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AutoCAD is used for 2D drafting in architectural, civil engineering, mechanical, and structural design. AutoCAD is currently the world’s leading and most widely used 2D drafting software. It can be used by 2D drafters and 3D architects to lay out architectural, engineering, construction, and mechanical designs. These designs can be printed, exported to many formats, or imported into CAD software to produce 2D or 3D models.

AutoCAD is owned by Autodesk (formerly Microstation Software Inc. and separate from the subsidiary Autodesk, Inc.), which was founded in 1982. In July 2008 Autodesk acquired the company that developed AutoCAD, AutoDesk. The company was headquartered in San Rafael, California. The company was formerly named MicroStation Software Inc. before changing its name to Autodesk. MicroStation was a business unit of Autodesk. The current headquarters for AutoDesk is in San Rafael, California.

In 2015, the first model that used the AutoDesk Author software was released on Autodesk’s Autodesk Fusion 360 cloud-based tool. Fusion 360 makes it easy for anyone to turn a 3D model into a real-world product.

It is the world’s most used program for designing and drafting architectural, mechanical, engineering and construction models and 3D environments. Its most important use is to design and develop buildings, bridges, highways, and other man-made structures. There are currently 1.8 million architects, engineers and builders who use AutoCAD.

AutoCAD has been around for over 25 years, since it first came out in the late 1980s. As of 2019, AutoCAD 2019 is the current version of AutoCAD. In addition, AutoCAD X is the current version of AutoCAD. AutoCAD X has been discontinued. AutoCAD 2004 is the previous version of AutoCAD. The oldest version of AutoCAD is AutoCAD 2.10. This is a DOS version of AutoCAD.


AutoCAD LT, a computerized version of AutoCAD’s original computer-aided drawing (CAD) software, is aimed at smaller businesses, home-based offices, and people without CAD expertise. AutoCAD LT is a “thin” version of the desktop application and was originally developed for the IBM PC. It is currently available on the Mac

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Autodesk Exchange Apps are applications that can import and export data in the DXF format.

The DXF standard is a format that can be used to represent drawings in a computer, allowing for a variety of different formats to be used to display, view, edit, or print a drawing.

Forms, views, and tools are a set of predefined procedures and interface components that can be added to an AutoCAD drawing window to create a customised drawing experience.

Autodesk Exchange Apps enable customers to update, modify, and complete drawings within AutoCAD using other AutoCAD applications.

Autodesk Exchange Apps enable customers to update, modify, and complete drawings within AutoCAD using other AutoCAD applications. The applications are designed to extend AutoCAD’s features and functionalities by including a functional API (application programming interface) which is used to write customizations.

APIs and compatibility
Since AutoCAD is a Windows application, the DLLs (Dynamic Link Library) in order to connect to AutoCAD are also Windows DLLs.

AutoCAD can communicate with external systems in many different ways, but as of AutoCAD 2014, it has no direct API to communicate with a third-party cloud service or backend system.

In the early 1980s, AutoCAD had no built-in capability for networking. Programmers had to write their own applications to support the requirements of networked users.

The earliest version of AutoCAD included a capability to import DGN (Drawing Graph) files for network drawing. These files, however, were not always supported by other software applications. These files have been replaced by DXF files.


A large majority of AutoCAD documentation can be found on Autodesk’s website.

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What’s New In AutoCAD?

Project teams can work together on a CAD model with a series of options that ensure that everyone in the room has access to the model at all times. A new feature in the Model Browser now lets groups import, move, or open with an option. You can also add tags to groups, and the tag memberships and tag colors can be adjusted. (video: 1:29 min.)

Automatic dimension creation for 3D shapes enables you to dimension your 2D drawings as you create 3D models, and you can switch between 2D and 3D editing anytime. (video: 1:55 min.)

You can get an immediate update on your CAD model when you save changes to the drawing, and you can set a waiting period so that you can check your models in between CAD sessions. (video: 2:40 min.)

Revit 2017 is now supported as well

Revit can open and save files in native CAD format.

Improved support for CAD formats: Open and save CAD files in native format in Revit 2017.

Automatic alignment and 3D model sync: In CAD model files, you can now reference a Revit project element for a component. You can sync any changes to the Revit element to the CAD model, so you can be assured that the same geometry exists in both Revit and CAD. You can also make changes in Revit and have the corresponding changes reflected in the CAD file. (video: 1:16 min.)

Improved VBX integration: You can directly reference VBX objects in the model and easily map to Revit and Inventor components. When you import a VBX component into a CAD model, you can be assured that the components are fully integrated and behave like they would in a Revit project. (video: 2:07 min.)

Improved material library import: Importing and exporting materials is now more intuitive with a richer color-coding system, more searching options, and an easier design surface. (video: 1:14 min.)

Improved collaboration: In addition to CAD history tracking and the Model Browser, you can now share your CAD models with colleagues, clients, and stakeholders. The new Model Browser lets them see what you are working on and view CAD files in a web browser. They can add and delete dimensions and annotations, view the editable properties of your drawings, and perform other actions directly in the browser. (video: 1:48

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