Cara Mengatasi Dx11 Capable Gpu Untuk Game Crysis 3

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Cara Mengatasi Dx11 Capable Gpu Untuk Game Crysis 3


I see that some of the comments have already been deleted but just in case someone gets here, here is the deleted comment (the first one):
Could anyone tell me the command to add graphics driver to ubuntu?


This line:
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ubuntu-x-swat/x-updates

is exactly for this purpose. Adding the repository with add-apt-repository is adding a deb line to your sources.list, from there you can install a specific package or any other type of program in Ubuntu.


Getting a leetcode question wrong

I was looking through Leetcode challenges and got a question.
I was trying to solve it, and my solution was wrong (the solution given is right).
I was wondering how to get the solution right.
Here is the question:

Given n number of people, each person either likes (true) or dislikes (false) ice cream.

You are given an array of n integers representing the people’s favorite ice cream.

If everyone likes ice cream, there is an ice cream that everyone likes. Otherwise, there is no such ice cream.
Find that ice cream, and return its name.

Here is my approach:

For each person, I summed up the sum of all their favorite ice cream and count whether they all likes or not. If all the people likes ice cream, that ice cream must be a common favorite among all of them. (Naive solution).
My solution for this question was:

If there is no common favorite, then all the people must dislike ice cream. So, I would take the most disliked flavor from all of them and try to make them all like it.

This is the code:
public String findIceCream(int[] people) {
// number of people
int numberOfPeople = people.length;
// sum of people’s favorite
int sum = 0;

for (int person : people) {
sum += person;

if (sum == 0) {
return “common favorite”;

// try to make them all like this flavor


I have a NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960 and I was wondering what programs / games I can.
Today I tried to play Crysis 3 on my GTX 760 and Crysis 3 runs at about 30.
Cara mengatasi “Social Club Error Failed to Initialize” for Game PC GTA V. Games like GTA V and Crysis 3 are DirectX 11.
Crysis 3 Setting my laptop for Windows 7 64bit & Windows 8. The game had about 20 fps when running on a GTX 460..

Hi all, I am using windows 8 with a NVIDIA Geforce GTX660M.
Haven’t played crysis 3 yet on my laptop, but I was wondering what kind of games you are playing on your laptops and what it.
I’m trying to start a Crysis 3 game in DX11 mode, but I have no idea what kind of graphics card to buy..
Download the latest Nvidia driver directly from Nvidia. and then follow the on screen directions.
Crysis 3 DX11 Compatible Graphiics Card For Laptop. my NVIDIA GeForce GT 730M GPU runs games such as Crysis 3, Mirror’s Edge, Gta 5,.
For those of you that have the Nvidia GT 630M, I’ve compiled a list of. I’ve used Crysis 3 with my old laptop on Windows 7 and I had about 20 fps and.
Good news for Crysis 3 PC gamers is that the game will run on any PC that supports DirectX 11. bad news is that it will only support the Nvidia.
Crysis 3 DX11 Compatible Graphiics Card For Laptop. My PC is capable of running games such as Crysis 3,. And even when it is running at full framerate,.
Crysis 3 DX11 Compatible Graphiics Card For Laptop. Game Mumbo Jumbo has tested Crysis 3, and it seems that any card. the game returns the message “You need a DX11 capable GPU to play.
. Untuk kedua kelas ini, sekarang, kami hanya tengah menganalisis proses kepemainan dalam Geforce Experience. 3.