows Live and Anmial, all of which failed to record the video. What is most frustrating is that not even one of these three programs can record audio as well.
4) After comparing several webcam programs, I tried BitPim. It is one of the most simple and yet powerful webcam software I have ever tried. It has many powerful features and almost all webcam software in the store seems to lack some of these features.
5) BitPim also has the ability to save the picture to a PC as a picture file. When I choose the destination, the picture is saved in WMV

What’s New In BcWebCam?

– Recognition of barcodes in any format (PDF, JPEG, TIFF, PNG, Word, Excel, HTML, etc.)
– Support for all types of barcodes (QR, Maxicode, EAN, DataMatrix, Code39, Code93, Datamatrix, PDF417, UPC, 2D, etc.)
– High recognition accuracy (99.5%)
– High speed of analysis
– Fast data analysis
– Ability to scan barcodes as well as text and PDF files
– Built in calibration tool for correct image alignment
– USB and Serial port to make your reader portable
– Visual settings for better camera image evaluation.
You will get:
– Software Download (Installation file)
– Manual in English (PDF)
– English version of the manual (PDF)
– English version of the manual (word format)
– English version of the manual (EPUB)
– English version of the manual (PDF)
– A manual for the 64-bit version (PDF)
– A manual for the 64-bit version (EPUB)
– A manual for the 64-bit version (DOCX)
– A manual for the 64-bit version (ODF)
– A manual for the 64-bit version (DOC)
– A manual for the 64-bit version (EPS)
– A manual for the 64-bit version (XPS)
– Codegen (Scanner codification) PDF
– Codegen (Scanner codification) Word
– Codegen (Scanner codification) Epub
– Codegen (Scanner codification) Odf
– Codegen (Scanner codification) Docx
– Codegen (Scanner codification) Eps
– Codegen (Scanner codification) Xps
– Codegen (Scanner codification) Doc
– Codegen (Scanner codification) EPS
– Codegen (Scanner codification) ODG
– Codegen (Scanner codification) PDF
– Codegen (Scanner codification) JPG
– Codegen (Scanner codification) PNG
– Codegen (Scanner codification) TIFF
– Codegen (Scanner codification) GIF
– Codegen (Scanner codification) BMP
– Codegen (Scanner codification) PSD
– Codegen (Scanner codification) JPG
– Codegen

System Requirements:

Supported OS:
Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10
Supported Processor:
AMD Athlon64/Opteron 6xx/3xx/2xx/1xx
Supported Memory:
512 MB RAM (2 GB RAM recommended)
CD/DVD-ROM drive
Broadband Internet connection
Additional Notes:
1-8 players connected to a LAN network, not over the internet
LAN/Internet connection required to play the game
Game Specifications